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Those Who Love will Separate from Those Who Resist Love by Steve Beckow

Thank you Steve and your Guides!
judging_othersIt isn’t just Earth that’s ascending, although Earth is the first in this universe to ascend in this current wave and is leading the way in a new evolutionary development: Physical Ascension.
The Council of Angels tells us that “the entire omniverse is raising its frequency, or ‘upgrading’ … Earth is part of this upgrade.”  (1)
Meanwhile, here on Earth, Gaia tells us that “my inhabitants … have been releasing their wars of polarity to live in unity and unconditional love.” (2)
For a time, resistance to the higher energies will continue, they say, and then it will stop.
“The higher frequency energies are very strong on your planet right now, causing those of lower consciousness and service to self to temporarily abuse these energies in an attempt to gain more power.
“These games will not be able to continue indefinitely as there will come a time when their energetic constructs will unravel and fade away from the higher frequencies of love and light.” (3)
They explain that those that choose not to stop and surrender to love will be separating from us:
“There is an energetic separation occurring… Think of it like a tapestry being unwoven..
“The darker threads are separating out into their own ‘pile,’ the lighter threads are elevating to a higher, light-filled realm and weaving themselves into a newer, light-filled fabric.”  (4)
They’ll eventually have to leave the Earth.
“There are … higher dimensional frequencies that are anchored in mother earth’s (Gaia’s) body and around your planet.. and all must either raise their frequency or perish.”  (5)
We’re advised to “simply turn away from the dark energies fighting for their survival.”
“Focus on love, higher ideals of peace harmony compassion love prosperity abundance joy and oneness. …
“Simply shift your focus away from the dark, towards the Light, and towards higher frequency energies and Higher Consciousness and all that emanates from it: joy, peace, compassion, unconditional love, serenity, beauty, harmony, abundance, and so much more.” (6)
We’re also encouraged to love everyone unconditionally as the best way to help those trapped in darkness to release themselves. According to the Arcturians through Suzanne Lie:
“We remind everyone that the very best way to deal with darkness is to send unconditional love. This unconditional love is the healing force of the multiverse. And the unconditional love will release the entities that have been trapped in darkness so that they no longer need to behave in that manner.” (7)
The Company of Heaven asks us to refrain from all judgement.  The old definitions of ‘right and wrong’, ‘black and white’, ‘good and bad’, no longer apply, the angels tell us through Tazjima. “Energy is neutral. There are no ‘bad’ people; everyone on the planet has been doing what they thought was right, given the conditional circumstances in which they were brought up, lived and worked.”  (8)
Sanat Kumara counselled us that judgment reveals a lack of love.
“There is no payoff, there is no reward, and there is no real tolerance in judgment. …
“Judgment is cruel. And the history of cruelty on the planet of Gaia has come to an end. There is no room for it. People think that they say something casually and it is judgmental but that it is not harmful and that is simply not so.
“It is very harmful and it speaks to a lack of love, lack of compassion, a lack of allowance. You do not have permission or the wisdom to judge anyone.” (9)
If we wish to rise with Gaia on this next leg of the journey, we have to cease our Third-Dimensional tendency to judge, he says.
“There are situations where we have asked you to be the observer and this is not one of them. There is no room for you to be the observer any longer where there is judgment.
“And you can do it in a humorous way. You can say to the individual, ‘Well, gee, this sounds like judgment to me. And you know, I don’t do judgment. I’m allergic to judgment. Judgment makes me feel sick. So can we just let this go?’
“And then do so.”  (10)
Thus, we’re in the last days of the resistance to love on the planet. Those who insist on closing themselves to it and continuing to fight the wars of polarity with us will separate from us and have to leave the Earth eventually.
The rest of us will continue our rise into higher dimensions and leave judgment and other polarizing tendencies behind.


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