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The Office of Poofness: April 27, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap, and Susan!
poof 1Greetings and Salutation:
Poof said: 
You are asking about what the plans are for handling the vast corruption that has occurred… Let me tell you they are complicated and they are afoot right now. The changes that are coming are those I told you about years ago. The plans have been a long time maturing but they do know what they are doing and they have found the resources to make a major shift in the balance of power… The “family” as they are called, the old timers, and the ones who have been groomed have heard the call and are ready to step in. You do not want a revolution on your hands, not at all.
You do not want to have the powers to come raining down on your heads. You want to be subtle and truthful that is a good thing. Just believe and do what you are instructed to do. Be discreet and do not stir the pot with name calling and accusations. Pay attention to your own needs, do what’ s best for all concerned.
I am telling you that the whole thing is materializing and no one needs to stir any pots, make any waves, or do anything that will cause consternation. That part is done. You have been put in readiness for this to finally occur.  The quiet before the storm is right now. Be at peace with that.  -Poof
ZAP says:
Hi all,
Over the last months, many events have occurred. The timing of these events remain largely secret, and information is allowed to come out a bit after the fact for security reasons.
All the events spoken of in my writings has occurred, and a few more items will be done before everything is released to the public. The May 15 timeline for public RV announcements is one item that stands out.
It is at this point when all the pieces are to come to a point and our humanity begins to see tangible results of the events that have occurred.
The reports of the RV and confirmation thereof still keep coming in, as well as the reports of money movement, so that is a given fact right now.
Q: Dear Susan and Zap, Blessings to you both. I was concerned when I read today s post. The following text I copied below was posted verbatim over one week ago by the White Hats Auxiliary, and according to my notes from my own intel this last Thursday BIS event was back some three or so weeks ago. Yet it is written as if these events just occurred. The only thing different is talk of the historic downloads, yet I am speaking directly to the man who does those downloads for the historic A/O accounts which I have spoken to you about. Seems to me the system is trying to circumvent and try to break the codes which I have been assured they will not be able to. I also am party to a large Q bond and several small ones, yet no purple bacon has landed on my plate or have I been notified of any purple pigs on the radar. What say you to these things? – SMDW
ZAP – Pretty accurate. Although the sequence was set for the releases at the BIS level, the conclusion was as stated. Takes a bit of time to get everything out, especially with the roadblocks. In respect to the S2S, certain accounts were opened for this purpose, and the security is monumental. It is true that the other side is desperately trying to break codes, access accounts, and steal as much as they can, but they will not be able to this time. Even the doctor who is sitting in a plush chair and has tried to steal a chip. There is much behind that I cannot talk about, and have to do a bit of skating still. Wait for the bacon. It is coming.
Q: This for ZAP “the all knowing”, I have been with Poof since the 80′s that is a lot of years and I have contributed to his questions and made donations to keep it going. Your recent posts are unreal… There are no change announcements on the media channels, and that is the essence of the game…There are no TRN announced. So what is wrong with your prediction…It is all wrong.
ZAP – The public announcements come after the internal stuff is done at all times. So although you will not find anything official, you may find the occasional snippet here and there that will point you in the right direction.
I want to believe in all you are saying, but it is difficult since you have not backed with REAL announcements. So what is going on? Are you just stringing us along?
Wait for it. Remember am not here to make money off you by posting. I am here to give a reasonable picture of the current landscape, and my information does come from the very highest levels that are doing these events.
Please I would like for your followers a specific announcement that is not backed by failed announcements by the press. I realize that this is a battle but who is winning?
ZAP – Soon, all this will be public. In the meantime, relax a bit. I do understand the frustrations.
ZAP – I am inserting (a post) from Rumor Mill News that it seems to be true.
Reader A writes: Re: *** Iraqi dinar, recently being said *** /….
Hobie, As usual, the Gurus go on and on with predictions, and nonsensical translations of Iraqi news, and it’s just the same old, same old. Nothing changes, none of the predictions come to pass, and the same “IMHO” go unfulfilled. Even Tony, whom I believed was one of the most credible of the Gurus, is sounding like a broken record. The callers ask the same questions over and over and over.
