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The Office of Poofness: April 21-22

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: I feel that much of this was written a couple of days ago, over the Easter break,  and then sat on, waiting for ‘something’ to publicly happen…

Greetings and Salutations:
Poof said:
Well, we are in the final days of Holy Week throughout Christendom– the week that is well known for the crucifixion event, for the dark hours that followed— and then the light that burst forth, not on Saturday, considered a holy day, but on Sunday, the first day of the week. And isn’t that the way life works? Things don’t happen when we think they should, or if they should— they happen when the time is right. That, ironically, is the system we are operating under when we sit on the sidelines awaiting the good that has been promised for so many moons. Just know that all is continuing along the path toward manifestation and toward your being a recipient of good that can make a difference in the world. Make your plans. It’s been said he who fails to plan, plans to fail. Those are wise words. What gladdens your soul and what heals your heart. Think about that. – Poof
Please know that… the Easter gifts you receive come with a million more blessings than dollars. The nice thing about blessings is that the giver can give them so easily, and the receiver can denominate them in any desired form, which means YOU get to decide what forms the millionaire blessings take – eggs, bread, money, joy, health of mind and body, peace, energy, life, love…and on and on.

Be generous in claiming and appreciating your good. There is NO limit on anything because it’s impossible to put human restrictions on spiritual blessings. Something we, might do well to keep in mind is that this prosperity business is a harmonious blending of invisible spiritual substance interacting with virtually invisible molecular units to become visible, tangible, material forms of God’s goodness. Our prosperity happens first in mind (what’s outside was first in mind) and the most powerful mind action that summons, welcomes, and delights in prosperity is simply giving thanks for it. Happy Easter! Happy Everyday!” – Susan

ZAP Says:
Hi all,
The purple pigs have taken off in a big way officially.
The RV that came Monday (the quiet one, not the public one) followed the IMF’s Saturday pledges that: “The 188-nation International Monetary Fund concluded talks Saturday with pledges to work toward faster growth that will alleviate still-high unemployment. Managing Director Christine Lagarde told reporters that the world had gone through a lengthy economic “disaster” and now was moving through a period of strengthening growth.”
As I said, the Reset is here.

Last Thursday, the BIS (Bank of International Settlement) made the first payment of funds to governments and organizations. On Friday, the USA signed into effect the entry of the new United States dollar, the TRN (the Treasury Reserve Note, backed by gold according to the Basel III regulations compliance). The major transactions were effected on Saturday. This continued Monday and will continue this week while the new system is learned.

The TRN was in limited circulation in select banks and regions on Monday.
The funds are moving down the various levels, and are being sent by the paymasters to pay on various transactions. Hong Kong is ahead in this process because they do not rely on the issuance of TRN and they can still work in USD. However platforms must wait for their conversion to TRN. The banking system needs a week to fit the new system to be efficient and meet all the Basel III agreements and requirements.

In the future, all transactions must be approved in compliance to Basel III protocols by an official that will verify it, and make the appropriate adjustments to be in compliance to the regulations. Selected platforms will have a fulltime (Basel III) compliance officer assigned to them for this purpose.

Payments scheduled for completed and selected new transactions will be made, with the majority of such wire transfers to be effected after the Easter holidays.
It is expected that the RV and Global Reset will be announced this month, and a tentative date of April 22 (Stephen: which is today, and there’s nothing publicly visible yet) has been marked for the public announcement.
Firmer knowledge of this event will be forthcoming (as) soon as progress is made.

The release of the global matrix funds for our humanity by the Chinese family are scheduled for around the same time, or shortly after. This release is massive, as expected, and will fuel the reconstruction projects for decades.
The heritage accounts from where the funds are originating from are being opened and resolved. These accounts require a special settlement process, and many have already been done, with many more scheduled. All such accounts not settled by the announcement date will be closed and made unusable.
Regardless of the funds brought forward into the economies through the bond settlement process, the global matrix funds are the key to the reconstruction projects, and are far greater than the total sum of all bond settlements.

This release will be well-documented and a formal ceremony will take place with the signing of the agreements. The date and location of this ceremony is secret at the moment, and we will post this information if allowed. The net result of all the activities regarding the RV, Global Reset, the TRN and other important items on the global “to-do” list will have our humanity breathing again, and is the culmination of hundreds of years of preparation.

