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The Holylands, Dead Sea & Ark of the Covenant by James Tyberonn

Note : The Temple Mount Vortexial Portal Stargate in the below channel references the area containing the Temple Mount, Mount Zion, Mount Mariah, Garden of Gethsemane, Mount of Olives & Mount Zion. This is one of the most important religious sites in the world. It is located in the Old City of Jerusalem. It has been used as a religious site for thousands of years. At least four religions are known to have used the Temple Mount: Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Paganism (Roman). Jewish tradition holds that Temple Mount it is the site where God gathered the dust to create Adam and where Abraham nearly sacrificed his son Isaac to prove his faith. King Solomon, according to the Bible, built the First Temple of the Jews on this mountaintop circa 1000 B.C. It is the site of incredible miracles and power. Said to be the 'Centre of the Earth', and location in which the Presence of God is manifest. The location is the holiest site in Judaism and is the place Jews turn towards during prayer. Due to its extreme sanctity, many Jews believe the Mount itself, to be the location of the Light of God as the original location of the Holy of Holies. It is believed that the aspect of the Divine Presence of God is (still) manifest on the Temple Mount. It was from the Holy of Holies that the High Priest communicated directly with God, and that the Ark of the Covenant was kept. Among Sunni Muslims, the Mount is widely considered the third holiest site in Islam. Revered as the Noble Sanctuary (Bait-ul-Muqaddas) and the location of the Prophet Mohammed's Ascent to Heaven.

Greetings Masters!
I am Metatron, Lord of Light and I greet you this moment in a vector of unconditional love.

The imagery and thought of 'Holy Land' evokes a spiritual if not magical visual for many on the earth, especially contemporaries of the three monotheistic systems that were spawned there. Even those who do not consider themselves as followers of any of the three faiths of Abraham recognize the 'Holy Lands' as an eclectic repository of revered cosmological myths and enduring historical events that have undeniably marked the providence and arguably the evolving destiny of humankind. It is indeed a special place on the earth and has always been recognized as such as far back as early Atlantean times.

The Cristos energy has always been on the earth since the time of the Firmament. This source of divinity has manifested in the duality phase of earth as part of the evolution from devolution. The Holylands of Israel do indeed contain portal nodes and sacred sites of the Cristos, of Divine manifestation on the earthplane. We also wish to clarify that there have been many more embodiments of the Cristos energy on the Earthplane than just the ones that are recognized in your present times and contemporary religious belief systems.

Even during the eras of earth you consider as backward phases and times of the 'caveman', there were divine embodiments that assisted humanities rise from density, albeit each related the messages in terms that were understandable to the masses whether tribal or clustered. In areas devoid of written languages, the messages and cosmology truths evolved into myths orally passed down. In some cases it was believed that divine truths interpreted into archetypical symbolism should not, could not be put into written word.

The Cristos drama that unfolded in what is termed the Holylands of Canaan was fitted to the level of humanity's consciousness in that era. But its original Truth was lost somewhat and significant portions have been highly distorted in its remaining written interpretations. Yet the symbols and vibrations of the original Star-Gate at the Temple Mount complex are still intact. You see these are in simple terms hologramic inserts and exist in simultaneous time and nontime. The Christ energy is still present and can indeed be experienced in these location. In a very real since, Jesus still walks these paths!

Defining the Land
What made the Holy Land so indelibly pivotal in human history? What differentiates this land that allowed it to be the dawning of spiritual heritage and a wellspring of miracles from which the monotheistic principles of three great religions first flowed ?

The query is complex and the answer is quite compelling. The 'Holy Lands' is a unique blend of powerful frequencial resonance , telluric energies, leylines, mega vortexes and stellar grid alignments. The land is in the expanded energy of the 30 degree latitude (as are the Giza Pyramids) , which is a major power stream.