ZAP – Sure. No news means a holding pattern. Not much to say.
The only thing that I find true is that the currency dealers are still selling Dinars for $980 per million, or thereabouts. If there was any chance of an RV happening soon, I’ll bet the sales of the large denomination would cease quickly.
ZAP – Very soon yes.
The Nazi Bush Family grabbed trillions of dinars during the gulf war, and I suspect are selling them to us gullible “wannaberich” folks.
ZAP – Perhaps the stuff being sold out there is part of the Fench print runs.
Therefore, I don’t look for any RV any time soon, nor the much-ballyhooed GCR. The so-called gold backed TRN’s “have been in the banks” for months, and still not being distributed. I think that’s another myth. And that’s MY opinion.
ZAP – TRN is in limited circulation in Europe. The rest is underway and chugging along. The RV was already signed into existence on April 22, and that is why funds movements have occurred. And that s my opinion based on the facts i have been provided. By the way, if I was all knowing, then I would have known to watch my breakfast eggs so they would not become hard cakes because of the calls I get. Sigh.
Q: I am sorry for anyone struggling financially but to continue to put out this newsletter is a tragedy. it is filled with false hopes and to my knowledge anything in the newsletter has ever occurred. I realize you are putting out possibilities but to feed people such drivel and false hope when so much hope is needed is almost a crime. I pray that this newsletter ceases to exist for the good of all. – WZ
ZAP – Is it? I would disagree. Hope is important to all of us, including me. I speak not to drivel and false hopes, but I am supremely frustrated by the delays. The only thing that alleviates that is knowing all is perfect anyways, and that shortly, our humanity will breathe. You will too. The info and various other intel I receive is accurate I have found, so I have faith.
Q: There is still just so much good news from Iraq and IMF…I believe we are in the final round of a fight and there is a countdown.  I know for a fact there is a time table involved with this process. I am hearing they will strictly adhere to this table.  There is an end date and the date is fast approaching. The GOI and CBI are stalling for time. They are ready and have been ready now for a very long time to RV their currency and get it announced internationally There has been great progress made, especially in the last week however I know there is now still an involved entity being given instructions to hold this up. They have verbally and on paper agreed to all changes but still find reasons not to fully implement and complete the RV process.  They have been given instructions by the IMF multiple times in the recent 72 hours to activate and let this RV go, however they continue to stall.
ZAP – RV is done though, but the key elements that will allow the public announcement are not complete yet.
This group of people I will call this ‘elite entity’ do not want this RV to happen since they are making billions every time it is delayed. Everything is about dollars and cents with these people and the power money holds. So the changes that are coming (that are inevitable) is not in line with their past structure of power and influence. They have verbally and on paper agreed to all changes but still find reasons not to fully implement and complete the RV process. We know this for fact since they control the rollout process to the exchanges and the activation at the USA banks. This is about certain very wealthy families and their power over the government and politics of the USA. It is about you researching and learning who these individuals are and which political leaders allow themselves to be puppets for their worldly objectives.
ZAP – Bang on the button again. However, when the dust settles, there will be a reckoning.
Q: Dear Sir, It is being summarized on the internet, that there is a group of individuals who have been fighting the revaluation process of the IQD.  They appear to be certain very wealthy families, and their power over the government and politics of the USA, is holding things back, as they do not want this RV to happen, since they are making billions every time it is delayed.
ZAP – Yes
They have verbally and on paper agreed to all changes but still find reasons not to fully implement and complete the RV process. We know this for fact since they control the rollout process to the exchanges and the activation at the USA banks. They have been given instructions by the IMF multiple times in the recent 72 hours (Tuesday through Thursday of this past week) to activate and let this RV go, however they continue to stall. My questions are:  would you care to comment on this, if you are finding this to be true, and if so, is there something the Elders can do to step in and work around this rouge group, or are we at their mercy? – MS
 ZAP – Same info as the (Intel provider Mountain) Goat, but to answer the last question, the elders are working long hours to get this all done for us, and the fight is quite strong. Know that they are doing all that they can to ensure our humanity benefits. We are definitely not at the cabal s mercy now.
