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The Office of Poofness: February 9, 2014

Thank you Poofness, Zap, and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: OK, if you’re seeking complete clarity here, good luck. I couldn’t find it – which may be a true indicator of what’s really going on with regards to all that’s covered below. Unfortunately, there are elements of justification, contradiction and sarcasm in the Q&A section that make it difficult to know when to take something seriously or not. By the time I got to the end, I decided the very first sentence was a good guide to what follows below. So, that’s my take, even though I KNOW all is as it should be – which ZAP’s initial comments appear to indicate.
Greetings and Salutations:
I don’t know about you, but all I’ve seen is a swirling tornado of confusion and chaos. There are no words that you haven’t heard in the past week. So, I defer to what Poof said and what ZAP is saying:
Poof said:

Everyone is rooting for the home team. Everything is being done to get the ball rolling in every corner of the world; the momentum has picked up and now the choices are between good, better and even better…. And that is sufficient to get the troops to rally and readied for the next level of the game. I know that many won’t buy that — just sit tight. Do nothing. The boys are all in place and the team is readying for the big one; so don’t brag and don’t get too uptight and don’t be too quick to judge any of this as rash. It is not. Huge strides are being made, and you can count on that.  The boys are doing all they can to manifest it in a safe secure way.  So give it a chance --it is better to be safe than sorry.

ZAP is saying:
Hi all,  Sorry but was indisposed for a week. Very, very busy time and much work to get done before this coming week.
The chicken bones have struck again, and have forecasted that big cargo airplanes are in the sky doing dinar runs. Ever since Christine (Legarde aka CL) did her speech ( ) it has all begun.
The bond redemption funds are released. The dinar is moving right along and should be formally announced anytime this coming week, as the double and triple dipping diminishes amidst arrests. The groundwork for the global reset is well in place.
Much patience required now during these last days of lack as the whole machine begins to turn and shows its belly to the sun.

Q&A section
And now for a very strong message: 
Q: Although Poof never did have all the information, he had class in his writings. In reading ZAP, mr potty mouth without credit ability .. Please hang it up as you are so far off the Mark with your info… Honor Poof and retire his report in his memory. Thank you – B
ZAP:  dear b. Do you have a bonnet? I will refrain from being such a potty mouth (and i do apologize here to b in the bonnet and all the good folk that can not bear to hear the word bullshit). I promise to never say the word bullshit here. So you will never ever see me write bullshit in any context whether or not bullshit aptly describes the circumstance as bullshit.
I am curious though whether it is the word bullshit in its entirety that offends gentle sensibilities, or is it the word bull or the word #####. Perhaps the amalgamation of the two words is what triggers finer distinctions. The concept of an animal with a natural function may be a bit too much maybe? The sight of a shitting bull may be the vision of repulsion then. I may shudder at the thought of such bull ##### if I try hard enough. So, no more bullshit. How about crap?
And Poof is laughing upstairs. He went through enough crap to know. So without any further mention of the nasty word, the questions are here.
Q: This week’s report seemed deflated especially with the info about Obama’s admin still having this kind of power over global events.
ZAP – Nah, it’s all crap anyways. Obama has things to sign and allow through as he must. In the meantime, the business of government does go on as without, you would again have parks closed.
It has been my understanding that St. Germain is leading this parade so why doesn’t that higher power trump the Obama admin.
ZAP – The lad cannot interfere so blatantly. Against the rules.
If Obama is actually the power holding up the release of the RV to the public, & even possibly the global reset, then he is certainly not the lighted one we have heard in the past that he came here to be.
ZAP – He is neither the architect, protagonist, nor fulfiller of the plan. He is a cog in the general structure and must turn with the other wheels, no matter how reluctantly. To not do so would zero him out instantly.
Isn’t there any other power on this planet that can stop the US politicians from this crime against their own people?
ZAP – Yes. Twinkies. But they got rid of them. I say, resurrect Twinkies. Whole ones, deep fried ones, sun dried, honey roasted – Twinkies rule. And with that as a defense, anything goes. They got rid of Twinkies for a reason besides no more free door stops after 25 years, no major sugar rushes, no exam cram food, and cheap heroin addict food. Conspiracy i tell you. Bring back Twinkies, and all will be well.
People are going without a roof over their head, heat for their homes, medicine for health problems, even food right here in America yet our government has so much greed that it allows this gift to be withheld from the very people it is supposed to serve.. We all know it’s time for a change & that means turn it all upside down & start anew.
ZAP – Yes, agree. It is completely unwarranted and insulting to all to think we can indeed have such circumstance in the USA while taxes and out of control spending deplete the people. Very sad. This will change now.
