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The Office of Poofness: February 17, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Posted by Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: 
The ‘Monday’ referred to here is, I assume, Monday February 17, 2014. I also have no idea who ‘Joel and Victoria’ are (although a couple of people have since suggested it may be toothsome US televangelist Joel Osteen and his wife). Once again, when you get to the discussion about Fukushima, please remember all we have been told about what the Galactics (and others) are doing to ameliorate the situation, and remain out of fear.
Greetings and Salutations:
Poof has said:
The icing is being put on the cake. The Grandfathers are very happy to get this moved forward. Heaven is Happy. The official movement of the packages has begun and the ways have been opened for the release of monies. The whole thing is coming much quicker NOW. The cows have been fed, the birds have flown. The pigs are oinking and the grass  is getting greener all the time. Your waiting now should be focused on patience. kindness, consideration and useful wise counsel. The powers to be have their hands full – the needs of the many are going to be handled. The day that we all have been waiting for is coming into Our Reality Very Soon.
ZAP says:
Hi all,
I start with something fundamental here…
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (2 Timothy 1:7, NLT)
This is important to examine this statement deeper. It is concise, simple, and tells everything in one crisp message. We all have the power to do anything, including raping and pillaging, to acts of compassion. The love component is what the power is made of, because, by extension, ‘of love’ is the most powerful force in the universe and is, therefore, the semblance and makeup of God. The power is a part of love -  (just) as raping and pillaging, and compassion etc  are parts of love, as well.
The thing that individuates us as pieces of this divinity is our ability of self-discipline. This is governed by who we are, and choose to be. The paths are many.
So, given that understanding, we are about to enter a great period of joy, peace and prosperity. This has been hard won, over time, by the men and women that have chosen those paths. We are grateful to them.
Now that this period is upon us, it will be our choice to go in a more healing direction, and many will shift in this conscious choice. Each of us has a point where a good understanding of what can be as a choice that suits us. It is self-discipline that will set forth the power of the love that is us. I am really looking forward to this – many shifting to this path and start giving a helping hand. Way cool. Much fun ahead with this choice.
The funds have materialized now. The Lunar New Year is over. Everybody is back to official work. And the funds will flow. Many initial transfers are already booked for Monday.
So now will come this time of choice and fixing on some path, and that’s why i brought this up first.
The funds are massive as expected, and many billions will be flowing here and there, and finding their ways into the economy.
Many will not know how to handle the immense amounts that are coming, and how to deal with them. Fear of making mistakes, or paths chosen, will cloud and make foggy a simple situation as the shock of instant wealth is well documented.
Joel and Victoria also said something pertinent to this:
“So many people today are missing out on God’s abundant joy, peace and victory because they keep giving in to a spirit of fear. They are afraid to make a decision, they are afraid to confront issues, they’re afraid to step out in faith, they’re afraid of the past, and they’re afraid of the future!”
But as believers, we don’t have to live that way.
Always remember, fear is not from God. God has given you power, and His power is greater than any other power in the universe! You have to make a decision to deal aggressively with fear. You can’t be passive and expect to live in victory. The only way to conquer fear is to confront it head-on with the Word of God. His Word is truth which sets you free! Tell fear it has to go and walk in freedom.
The message is self-evident and really hits right. The fear is easily dissipated when you are there just to give a helping hand somewhere. Everything changes. The people around you change too in direct response to what you do, the more good stuff you do, the more positive the result.
So we are about to do this.
A few things:
The global reset has been brought forward some days, and will happen this month.
The RV may happen overnight, that’s how close that is. I can certainly believe this week is the rv announcement week.
The new republic is having some issues in signing off and assuming the mantle in the usa. I do not think it is because of any great opposition, but the complexity of the process only. Peeling back the onion was not complete because of the opposition, and now that it is time to changeover, the layers give out more issues to be dealt with than previously thought. So it is taking time, but i have faith in the powers that be that they will accomplish it in short order.
So, with these elements, our humanity will begin the new period of joy, peace and prosperity. Poverty will end.
