Monday, February 17, 2014

Bridge of Consciousness by Peggy Black

Thank you Team and Peggy!
Peggy BlackWe are here, honored that you are reading these words and feeling our offered vibrations. You are a vibrational being of infinite wisdom, energy and intelligence. You are a magnificent being electing to support and assist in the shift in the evolution of consciousness within humanity. Many who are leading this wave of awakening are offering this awareness and this message. You know you are here on purpose.
We observe your feelings that this planet Earth is not your home. Many feel out of place or different, they do not fit in or feel truly comfortable here in physical form. Dear ones remember that you are a galactic conscious force who engages in transforming realities.
In order to be that transformer one of the rules of this dimension is that a physical body is required. Another rule of this dimension here and now is that it is a free will environment. Therefore, as a multidimensional divine conscious being you agreed to embody a physical form, interface with this reality and play by the rules, so to speak, of this experience on Earth.
We agree that this is a dense, challenging, yet incredibly beautiful and unique experience. Your physical body is the most ingenious, gifted, brilliant and efficient bio-computer ever created. It is equipped to observe, sense, and feel, to puzzle and resolve deep mysteries of reality. It is designed to be curious, to absorb information and to draw conclusions. It is capable of connecting to pure energy and intelligence in the non-physical realms. It can also be programmed or influenced by the vibrations offered by others.
Your physical body in all its wonders is meant to operate and function in this reality of free will, interfacing with others, sharing your personal vibrations/emotions and energy signatures with others as well as exploring and discovering unique abilities and gifts.
Unfortunately, this reality has the denseness of misqualified energy vibrations that have permeated the collective field or the matrix. These misqualified energies and these emotional vibrations have been generated by other humans who do not realize that their thoughts and emotions impact and manifest from the quantum field.
Humans have been disempowered for eons of time; they have been invalidated and suppressed. They have been taught to fear, to feel powerless and hopeless to change any part of this reality. So they continue to add their fears and worries to the collective. Everyone is literally bathed in these dense vibrations that are offered by all the dread, apprehension, superstition, anxiety and mistrust that is being generated.
We are honored to share with you that this is changing because you are becoming aware of who you are as a multidimensional divine conscious being who just happen to have a physical body at this time in this space. You are waking up and realizing that you are a divine co-creator, a cosmic being of great standing the universe.
Yes you have fallen under the veil of forgetfulness or unconsciousness of this dense energy field on Earth. You have succumbed to some of the limited programs that have been offered by your religions and teaching. However, there have been those who have come forth to encourage you to step into your personal power as the divine being that you are and be a part of the incredible shift that is taking place.
It has been our intention always to support and encourage you to discover, honor and claim that you are really a Divine Conscious Beings anchored in a physical form in this reality, time frame and dimension. You are here to truly secure the transformation of consciousness within humanity. You are the change agent. You are the bridge of consciousness between physical reality and non-physical reality, between spirit and matter.
You are here in matter, anchored in your body with the awareness that you are a part of a greater, more extraordinary, elegant unfolding. You are on the cutting edge of change. You are capable of interfacing with the non-physical realms of truth. Your understanding of your role here and your willingness to embody your true power is what we are inviting you to remember.
Our messages have been the same. They are to inspire, encourage and activate this remembering, to know and understand with clarity that you are a portal, a physical portal. You are the sacred space that invites divine conscious energy and vibration into each moment. You are the agent of change that anchors more love, forgiveness, compassion, joy and gratitude into the collective field of humanity.
Because you reside in a physical body in this dimension and in this time frame on Earth, it is your birthright and your responsibility to invite divine intelligence in all its wondrous and myriad forms of spirit to support and assist in the healing of all issues that you are witnessing.
You are not helpless; you are powerful beyond measure when you connect to this divine spiritual intelligence to transform all that is misqualified. These beloved luminaries await your personal invitation for they will never interfere with the free will agreement that is a real aspect of this reality.
So singly or together as group, you have the ability to call upon this Divine Intelligence, these Divine Ones, the Angels/Archangels, the Ascended Masters, Avatars and non-physical Spirit Healers. Remember you are the inviter; you are the bridge of consciousness between the physical and non-physical realties.
You are the portal as well as the physical focus for this divine energy to come forth. Say, for example, you observe a situation on your planet that feels dire and irresolvable, perhaps the situation with the nuclear radiations being generated from Japan.
Imagine you invite the Divine Intelligence in all its myriad forms, the Elohim, the galactic being of love and light, Angels/archangels to provide the inconceivable solution to this problem, to mitigate and diminish the severity. They are outside of this dimension and they have your well-being as their goal. They want your partnership. They await your request to provide assistance and inspire the perfect outcome and solution to all the earthly problems.
You can invite these divine ones to offer their healing energies and inspired resolve to any situation that is life diminishing for any living being on your planet. Invite them to engage with the higher consciousness of all the leaders of the world and in this manner guide and inspire the perfect outworking of the struggles and differences that become so polarizing. Invite them to inspire physical individuals to discover healing methods that benefit all those who are experiencing some dis-ease or imbalance.
You are meant to be in partnership with this divine intelligence, you are meant to be the bridge of consciousness that allows, welcomes and invites this participation. You are not limited, you are infinite. You are a part of this divine intelligence, you just happen to have chosen to be a physical human for a brief period of time. Your focused and dedicated actions and intentions as well as the power of your imagination, coupled with this divine alliance will shift and change all that is before you.
You are here in this time frame and this dimension to assist in the transformation of all dense misqualified energies. And yes, we realize that you are engaged with your physical reality, family, community, and employment along with the challenges and the incredible rewards and experiences that life offers.
Remember you are Divine, you are a part of the solution, you are here to assist and support humanity’s evolution. You are meant to be in partnership with phenomenal beings of love and light. Call upon their presence 24/7. Be the inviter. Be the focus and the anchor. Be the conscious bridge between the non-physical celestial realms of truth and the physical reality that you represent.
Together, all can be and will be resolved. This is your service, this is why you are here as a true change agent of consciousness. We continue to encourage you, acknowledge you and extend our gratitude as well as assistance when called upon. Know that you are loved and supported, know that you are seen and appreciated.
The ‘team’
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