Thank you for all you do it should have been shorter & easier for you too. Love & blessings – L
ZAP – Would have been nice…the short and sweet thing. Regardless, it got done.
Q: I am a bit confused. How can the Elders allow the double and triple dipping of the mindless, self-serving elite. I am not trying to be rude, but it seems almost dishonorable.
ZAP – The elders do not care if the theft takes 90% of what is there. Even with that much gone, there is still enough to do the end job, so not to worry. They do not like to be robbed though.
What can I do to stop it so that most of us can have the contract rate?
ZAP – It will stop by itself, the ones guilty will be stripped of what they gained (much the same way the elite got stripped some months ago).
I am not trying to add pointless emails to the already tomes of pointless emails, but this is frustrating and I have no idea how I can stop it and it gets me a bit mad.
ZAP – Pretty much a load of crap right? Bulls are involved.
I believe most who revalue their Dinars will use the bulk of their good fortune to help the masses. So I see it as a benefit to get the contract rate so that there is more to do more with.
ZAP – Yes of course, and they may allow that now. Enough publicity has surfaced on this one.
It’s perplexing that this is allowed to occur. The Elders, being much brighter than I, know this.
ZAP – Brighter yes, but deeply steeped in tradition.
Quirky at best. Just sayin’. – M
ZAP – The lady of light is one of my guides, and I know you from elsewhere…interesting.
Q: I want to again, reiterate in the most caring fashion I know how: “The Nazi bastard banksters and their ilk will never, ever, in a trillion years, ever stop their manipulations and coercion and criminal activities; the ones at the very top, the most anti-social cannot afford to: they know in the core of their being they cannot! Why? Because they know if they do they will “be killed” because that is the psychosis they live in 24/7; sheer terror accentuated by an increased threat from anyone coming close to the truth or trying to help others to be better or more powerful. –  E
ZAP – Close – they are more like the hells angels now. In business, real estate, import/export,….you name a legit business, the HA are there. Same with Nazis. But they have a different bent to them and it ain’t pretty.
Q: I learned this in my studies; I have witnessed it in my direct experience with such types; they will never give up or change: They quite simply cannot (outside specific technology directed toward eradicating their psychosis…but then why spend time doing that when they’ve created such hell for everyone else. Help everyone else first and remove these festering boils from the society of good people.”
ZAP – How about we tell them Hitler is alive and waiting for them to congratulate them on a job well done personally at Tuktayuktuk. Once they get there, feed them sardines and whale oil until they get too fat to do anything useful except take up space and be an igloo heater. Not to worry, these will also go by the wayside as well as many other factions that do not have the best interests of humanity at heart.
Thank you for listening… hopefully. Because if a deal is cut, they will not abide. If a treaty is made they will break it. If a peace is established they will create a false-flag and a war. Their associates are too close to them to see how their continued transgressions are defeating any possible stability of future for themselves or anyone. They think by garnering a few more paper dollars they will be safe in the future. They truly have none, whether good triumphs in this battle or not. It matters not what you or I think about what normal people would do; these cannot do it because they are “STUCK” spiritually/mentally and their total orientation is STOP! “Murder everyone else so I’m safe” is one simple way of explaining it.
ZAP – Well…the logic is appetizing, but not quite though. They are not idiots. They see the writing on the wall same as the other cabal members. They too have struck certain deals and some have asked for forgiveness and redemption. We will see now.
Mark these words, ZAP and I hope you will pass them on to …the nose-bleed seats or whomever needs to kick some doors down and install these people in safe cantonment for the safety of the rest of us, ALL! Once they’re all removed and segregated away from those who want to HELP and CREATE for the BENEFIT OF ALL, not just THEMSELVES, then time can be allotted to sorting out who the worst are that will not respond what-so-ever and those who were stupid and unlucky enough to associate themselves with the true anti-socials, who are quite, quite few. Sincerely – J
ZAP – Kicking down doors has already been done and right now, all is in progress and on the move forward to what we now expect. The joy, peace and prosperity we have worked for is here.
Q: I know that most of my group are disillusioned and not reading for this very same reason. Zap had been so authoritative from the get-go but… ??? Just a for your information thing…
Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Poof
The longer this drags out … with nothing developing from zap’s predicted “events,” and with TPTB continuing to swing their heavy hammers…the less I’m believing that anyone has any power over the ruling forces, which seem unfazed, un-daunted, undeterred, unafraid…and unstoppable. Despite assertions, FOR YEARS and YEARS, that plans, though frustrated, are firmly in place and are being executed by the good guys, I have NEVER seen any evidence that any-thing at all that power has changed hands. The bankers and their buddies still rule.