Q: Greetings Susan, I look forward to your reports every week and appreciate all the hard work you’ve done, now and before your loving and honorable husband passed.  My deepest sympathies to you and your family. I have heard there is a web site or email wherein a recipient can forward their plans for helping humanity after public announcements are made.  My plan is to open a cancer/disease clinic using only alternative natural healing methods in the twin cities area of Minnesota.  I’ve had too many family and friends suffer thru this to let one more pass from this easily curable disease. Any information on who, what, when and where I can sign up would be greatly appreciated. Blessings to you and the staff, KD
ZAP – Hi KD. Glad to give a helping hand on this. Susan will respond to you and give you the email where you can submit.
CADMIC:  Intel from Canadian Bond Trader/Chinese Elders Intel from today: 4-25-14 (April 25)
“The funds have been moving today. The paymasters have funds, and are preparing for distribution. The week has been quite intense as the new infrastructure takes form and substance to achieve the beginning week goals of the Releases. Compliance teams comprised of a small army of lawyers are verifying everything and ensuring the transaction is done perfectly. Funds destined to the payees are prepared, and the process of final compliance checks and wire transfers right after, will continue for some weeks as there are many transfers.
“The RV of the dinar has caused a news blackout at the moment in Reno. This was expected. Based on all the confirmations of funds flow, transaction payments, and intelligence received from all sources, we are now preparing for the initial Project fundings to begin as early as next week. The funding capability of the Trusts and Foundations involved will be sufficient for the complete Project scope of work.
“The official start date for many Projects is now scheduled for May 15, 2014. All ******* members are advised to prepare for the changeover to the Project side.”
ZAP – That is pretty well bang on the button as well. Seems all fingers are pointing in the right direction.
Q: ZAP, I need your opinion on the role one of the World Leaders will play after the GCR and all other blessings have been received.
 ZAP – They will all get naked and dance around the fire.
I must remind you that I seek YOUR OPINION ONLY in your reply.  Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, has been extremely active, even though the United States and the EU will impose new sanctions as early as tomorrow on Russian Companies and individuals close to President Vladimir Putin over the escalating crisis in Ukraine, Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported today. So, once again, in your opinion, what role, if any, will Pres. Putin play? Thank you for your tireless effort to save Mother Earth….GH
ZAP – He will take pictures of the dancers.
The sanctions you talk about are in direct contrast to the request by Putin for sanctions against the USA immediately after in respect of the covert support they gave to overthrow the Ukrainian government, and put that guy in power to go against Putin. This was during the Olympics which prevented him from taking action as that would have been a publicity nightmare, so he waited until the Olympics were over. Says a lot of the man and his thoughts. Remember, Russia has a treaty with Ukraine to help in times of strife, and works to the benefit of both countries and has been a great stabilizing and working force to both peoples. Why Ukrainians have no issues with Putin really, but do have issues with the guy in power now (they know what he did to them before).
The overthrow of the Ukrainian government was grounds for him to ask for similar sanctions, but did we hear about that in the news? Nope. Putin is defending his country from being torn apart by the cabal. They tried to destroy the Russian currency with their toxic instruments and currency manipulations a while back, which resulted in Putin issuing arrest warrants for cabal members. I understand bush was on that list of all things imagine that. I do not think that news made any headlines in North America though.
But, when the GCR (global currency reset) is done, I think we will find Putin to be one of the stabilizing forces in the world, as his focus has been on ensuring his country is one of the leading edge countries as far as support, reforms and reconstruction projects are concerned and that is a mouthful. I would not be concerned otherwise in any fashion.
So, bottom line is that we are still waiting. Fun, isn’t it? However, all is in progress and despite the news blackouts and lack of detail information, all is moving forward to its inevitable conclusion – and this is not a matter of months or years, but days and weeks.
And yes, the purple pigs have come to roost here and there (now that’s a picture in my head: roosting flying purple pigs), and have dropped their loads into select accounts. Some have been paid, and the rest will be. It is all good.
I have, and will pass on select info to Susan so she knows where we are at every day, since we are so close.

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