This is often times called the “Divine Plan” for humanity, and is documented in the family records dating back these hundreds of years. These records are sometimes referred to as the prophecies. Thus far, the prophecies we have been apprised of before the event occurred over the last decade have all come to pass accurately, so we have good confidence in the events in the next weeks that are to unfold.

Q&A (edited)
Q: Dear Susan, Zap, and whoever else these emails go to… The link above (not included) talks about a private exchange for dong. Apparently the idea is to “avoid/beat the crowds” and also to “get a higher rate” via the private exchange.
ZAP – There are precious few opportunities left to get the higher private placement prices for the dinar and the dong, as the system is now shut/shutting down in preparation of the RV and reset.

When I listened to details about this, which as I recall, includes having to sign some kind of “lots of pages” contract, my own “get” was that this was not mine to take part in. My gut said, “Stay away from “deals” that somehow say you can get more $ by “private exchanges” and signing multi-page contracts.” Something feels “off” about all this.
ZAP – Not really just last minute opportunities, but be careful you go to the right place.

As you always end the updates, BE GOOD, BE LEGAL, TELL TRUTH … this just does not fit (for me).
ZAP – I understand. However, the opportunities i have seen are correct. Scrutinize paperwork and ask hard questions.
If you have a “take” on this, I’d be grateful to know what it is. No need to direct email… if you want just answer in your weekly update. Thank you all so much for your information and work FOR this Planet. Aloha
ZAP – (You are) Very welcome. Wish I could give better directions here.

Q: Dear Zap and Susan, ZAP wrote on April 13th that “Yesterday the deadline for all submissions of Dinar was announced, and today they are mopping up the last entries.” Does that mean the exchanges are happening how and about to end? How do “the People” find out about making the Dinar exchanges? Please help — let it be known. TNT Tony has no 800 numbers. He also wrote that “The discount against the old USD will be about 45% (1 USD = 45% of the new TRN), …” So, that means 1 USD = .45 TRN, then it takes 2.22 USD to equal 1 TRN, so with the digital and physical conversions — 100 old USDs will get you 45 new TRNs. So all retail stores will have to reprice all price tags over time, but add an adjustment factor in their computer systems immediately when the change occurs.
ZAP – Actually, it will be $0.55 USD = $1 TRN (sorry, I wrote it will be the other way around). Yes, the stores will either re-price or have the registers do automatic conversions.

This will be the changing the old corporate US currency (FRNs) to the new Republic USA currency (TRNs). Will Americans feel less purchasing power with their own domestic goods and services? With the new global exchange rates, imports and traveling abroad will definitely be much more expensive for Americans, since other currencies will become stronger.
ZAP – The TRN will be in keeping with all other currencies as it too will be metal backed, so no really big difference if there is, then it will dip, then recover and stabilize.

The reason Congress will not sign off on the 2010 IMF Reforms is because that will be “political suicide” for them. They do not want to be associated with the US Dollar being devalued and the new global exchange rates being implemented. The American public will go crazy with prices going up. Many Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck with this economy.
ZAP – That is not the reason, attractive as that explanation may be. If they sign, the changes will be upon the us as well, and the truth will come out. That is why the big hesitation.

This will make a more level “playing field” for all people of the world, as opposed to the previously privileged Americans getting so much for so little. People will earn more fair wages around the world, rather than being exploited. Correct?
ZAP – That is the essence of the overall plan: peace, joy and prosperity poverty will disappear.

I have been to Brazil and can see the difference. Their business class is similar to our middle class, their working class is like our poorer class, and their poor class is like our homeless. But, their political class is like our political class, with all the public-paid perks. Best wishes, – JM
ZAP – Unfortunately that is the case in most areas there is too much corruption.

Q: I have been a loyal fan of Poof reports since the 80′have contributed to phone calls and send money and I am not rich, but I’m frustrated since nothing seems to happen, I would like to have Zap answer the few questions.
ZAP – Sometimes I wish the dial in service was still working.

