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The Office of Poofness: January 14, 2013

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Posted by stephen cook/ golden age gaia
Greetings and Salutations!
As we stand on the threshold of our new reality, the concerns of the day continue. Our new reality has yet to pay your or my rent, communications, energy, and the monthly bills. I ask; you ask, “Have we lost our minds?” Is this some great illusion all of us became trapped in, as our families talk behind our backs with concerns for our sanity and wonder if we should be taken somewhere for Reality Therapy? We still hang on to our knowing.
Our dreams of helping humanity continue to expand. Please read the comments below as that old nagging thought pops up, “Are we nuts or just plain crazy?”!!!! – Susan
Poof said:
“The timing of everything is coming together. The ways and the means to make the big shift are occurring and are getting down to the proverbial wire.  The perfect solutions are not always available but then the PP workers who are seeking to serve humanity and themselves are quite capable of manifesting new ways of handling the glitches and are doing so even in these final hours.
“The meaning of everything is shifting and that can be met with skepticism or it can be met with courage and the understanding that nothing remains as it was; all things change, even people. You are not who you were a year ago. Let alone five or ten years ago. Think of all of these programs having matured through many changes and those in charge having developed more expansive ways to insure that the monies get where they need to go. This is no longer a means to an end for serving a nuclear family.
“This is now far bigger and not intended to further the greed factor or the get rich quick factor, or the ‘what’s in it for me’ idiotic stance, but how to leverage. Leverage is the key word and the underlying issue that everyone must address. If not now, later. It is not going to work to spend like a drunken sailor and believe that will get any one where they can go.
“The financial preparedness has been met with scepticism – and thus the consequences thereof. If you think this is all just blowing in the wind – I could say it quite grossly– then think again. You have a mindset that has been building through the aging of this whole project — and that is also understandable but be prepared for this not to occur the way you assume. There is far more impact going into this now. In some ways, it is akin to the Old Testament story of the 40 years of wandering in the arid desert which merely meant one entire generation was dying off.
“Does that have to happen here? Well, no, but then many have succumbed that were friends and family members. Nonetheless, they continue to hold the intention with you, I’m quite certain — and if I had one thing to say it is that the time is Now. You are in the wings awaiting your turn.” – Poof
Here’s Zap:
Hi all,
This is the 33rd message, I just realized. Time flies. I promised concrete news, and I have some. Take two parts sand, one part cement, some gravel, and a touch of lime. Mix and serve. No umbrella.
The RV is almost here, and about 1,500 trillion has been let out by the family in preparation for this event. The same holds true for the historic bond redemptions as trillions are being let out in payment of these.
All good news. The big boys with dinar (political figures, etc.) have been closed (paid), and it is the public’s turn now.
Now, here is the timing issue. On January 31st, we will enter the lunar new year in China. This 2-week celebration is of extreme importance to the Chinese. The elders are preparing to accomplish the first releases of the dinar and other things before this time.
It is expected that the RV will be announced now, not after the (Chinese) new year.
The announcement of the Republic of the US is also going to take place, but that timing is still closely guarded. I cannot say before or after the (Chinese) new year.
The releases of the F&P and the PP are also timed to the RV, and the global reset timing, which is after the lunar new year.
We are about to enter the Year of the Horse, and this will be a fabulous time for us all according to the meaning of the horse. The spirit of the horse is recognized to be the Chinese people’s ethos:
making unremitting efforts to improve themselves. It is energetic, bright, warm-hearted, intelligent, and able. This is what we can expect all year long then.
So, those are the basics for this week, and we do expect the first funds this week for project starts possibly next week. I will know in a few days, and have good news to report next week or earlier.
On to questions and comments:
Q: Hello. I have been reading your posts for the last several years. Is everyone receiving some of this money, even the poorest of the poor in countries like South Africa?
ZAP – Eventually, yes. Trickle down will happen.
Q: If so, how will they get it since they don’t have mailboxes in some of these areas?
ZAP – Do not know, but the project side will be extremely active, you can be sure. This will provide for one of the ways it will reach them.
Q: Does this include people who didn’t have the money to buy the Dong and Dinar as well?
ZAP – i had no idea the dinar and dong were a prerequisite for wealth creation. But, yes, all people will benefit from what is to come, regardless of dinar, dong, and bells and whistles.
Q: Thanks for all you do. Blessings to you and your staff. – M
Q: Hi Susan. Just wondering about this….. Since the powers that be have been able to stifle the RV, what chance do we have to ever see the Omega prosperity packages?? As of his moment, anyone with over 50 million dinar will not see the higher premium rate OR may not be allowed to cash exchange at all.
ZAP – No, they will see the money and be able to use it. But they will be watched carefully so they do not buy guns and bricks that can be thrown at people.
Q: With that kind of control to maintain the status quo, it’s scary to consider that we may never be allowed to receive an Omega package!
ZAP – Not possible. They will be provided.
Q: It’s become a strategy to hold onto control of the world with all of their might. How can that tyranny be very thrown?? I hope ZAP can offer some insight into this concern!
ZAP – That kind of control is over. St Germain said so, too. Relax and know all is well. Do not get caught up in the drama of the trauma.
Q: Thanks for all you do!! Take care and God bless!! – DB
Q: Hi Zap. Can you please address the status of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)?
ZAP – It exists. So mote it be.
Q: I have been following your postings saying the cabal has been reined in, but I am now reading where Obama and Japan are trying to get that (the TPP)  pushed through USA and Japan before month-end, with 100 countries already signed on.
ZAP – The machinations of the cabal are a habit. Habits are hard to break. Habits can be changed only if the habitee wants something more than they already have. That has been tried, and some success was experienced. The rest have chosen otherwise and will pay the price. The end result will be a system that will benefit the world, so anything that you see here is temporary and, if not, for the higher good, it will disappear as the dinosaur it is.
Q: With global domination for food and an agreement that may transcend government control in favor of corporations, it appears the cabal are still going strong.
ZAP – Nope. The food thing is taken care of. We have some incredible tech that will see such an abundance of food… just, WOW. Imagine a tomato plant that becomes a tree in 3 months and yields 1,000 kilos of tomatoes. Very real.
Q: Thank you for your insight. – TD
ZAP – All in all, purple pigs included, the system is about to change on us. Prosperity looms. The secrets will come out, and humanity is about to experience a most wondrous uplifting of spirit, consciousness, and joy.
Relax and enjoy these last days of lack, as that will disappear forever soon. All is in motion, and cannot be stopped. Go kiss a baby and run for office. Many positions will be open.
Donations are greatly needed at this time thru account
Love and Kisses,
“Office of Poofness”
Susan and Staff

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