Monday, April 28, 2014

Intensify Your Intent and Determination to Awaken! by John Smallman

Thank you Christ and John!
Jesus postingDespite your doubts and anxieties, the moment for your grand awakening draws ever closer. It seems that we have been telling you this for years, and we have, but it is still true, and thus we keep on reminding you, reinforcing the idea of its imminence, because it is your collective intent and will that is about to bring it on.
You have made the collective intent to awaken, but there is much foot dragging among you due to anxiety about what your awakening actually means, and because you are accustomed to the illusion and are familiar with all the problems with which it constantly presents you. Many also fear that the conveniences to which you have become accustomed over the last sixty or seventy years will no longer be available due to energy shortages as you use up the Earth’s resources at an unsustainable rate.
One aspect of the illusion is a strong aversion to change because change has often brought confusion, pain, and suffering, and so you choose to move ahead cautiously because impetuosity has so often led to conflict and war, and even now many of you are concerned about the possibility of a new war in the Ukraine.
Intensify your intent and determination to awaken! Doing so strengthens and enlarges the individual fields of Love that extends around each one of you, and, as you well know, Love is the solution to every issue with which you have to deal. But one of the major problems is that most of the time you do not believe it! And yet you can see clearly that anything that is in opposition to Love can never succeed in solving any of your multitudinous, and presently seemingly insoluble, problems.
Please remember that you are all Beings of Love. There are no exceptions! And yes, many are behaving unlovingly, which is due to fear and lack of trust. But maintaining those attitudes only accentuates that fear and lack of trust. All your channeled sources, all your mystics and all your wise spiritual advisers keep telling you that in the face of attack do not defend yourselves.
Because you are Beings of Love, Love is what you seek. But ingrained fears and anxieties as a result of previous conflicts tend to encourage you to approach each new meeting or interaction with suspicion and even hostility. If you would let go of those fears and approach each situation with loving intent you would be amazed at the calming effect that you have on all involved, especially as more than you had hoped for is achieved.
However, many people are permanently on the defensive and are thus enveloping themselves in energy fields of distrust that threaten violence, and this is felt by those with whom they interact. What this demonstrates is that defence is a form of attack, or an unwise reaction to an expected attack, or is even of itself a preemptive attack driven by fear that merely increases the tensions people experience as they meet and prepare to interact. Nearly all of you have experienced these kinds of tensions, they are never comfortable, and often lead to tears.
What you so often focus your attention on are your personal worries and concerns, and by focusing on them you attract them to you, and in doing so you upset the loving balance that stabilizes your individual energy fields. So focus instead on Love! If you do you will find your lives changing for the better, and an aura of peace and stability will envelop you, and will be felt by others as they engage with your now loving energy field.
Your energy fields are very powerful, but due to the limitations that your bodies impose upon you very few of you can actually sense or see them, and so you remain unaware of the power that you possess and project in every moment. You are effectively working in the dark! (Pun intended.)
Those who can sense and/or see these energy fields have talked about them, described them, written about them, and used them for healing, but generally unless you personally experience these energies it is very difficult for you to accept that they exist. Your science has made considerable progress in this area recently, but for most people it is as alien a field as electronics, computer technology, or nuclear physics. What you cannot see or understand you tend to ignore.
This is changing as the new generation, basically those under 35 years of age, are beginning to extend their boundaries of awareness and feel the energies about which many have talked and written but which few have felt. This growing awareness is one of the reasons why so many are now accepting the fact that everything is interconnected, nothing is isolated, alone, or totally unaware of the whole. Therefore every thought, word, or action affects the whole.
This new awareness of the interconnectedness of everything has been developing slowly for the last two or three centuries, and has become increasingly noticeable in the last fifty years or so. Growing knowledge about ecology, global warming, and the need to respect the planet that allows human existence to continue, has led to movements and organizations forming to encourage and then insist on individuals taking responsibility for their behavior and life choices.
It can easily be seen that your planet can provide abundantly for all of you if you behave with wisdom and restraint instead of continuing with the greedy and rapacious activities born of your industrial revolution and the unrestrained operations of the multinational corporations that this has spawned.
Your technological abilities have, of late, grown far, far faster than your wisdom and intelligence. That is now changing as the younger and wiser among you move into positions of authority in order to bring about the changes essential to humanity’s continued survival and well-being on the planet.
Change is happening very rapidly now, and very few of you remain unaware at least of that. The collective choice and decision to awaken has been made and cannot be reversed. Your task is to hold that intent, to hold your ever brightening Light on high so that all may see it, and you do this by being loving in everything you think, say, or do. It does not mean going out proselytizing, telling people that they are wrong, that they need to clean up their acts, it means simply demonstrating Love by your words and behaviors, and by the thoughts you share.
It is very simple, but can seem a little frightening if you have seen yourself as a quiet, spiritual person leading a quiet and maybe almost solitary life. Truly, many of you have found yourselves rather alone as you have followed your spiritual paths, and now you have to be ready to move forward into the brightness of the Light that you have been carrying so steadily for so long.
Daily meditation is an essential aspect of your lives, now even more than ever, so do not let even one day pass without engaging in it. And as you do ask for help, ask for a love squeeze, and settle into the peace and joy that it will bring you, knowing that you are most successfully doing precisely what you came on Earth to do.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by JohnSmallman2.

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