ZAP – It would appear business as usual perhaps on the surface, but for those of us that see events first hand, there is no question that tremendous changes are taking place on a global basis. The system as it is must be revamped, the currencies stabilized, and a new system installed. The following quote from an email I received below exemplifies the general thinking out there at the moment, where governments, family, and the older trusts are working well to enable the change. Quite real I assure you.
Every country under IMF and World Bank control will be valued based upon their assets. This means physical assets as well as the country’s ability to make future profits from such areas as oil extraction, mining, refinement, fishing, forestry and agriculture. The more jobs a country can create to produce tangible goods, the higher the currency value. Around the world the outlook is a positive one, where those country’s currencies are revalued higher will benefit from the ability to improve their lifestyles. For example Africa will see water wells drilled, irrigation systems installed for crop and livestock production to help produce exportable commodities. All of these will see many of the third world countries standards of living raised considerably.
ZAP – This also is true of current world leader countries. The economies of the USA, Russia, China, etc. will see a great economic boost, and peace will prevail. Prosperity follows peace.
Q: Dear Susan and Zap, My sincerest thanks for your continued dedication to bringing the truth to us. I am unclear as to whether the ‘Purple Pigs” will gain such a dominant position at the trough so as to be the ruler of the farmer’s barnyard? Then does the farmer just sit pretty and do as told or do the pigs direct matters that suggests retirement to the farmer?
ZAP – Lol. The purple pigs signify the change we are experiencing: a simple symbol to transform the epitome of cartoon greed to a symbol of transformation. A pig will do. Paint him purple for the transformation part, and now you can see if they fly. I think they will…and soon. The farmer is a scarecrow he stuck in the chair when he moved to the city.
Our plans for global humanitarian projects are in place. We await the dawn of a new world. Many thanks again. – DC
ZAP – And that we will do. Many projects await and the first on the list is Fukushima. Nasty stuff that. Poisoning us.
Q: Please address: 1. Nothing happened on Feb. 2nd as you had reported.
ZAP – A lot happened. The Year of the Horse arrived and, in the Chinese way of thinking, this marked the beginning of this next cycle of rebirth. From this came the releases of the matrix funds that we are about to see now. Be patient. Easy to assume nothing happened.
2. You reported that you were to reveal your identity and you haven’t – D
ZAP – No, I have not. I did say that shortly I would and it may be in a very short while. Did Isay new week or some weeks….forget, and don’t want to look back through that message really. If/when the time is correct, I will do so. In the meantime, I cannot.
Q; Hello Susan/Zap, Included in your update this week, can/dare you comment on Snowden’s reported leak about the POTUS to pull the plug on the eve of the debt ceiling expiration,(next week) along with Lew’s comments about the debt.? Also, you have stated since poof passed that the cabal is being/has been neutered and their power curtailed, yet it certainly appears they are as strong as ever, dictating things their way…do you have something concrete to really show that I am off base here? We all want to know. Lastly, “the friendly ghost” has been saying for at least 7 years that JR. nor Obama will NOT let the public in on the RV/PP etc. So far, he has been right about it. Comments? Thanks for all you do .
ZAP – Rest assured that things are happening, and the best indicator here is that the arrests that have happened, and are continuing to happen, have everything to do with the fact that massive movements of monies have been tracked just before the announcement of the forfeiture of institutions and banks. Recalling that January 31st settlements date came last week and if any major bank or institution was unable to deliver any requested payment, they may get until around mid-February to come up with it (the money) before they are liquidated. This is very significant and this ties to us treasure secretary Jacob Lew warning that the US government would run out of money on February 7th and could use tricks to keep it going for a few days beyond that. So it is all coming, whether you can see it or not. Oh yeah, over 500 arrests so far and more coming.
Q: Hi Susan, I’m sending you some concerns, I guess I should say, and if you get a chance, could you respond to them? I’d say we could talk, but recently there have been time constraints on my end, so here’s hoping you might be able to take a bit of time out to generalize for me. First, as you know, things have gotten progressively crazy. In my eyes, I have seen NOTHING that would indicate change for the positive, i.e., the RV and where it has NOT gone … it seems to me that these PTB are still in power and still doing what they do best, which is be destructive, evil, conniving, thieves … greedy!! And I see that becoming worse?? I even begin to question Zap as far as the PPs are concerned, and the funds “coming” so begin changing things …. it seems that even that is “delayed”.
ZAP – I think I spoke to that up above. It may seem like all is the same. But it is not.
