Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014: Spiritualizing the Material by Lauren Gorgo

Thank you PHC and Lauren!
Happy New Year! 2013 is finally over…(exhales)…and I know I am not alone when I say that I have never been so literally “happy” for a new year.
Even tho we are opening to 2014 in a very inward, reflective way…and while still clearing out the cobwebs and misty fog that was so heavily blanketed over us last year…there is a newness in the air that is indisputable.
I was going to straight up talk about all the horrors growth & expansion of last year…where we’ve been, what we all went thru to get here, etc., etc…but I am definitely not feeling that.  I think we can all agree that we served our time in that regard…spent plenty enuf years talking about, feeling, and sitting in our own ick.
For those interested in a recap, here’s the Readers Digest version: we dedicated a ridiculously long decade or two (in this lifetime anyway) to stretching ourselves beyond the shadow land while bearing the constant pain of transmutation…feeling the unending waves of unresolved emotion, coddling the squeamish and wounded inner-child, calming the ego’s roars, living thru the lack, scarcity & poverty, the isolation, the heartbreaks, the loss, the sickness & dis-ease, the clearing, the letting go, the letting go, the letting go, the symptoms…omgggg the symptoms…ad infinitum. The journey to arrive here was way too much to ask of us.
But thats over now….save for the symptoms. :( And even tho most of us thought this time would never actually avail itself, our personal hell is finally fading into the background as heaven begins its descent upon our shores.  Because of our newly budding emergence, focusing on managing our suffering is becoming too uninteresting to talk about, which is a really good sign that our inner-odiousness is mostly behind us. (cue shoe drop)
Those at the forefront of new humanity are preparing to embark upon a brand new journey into a brand new future…one that is currently unknown to us, yet the outcome has been written in the stars, in our DNA, in our new spiritual-human blueprints. So many of us are approaching our full-circle-point which is not only our simultaneous ending/beginning moment but it is also becoming so apparent that the past is feeling less and less like the present.
Because so many of our soul contracts are up, we are all feeling the urge and even the optimism more than ever, to move on to greener pastures. And that means me too(!)…after 7+ years in dedication to the awakening/initiation period for all you path-paving pioneers of higher consciousness, I am officially “out of material” at that level, so I will be shifting myself and the body of work that has become TWYH from BEcoming, to BEing…from discipleship to creatorship.
It will take me some time to figure it all out, but I am committed to making a few foundational changes and upgrades to restructure my platform to accommodate more of my Self.  Up until this point, the focus of TWYH has been primarily on attaining/remembering/awakening our hearts, minds & cells to our roles as Bodhisattvas…those enlightened folk (thats you!) here in service to assist humanity to move into the next level of planetary evolution.
The profoundly difficult part of our journey is ending, our new roles are beginning, and starting this year TWYH is turning its attention to “spiritualizing the material” so that together, we can begin the construction phase of co-creating our new world(s).  And we have a lot of work to do!
It’s time to set our sights on new seas, and this year my site is set specifically on harnessing and grounding the magic of spirit into the physical world. Without too much definition to limit me, I can see so far that I will be delving into the concepts and applications required for each of us to personally thriveas 5th dimensional beings in a 3d dimensional world…as ascended beings IN physical bodies.
Those who have completed the inner-work and are no longer bound by karmic contracts will be learning to create in this world simply and purely as LOVE…in practical ways that will be needed to sustain us.  And because our perspective of “purpose” is shifting from 3D to 5D, we are realizing more than ever that our contribution to the planet is anchored in our beingship….that our will to create comes simply from the burgeoning desire to share ourselves and our soul gifts with the world in our own unique ways. Which sounds so blissful & romantic…until the mortgage payment is due. 8O
I am being shown that 2014 is going to address the more practical matters of the heart and that it will be a bit of a fast paced year (as if time could get ANY faster). This year is largely about the nuts and bolts and will aid us in our ability to finally organize, structure and mold the divine deluge of creative freedom that sits before us….freedom that we earned, but that now needs a framework to function in the physical world. My intention with TWYH is to provide a support system for that framework, and for the massive changes that lie ahead for all of us.
We are moving from dreaming the dream, to creating it (!) and while TWYH will maintain its purpose and function in providing a portal into 5D with a wealth of information and a community of like-hearts, we will do so (together) in the direction of new-earth leadership…in living by the principal of BEing.
I haven’t mapped out all the details yet but there is so much new, practical information to share this year that it is beyond exciting…if not a little overwhelming.  The basis of which will include the foundational principles for understanding our true capacity to create and the dynamic required to bring about true and lasting change in the world.
I am also hearing that this year activates the “abundance codes” (!!) as part of our multidimensional experience as LOVE.  Apparently these codes laid dormant until now and will begin awakening in droves, all over the planet, igniting what the Pleiadians are calling “a renaissance of prosperity thru LOVE”:
Together, with these activated codes, the radiant Ones will invoke and create an “abundance revolution”, one that will be unprecedented in scope. -PHC
So yea, we are still drying out our newly hatched wings in preparation for new flight, but make no mistake…even if we are off to slow start…we have a BUSY year on tap.
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