The 'resonate frequency ' amalgam is then composed of and influenced by:
•The intersection of major global leylines
•The 30 degree latitude
•The mineralogy
•Stellar Stargate & Mega Vortexial Portal
•The crystalline vortexial field of the 'Dead Sea'
•Whole Light Reception & Coherency
•The Ark of the Covenant

In your consideration of power places and sacred sites that exist on the planet, you should understand that all of the above influence what you term as power-nodes. While you do consider the mineralogy and vector (latitude and longitude) and grid placement, you do not as yet fully recognize the differing qualities of light that can occur in specific vectors. . We tell you that light reception also greatly influences & embellishes the attributes of certain locations in the Holylands. The light that occurs in certain nodes of the 'Holylands' is quite unique. It is whole light and carries attributes of coherency.

Question to Archangel Metatron: You mention the Ark of the Covenant as a factor in the energy of the Holylands. Can you explain this in more detail?
Archangel Metatron Response: The device termed the Ark of the Covenant is a source of unimaginable energy. There is more than one version of this extraordinary power source. The one that was placed in the Holy of Holies in Solomon's Temple was a smaller version of the one that has been present for millions of years below the stargate complex of Temple Mount. The extraordinary units are of Sirian-Pleiadean construct, and briefly put, are energy transducers and generators that both create and stabilize dimensional interface between what may be termed the field of physical matter and of the higher realms of the 'Angelic field' which in more scientific terms is the vast field of antimatter in the harmonic cycle. The create 'wormholes' (to use your vernacular) in layers of dimensions and 'step down' & format frequencies that allow for the coordination of multidimensionality of the intra connected levels and vector-planes of the Omni Earth to the Cosmos.

Question to Archangel Metatron: Can you speak of the Dead Sea specifically about its attributes as a healing centre and of its sacred & metaphysical aspects?
Archangel Metatron Response: Indeed! The Dead Sea is one of the most potent mega-vortexial energy nodes' on the planet. It is an extraordinary & unique conscious liquid crystal with a self- aware 'Spirit of Place'. The name given in current times is truly a misnomer for it is teeming with vital life force. It is truly a rebirthing centre, and correlates with Lake Titicaca in that aspect.

It has been recognized as such since ancient times for its cleansing, healing and rejuvenation attributes, and was indeed a site of pilgrimage & purification ceremony for Egyptians, Atlanteans and ancient Greeks.

The frequency field generated by the Dead Sea is filled with beneficial anionic charges released in the sunlight from the saline minerals in the evaporation process. This field not only creates a sense of well-being, but also enlivens health and opens the pineal. The ancients knew this. That is why the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans were drawn to the area. The waters and atmosphere around the Dead Sea (which could more aptly be called the Living Crystal Sea) contain a field of vital energy so potent that they literally rejuvenate the body physical and bring balance to the emotional and mental fields. Accordingly the chakras are aligned and perfectly rebalanced, and the result unequivocally fortifies the human Aura.

Because of its extremely low elevation, the sunlight that bathes the Dead Sea is particularly potent, yet benevolent, as the harmful rays are filtered by the plasma that floats atop the salt lake . The health benefits of soaking in this water are far greater than you currently recognize. There is a frequency here that benefits the body, mind and spirit, and it enables 'whole light', full spectrum light to occur in theta coherency. This also greatly embellishes the waters and field above the waters. The light is such that it is a nutrient to both the body and aura, and energy source of vitality that can truly extend longevity and produce mental clarity. It absolutely removes any untoward auric attachment, it seals and vitalized the human etheric field.

The 'Living Crystal Sea' is the perfect place to 'vision' , to ceremonial cleanse and purify the body & mind before making the pilgrimage to Temple Mount for receiving infinity codes.
The Living Crystal Sea is the wind beneath the wings of the holy sites of the Holylands. It undergirds, supports and enables the transduction of intense energy and thus stabilizes the mega- vortexial complexes of Israel and Jordan. Its field reaches into Egypt and Saudi Arabia. It softens the energy of the hi frequency portals and thus allows the perfection of balance required of primary Star-Gates vortexial portal complexes.

The Essenes chose to colonize around its energy fields for this reason.

The Salt of the Earth
The Living Sea contains in excess of tenfold more salt concentrate than the ocean (salinity varies slightly according to water temperature, depth of testing and proximity to shore). The warm shallow waters along the salt laden beaches show the highest content of salt percentage and in the edges are supersaturated. Simply stated, the Dead Sea waters are a 'battery' infused with solar energy, electromagnetic currents and mineralogical crystalline frequencies.