I guess that I, along with many others, are beginning to lose faith, hope that anything good IS going to come of all this bullshit that continues to go on and on and on. I’d love to be able to make some major changes, but in our slavery, with lack of funds, etc…that’s very difficult to do, other than try to remain in a positive state of mind??
ZAP – Wait for it. Soon now.
So, I guess, if you know ….. what the hell are we/they waiting on now? After all these years, I would think or HOPE that the good guys are making some kind of progress? I know Poof always said the end would be like ##### (??) on steroids, well we are there!!
ZAP – Lol. Right. It is going to be wild. Susan got an earful from me on that and other things. All is coming. And Hobe, the IMF etc. is authorizing the releases under orders. We will see if CL and JL are here to help real soon now. I think they are.
Q: Dear Susan and Zap; (ZAP – Oh Poof, wherefore art thou !!!) I am JD in ….. Susan, I am close friends with DB whom you have talked and whom Poof talked on many occasions. We and at least 10 others here locally have been in the Prosperity Programs for well over 20 years and even further, our involvement with our passed friend T.B. of AT. He and Poof talked on several occasions as well. I tell you this because we have been loyal and confident that what these two people told and reported to us all these years and now ZAP that the Royal families of China are changing the world to make it a much better place that it is now. This brings me to my topic of Mtn., Goat. On several occasions ZAP, you have said in your update: to see Mtn. Goat’s update in relation to some of what is going on. She mentioned many weeks ago that a close friend of hers pulled her aside and explained the PP’s to her …which she did not know about or believe in until her friend enlightened her. Therefore, I’m still of the opinion that she doesn’t not know who is really running the show !!!! Judging from her current update.
ZAP – Many do not know. The mechanisms and deployment are closely-held secrets for obvious reasons – which gives rise to rumor and gospel thereof in 24 hours or less.
She states ( read it if you can) that the UN and other elite are planning this Agenda 21 aka…New World Order and all the humanitarian projects are not to be used for what we have heard all these years. Please read her update !!! Note the Agenda 21 Plans calls For:
1. Create massive debt…(I thought that’s what this is all about to eliminate debt.)
2. More taxes
3. Forbid private ownership.
4. Distribution of wealth ( I agree with this but only through what we have always learned.)
Zap if you could take time from you busy work load and “debuk” what she has said I would appreciate it. If it is true just say so.
ZAP – It goes both ways. If the bad guys dominate, expect that. If the White Hats prevail (what I think will happen) then peace and prosperity. I prefer working towards that side, and leave others to figure out mysteries. When I get information, I cross off a mystery myself. Works good and I do not have to assume.
I can assure there are those of us out here that still have plain ‘ole Texas Common Sense. I think I know full well that there is not a “Guru” out there that understands much less knows (Okie included and I like him) where all this started how and why it is being implemented nor by whom, being Dragon Families !!!! Poof always told us that the release WILL NOT happen until the Dragons are certain that all the monies will be safe from the cabal!!! That is when it will happen.
ZAP – Dragons indeed. This whole thing about Dragon this and Dragon that. Next we will have Dragon action figures and cereal. The whole process is controlled by the councils made up of Dragon, Phoenix, Butterfly, etc. The families have representation on these councils. The councils speak for the collective family groups. There is even representation on some of the lesser councils of the lesser family factions. Quite structured and orderly really. Why they keep secrets secret. Why everybody talks about the Dragon family. What about the butterfly family? Not even an honorable mention? And they are equally as powerful.
Of course Gurus are only interest in the RV. Thank you in advance for your reply and your statement to be put in your next update. Thank you
ZAP – I am not a guru. I really am not that interested in currency stuff, but forced to understand it.
In one of Mnt. Goats last updates this week, She states (read it if you can) that the UN and other elite are planning this Agenda 21 aka. New World Order and all the humanitarian projects are not to be used for what we have heard all these years.
ZAP – bul…sorry…crap! On the one hand, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, is yellow plastic stuff, and waddles about, it is a cartoon. The humanitarian projects will be done. They have to be. With the new system, whatever it is called, the revaluation of all currencies spells stability and massive economic boosts through all the job creation.
The environmental stuff must be done or we get to glow in the dark. We start with the Fukushima issue.
We already have in place tech to solve the problem; the funds for this must and will be released. If this is the pre-cursor to the new world order type stuff, I would need more detail to examine rather than more postulations about plausible things.
So as I keep saying, look for the purple pigs coming to your neighborhood soon. You will know them for what they are. And they are friendly and do not bite. They may rub against your leg, but only if you welcome them by making happy oink sounds. Do not oink in public.
For those of you who care to listen to a little education on what’s under the chaos, try:

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