Q – Hello Susan and Zap, First, I must thank you both for the hard work you do to keep us informed and as up to date as possible.  This global event is so huge,
ZAP – Bigger than what is perceived, yes.
Information changes minute by minute, but you both do a great job giving us a taste of most things on our plates.
ZAP – It is very fluid, and most of the time, difficult to pinpoint.
I would like your opinion, ZAP, on the arrival of RV first, GCR second or vice versa.  Yes, I follow a couple of people on the information highway, and they all have an opinion.   At times, in agreement and other times, swearing their intel is true…”cross my heart and hope to die!”
ZAP – As above. And: “this month”.
As I said, it is fluid. Remember that ‘rumor’ often-times becomes ‘hard fact’ after 24 hours. Sometimes it is based on factual information, and sometimes it is assumption. Dial 1-8 on the system. I still need money until this week.
The second item I would like for you to address is the issue of “radiation fear”.  Next month marks the 3rd anniversary of Fukushima, and the radioactive “presents” continue to arrive effecting our marine life, soil, atmosphere, our total environment. If it is still leaking, our entire planet will be affected, not just the Pacific Coast of the United States.  I recall people saying “without your health, you have nothing.”  So, we must put this on the top of the list to be rectified. I want to be healthy as I enjoy my blessing, so whatever it takes, count me in! May God continue to Bless and keep you both safe. Sincerely – GH
ZAP – Fukushima continues to spew hundreds of tons of radioactive water into the ocean every day. They have no choice because they need to cool the rods. If they do not cool the rods, the rods will melt together, and we can say goodbye to japan, and the rest of the world (in time). The majority of us have seen the movie “three mile island”. Well, that is the scenario here.
Yes, the radioactive presents continue to arrive on the west coast. People are dying. Wildlife is dying. Marine life is dying. Soon, the coast will be a hot zone for a long time if nothing is done. Already 11 states are over the danger level. Expect symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, hair loss, and other things (look up radiation poisoning). My family and friends are on the west coast. They are experiencing these symptoms.
I surmise that once people wake up to this, there will be a measure of unrest that will command martial law to be invoked. Right now, ammunition sales have soared as the post office, department of education, and other entities have been reported to be buying ammunition in bulk. Especially hollow point. Is this in preparation for an offensive, or a defensive measure to get bullets out of circulation so that pissed of us citizens do not go out there and go postal on the authorities they think are doing this to them.
The guy in the local post office would not have a clue what is going on, but he may be targeted because he is the bad guy in somebody’s eyes. I hope people have better sense than that. But sadly, there are some with the intelligence of a parsnip that will think this. Like my father kept telling me, there are no pills for abject stupidity.
The thing that does have some measure of concern to some, is the cargo planes that are ferrying in soldiers to select bases in dark planes (no markings). That is of interest.
Regardless, the fukushima matter can be fixed. The technology is now ready to be deployed to render the reactor safe by getting the rods transmuted to a different format, and clean up the radioactive debris field, and radioactive plume. The chinese family is supporting this effort through trillions allocated for this, and the us scientists that know how to deploy this technology are at the ready in conjunction with the japan government, who has the necessary robotics technology to implement the deployment of the remediation technology. I therefore support the efforts of the world technology senate and the other organizations supporting this effort. Go see hyperlink  www.wtsenates.info.
If all goes well, the remediation effort will start in the next week, and get to this critical work.
What else? Oh yes, the bulls are still doing what they do naturally. Again my apologies to B in the bonnet.
Q – Dear ZAP, I am doing my best not to ‘oink’ in public, but I must say I have such a grin on my face thinking about Purple Pigs. You are master of metaphor, and humor, too, which I so deeply appreciate!!  I think about them getting ready to FLY and graze the sky, those smart piggies. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your humor, for lifting the banner high, and for all that you do!!!!!
ZAP – Wait until you see my invoice.
You and we are all earning our badges in the art of Patience, in the art of controlling our lower emotions, in the art of holding a Transcendent view and Vision of what is to come, and of doing what is in our Power to work toward that. I honor you for your steadfast work, and for your commitment to the people to communicate and translate the fears into positivity. That is a high Art.