When water is fully saturated with salt it becomes an energy capacitor with remarkable attributes. The Living Sea is one of the very rare major bodies of water that contains shore-line pools of saturated salt water. Because of its geographical location the waters of the Living Sea are consistently quite warm. This higher temperature facilitates greater solution of the minerals and salts, and of course allows for faster absorption into the human body. What is not fully recognized is that the saline waters become not only a non-Newtonian liquid colloidal battery, but a liquid crystal...literally teeming with energy. The location of the waters are in the rift of two major tectonic plates and thus are constantly charged with an unimaginable energy from the earth.

The Temple Mount Star-Gate
The Temple Mount Vortexial Portal is within the energy field of the Dead Sea, yet on its own encompasses a massive Star-Gate. The area is in the expanded energy of the 30 degree latitude (as are the Giza Pyramids), which is a major power stream. The energy of this unique site is, like Delphi and Rapa Nui, an umbilical of codes, a 'naval' of celestial energies feeding your planet. It is up-shifting and many are called to re-anchor the codes in the new paradigm.

When one enters into the stargate of the Temple Mount vortexial portal, one enters a very unique much embellished field of multidimensionality that is both sequentially timeless and a 'Time-Gate'. Within this energy all of your planetary sojourns can not only be accessed, but united in synergy. It is an infinity point, a nonlinear space-time vector, meaning that entering into it has no chronological measure. The symbiotic unification that occurs within is instantaneous. Thus within its succinct infinity resonance , whether you are present for one minute or several days, you are capable of downloading the frequency codes contained within its field. As such, your energy is recorded within and you are able to be present etherically at any time of such intent.

The energy of this unique site is, like Delphi and Rapa Nui, an umbilical of codes, a 'naval' of celestial energies feeding your planet. It is up-shifting and many are called to re-anchor the codes in the new paradigm.

That ultimately destructive conflict called Armageddon, cannot, will not occur in the new paradigm, and your energy must & will combine to insure this. A new era is awakening and the energy of this area is shifting. Many of you are part of this Harmonic co creation.

Judaism's Western Wall , Islam's Dome of the Rock, and Christianity's Church of the Holy Sepulchre and Garden of Gethsemane are juxtaposed and intersect in this venerated area of Temple Mount that is one of the most vetted celestial portals on the planet. Yet in seeming paradox this religious vortex is surrounded by earthbound conflict and struggle. And although today Christians, Jews, and Muslims struggle for their rightful place in this magnificent landscape of deserts and seas, of blood red mountains and utterly astonishing holy sites, we tell you that in due time peace will come.

It is less ironic than tragic that this site of the Wise Solomon is as the disputed baby cut in half. But we assure you this will be resolved in the advancing paradigm of the expansive New Earth. Peace will evolve from means and places that are unexpected.

Original Source & Expanding Truth
By visiting the extraordinarily special places in the holylands that still carry the Original Source Energy, you enter a pure-truth 'Source-Resonance' that enables you to release many inaccurate teachings & fears accumulated from 'past-life' programs that have become as deeply hidden, subtly embedded obstacles in simultaneous expressions of life sojourns. A spiritual/mental alignment takes place that enables a beneficial, indeed requisite 'rebooting'.
A very real re-calibration occurs that offers greater clarity and thus eliminates the 'viruses' of untruths. The' Divinity' drama is a living energy; an infinite timeless energy coalesced in a hologramic insert into the multi-dimensional reality of the Star-Gate of Temple Mount. It is an offering, and can be received by those of sufficient light-quotient capable of raising their vibrations within its field.

In visiting the Holy Lands in the energy of the amplified dimensional access of the 'New Earth' you will stand in the same sites, where only the frequencies of time & space separates you from other versions of yourselves standing in the same energy vector....side by side with the original ever expanding Cristos energy. You will also plant the seeds of the harmony requisite for the New Earth, and the Ascension of Humanity....and that is essential.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths.

And so it is...
by James Tyberonn

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