Attached is an insert from Casper that indicates nothing is happening. And apparently he’s right because there is no treasure or new Treasury bill announcement anywhere in the world. There is no closure of the IRS and everything seems “normal”.
ZAP – And the ghostly one knows all of course. (Stephen: obviously this is a sarcastic retort)

Quote of the Casper Report:
” We contacted and spoke with four Exchangers of Dinar. Three said their Dinar comes from the CBI of course, but there is a middle person . The fourth said he is getting his Dinar from Treasury. If the Dinar being sold to the public worldwide and especially in the U.S. is provided by Treasury and/or Bush, then the R.V. is a government sponsored Ponzi Scheme with Lew playing middle man. Our very first update on this R.V. subject 18 or more months ago quoted our sources as saying exactly that. If true they must have raised hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars by now for the purpose of retaining their fraudulent financial playpen and maintaining themselves in power. WE do not wish to be right about this but neither are WE inclined to bury our heads in the sand or to depend upon information coming from the residence of Satan himself. Why would the U.S., or anyone for that matter, be selling unlimited amounts of Dinar to the public at 1166/1 then buying it back soon (exchanging) at $30.00 to one or even $3.00 to one??”
ZAP – And we still maintain that the TRN is here and in limited circulation, because we know of several people that we know that have received the TRN at a bank. Some in the USA, and lately, a couple of days ago, a friend walked into Deutsche Bank, and got TRN. Weird bill, too, he said. Does not look anything like the USD. So we are pretty sure that we are correct.

Casper: “From time to time the NESARA web-site has posted intel regarding the demise of the Corporation and our return to the Constitution rather than our being ruled by Corporate Puppets, the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) and Presidential Executive Orders and, once again issuing our own Sovereign Gold Backed Currency on which we do not pay 500 Billion dollars a year in interest to the privately owned Fed Res banking Cartel. This is what we should be praying for night and day.”
ZAP – That part is almost over. The gold was done to back the TRN, and that is many trillion worth of backing. Relax a bit.

Casper : ”This non-update update is longer than anticipated already so let’s go back to watching the play by play reporting of the Gurus and hope they will be able to spit the hooks intentionally inserted into their mouths by those whose lies are responsible for so many damaged lives over the years.”
ZAP – So far all information i have been privileged to has been accurate. No hooks here to spit.

I am hopeful that the Casper report is untrue, but the reality tells me it is true, there is no treasure Reserve gold backed, no new Money treasury bills, and no bank realignment with Basil III..
ZAP – The ghostly one is pretty good on the overall, but the devil is in the detail, right?

So what is the truth. If there are no announcements, there is no truth, anybody can say anything they like.
ZAP – The truth is hidden at the moment for good reason. Mostly security issues as the sides were at war.

Thanks for your memories – A
ZAP – Hope that helps a bit. Today/tomorrow is the beginning. And this next one is pleasantly surprising.

(Stephen: As the question from ‘A’ appears to have ended above, I’m sure who or what is being quoted here. It may still be part of Casper’s report, but that is not clear)

Today, on one aspect, we saw real movement this morning involving a certain Chinese Elders overdue deal now moving with new hope. From that, once it does clear, the Good US Patriots working closely with us, will be working as part of a Global collective of like minds, to help turn this Tramp Ship of State around. Over the next few days we will issue a major global report to give you a comprehensive understanding of the multi facet issues we deal with hourly, to help you all understand the complex dynamics involved seeking resolution, and many issues to debate. Some truths will affect many. But hopefully open minds. Keep faith in what’s emerging here.”
ZAP – Since it is beginning now, the information flow will increase, and my little voice here will be drowned by the sheer volume of information coming out cleanly. Very good…

…Quote (attributed to) John MacHaffie (NESARA News):
“The admiral and his group did exchange yesterday, Sunday around 8:00 pm in Reno. He activated the funding for the Republic Treasury. Prosperity packages P&F letters (Penalties & Fines) were sent out Saturday. 70% are required to be delivered with rec’d proof before the announcements and RV can be made. It has been confirmed that the republic has been live since Thursday, April 17th. Active and awaiting the RV. Announcements for RV, gold currency and Republic was scheduled for Easter Sunday, 4/20/14 (April 20) after 7:00 pm EST (USA) but now awaiting the 70% delivery criteria as mentioned above. Public exchanging is expected (and hoped) for this Monday or Tuesday. (Stephen: This being April 21/22 – but, again, yet to happen)”

ZAP – Yay team. Pretty well it. All informations coming in say the same thing over and over from the highest levels down. Today/tomorrow, the releases begin and humanity changes.

And the pigs keep flying. Hypersonic almost attained. Yippee!
I’m going to miss answering the gamut of vegetables I did a while back. People with the intelligence of a parsnip were my favorite.
Have much, much fun this week and rejoice.

In love and light
In our service

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Thank you,
Love and Kisses,
“The Office of Poofness”
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