ZAP – Common sense, too.
My heart is focused on the transformation to come, already in process, as you say. You reference 500 arrests in your last letter, and I wonder are these beneath the media’s radar, or deliberately squelched? So how does anyone know? Yet it has been reported that many ( from 5 to 20) bankers have been found dead in the last three weeks.  Can you comment on that?
ZAP – Ah well.
(Stephen: I notice ZAP does not answer the question about arrests. Neither sage nor I have been able to trace any credible reporting of arrests in mainstream or alternative media. This does not mean this hasn’t happened. It may be being kept very ‘undercover‘)
I am one who is completely committed to these changes and to following through for humanity as much as I possibly can. And I have submitted a Project Proposal and am very thankful for that opportunity which you offered.
ZAP –  Wonderful. Will be going through all of them shortly once the software is up and running as the funds have to be brought online to match the budgets.
Just basic computer installation of this.
When I read Christine Legarde’s speech, referenced in the newsletter last week, I was heartened to read her words about the need to focus on redistributing the wealth rather than focusing on the ‘size of the pie’. She quoted Martin Luther King when he said:” We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.  Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.” Have there been any significant forward movements during this past week about which you are aware? And, is there anything you would like from us, who read your words and feel your strong energy through them?
ZAP – There are many, many efforts going forward now to get the machinery moving towards funds everywhere, and there will be massive opportunity now everywhere. What i wrote above explains that, but now is the time to think of the project side, and what you want to do. There is a website coming where you will be able to figure all that out. Hopefully, about 2 weeks or less.
Finally, I give Honor to you, to Susan, to Poof, to Mike and to all the people who live with the Knowing in their Hearts of the Truth of what is transpiring on this planet. Thank you for your service, ZAP. With many Blessings and Love – Arielle
ZAP – My honor. Thanks.
Q – Hi Susan and Zap, Please do not construe my message as negative. I say this with much love an light. I also apologize that this is something you probably hear over and over again. But I think this has to be said. Could you please make an effort to refrain from giving dates and time frames in your predictions?
ZAP – That is the only thing that keeps hope alive. Time frames are given, and when things go sideways, they are no longer valid and something else has to be done. This business model evolution is a truism. So when timings are offered, that give us hope because they are true at the time they are said. What happens after is either an event or a non-event. But I like time frames myself. It kinda gives better perspective to the puzzle pieces.
I hear everyone say that so much progress has been made behind the scenes, and so on.
ZAP – Yes very much so, but now that the funds are released and we will see fundings everywhere. Remember that this is the start of the money only. It will take some amount of time for the money to be converted to some enterprise that will yield jobs, and money ‘realization’ into the economy.
There will be huge job opportunities for sure. But (what is the ) time frame for that? I give it between a month for some easy projects that put money into the economy on the initial run, and about six months to settle into some steady pace of outpour.
But the reality remains that billions of people continue to be oppressed by hunger, disease, poverty, wars and eugenics. I see a lot of it first hand on a daily basis.
ZAP – Yes, true. It will take some time to filter down, but it will be done as fast as possible.
When dates are given, or mentions are made such as “this week”, or “next week”, and then, as always, nothing materializes, the disappointments can be very emotionally draining. If you could substitute that with “soon”, or “hopefully soon”, you will not create false hope when things don’t happen. Thank you for all you do – P.
ZAP – The Global Reset will happen really soon.
The Global Reset will happen hopefully really soon.
The Global Reset will happen when pigs fly.
The Global Reset will happen very shortly.
The Global Reset will consummate in a limited amount of time measured only by a reasonable multiple of a measured distance reflecting some time lag present in red shift.
I don’t know. For some reason, none of the above feels quite right. I have to stick to “in this month” based on the intelligence i received.
So, bottom line is that we can expect everything that is being talked about in respect of RV, PPP, Reset, Republic, etc. to happen ‘now’. Not much more to say other than ‘get ready’.
I have some pigs to attend to. Next week is going to be the 38th time i will write, and i will report back some wonderful things.
Keep thinking about projects and things to do to help us all; small or large. It all has to be there.
In love and light in our service

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