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Matthew Ward Reveals the Source of His Knowledge about Jesus

Thank you Matthew and Suzanne!

How fun is this revelation?  And yet, I'm so not surprised!!  ;^D  "You go, Matthew," who looks very much like my dear friend, Anthony!
Matthew Ward 222The fact that Matthew is St. Matthew is a secret that has been known and held for many years. It’s the reason why I’ve often referred to Matthew as an ascended master.
I’ve known since 2008 but was asked not to share the information. Many a time I’ve wanted to shout it from the rooftops and am glad that he’s at last made the knowledge public.
When he says “Now I am speaking as Matthew only,” (1) he means that he isn’t at that moment speaking as the spirit circle that channels information through him, which comprises at times beings of a higher dimensionality.
Most spirit guides, like Silver Birch or Imperator for example, are collective efforts involving spirits at various levels of development.  Or to put it another way, are spirits who are assisted and whose knowledge may be augmented by other collaborative sources. (2) 
Just as Matthew sets the record straight about much that appears in the New Testament, the prophet Malachi, who appeared to the Rev. Stanton Moses under the pseudonym “Imperator” in the 1870s, set the record straight on the Old Testament.
Malachi showed how the accounts of Old-Testament prophets, for instance, were impacted by their personalities and don’t always deserve the credence we extend to them. You may wish to see what he has to say about the veracity and biases of these earlier parts of the Bible. (3)
It’s a time of huge revisions and revelations. Stephen Cook crystallized the desire of many of us that the wall of misinformation and denial now end.  A new wave of public figures, Pope Francis being the most obvious, are at work removing the barriers to accurate knowledge and information. And whistleblowers are coming forward in all areas.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed a slow and subtle shift in the entertainment industry. While many movies don’t look obviously different, some are focusing on situations we face.
I saw an obvious example of that Friday night: Saving Mr. Banks. There a woman works to clear the rubble that stands between her vasanas and false grids and happiness in life. I couldn’t help thinking of the clearing that all of us are doing as I watched her unconsciousness begin to lift and her barriers begin to fall.
Coming back to Matthew, he writes:
“’Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword’—that was in conflict with all of his teachings.” (4)
How is it we didn’t see that? Why would Jesus say that he comes to make war on anyone? Many of the revelations only Matthew could know about, such as the fact that the Sermon on the Mount was constructed from his notes of many comments by Jesus. But the glaring discrepancies such as Jesus preaching violence, well, that has to make sense without needing to examine the historical record.
Now begins the process of stripping away all the false teachings in the Bible and many will be stunned by what they learn.  Some will choose to transition, as Matthew told us two years ago, rather than entertain that their views are so mistaken.
“Many whose religious or scientific beliefs are the foundation of their lives will choose to depart rather than accept the forthcoming truths that differ profoundly from what they were taught. People whose wealth came under the old systems may be so fearful of losing everything when the global economy collapses that they will leave before they could know that new systems will function smoothly and fairly under knowledgeable managers with moral and spiritual integrity.” (5)
Matthew does not take to task or take issue with any who believe in what he considers the mistaken version of things to be found in the Bible. He says:
“Nor does anything I have said mean that people who believe the Bible is God’s word are diminished in goodness of heart—they only are misinformed. Every soul has its own journey into the light of truth and there is no time limit—the life of the soul is eternal. If persons you love dearly aren’t on the same pathway as you, confidently continue on yours and respect their divine right to choose theirs.” (6)
Now we have two accounts of the life of Jesus – and have had for some time. Matthew denies the reality of the crucifixion and denies that Mary would have sailed to France and later Great Britain by herself after Jesus’ alleged death.
But Jesus himself, and Mary, through numerous sources, have stated that the crucifixion did happen. And this has always been one of the main differences between Matthew’s account and those of others.
I’m often torn at seeing gulfs open up between sources that we all love and cherish. I wish they weren’t there but there they are. We’ll see what we can do to find out what’s true in the situation.
The dilemma of sorting out the truth is one that will face us continually in the time ahead. It isn’t simply the fundamentalists who’ll have trouble accepting radically-new versions of events that are sacred to us. All of us probably will.
by Steve Beckow


(1) Matthew’s Message, Jan. 5, 2014, at
(2) For instance, here is Ethel Mclean commenting on a spirit circle functioning as teachers:
“It requires the undivided attention of a vast number of workers on this side to establish and maintain a channel of communication of this strength and clarfity. Not only workers from this sphere, but the co-operation and skill of many highly-evolved souls from the Spheres of Light have combined in this work.”  (Ethel McLean in Lesley May, med., Letters from Mother. A Family Biography in Two Worlds. Ed. Edmund Bentley. London: Psychic Press, 1964, 85.)
“Conveying these messages to you has been a big undertaking. It has required a great deal of team work. We are all grateful for the help we have received from the many people who have been involved.” (Ethel McLean, ibid., 117.)
I’ll actually write an article on the collaboration involved in spirit teachings.
(3) See “Imperator’s New Revelation” at Particularly “The False Shell of Orthodoxy” and “From Earliest Times to Jesus.”
(4) Matthew’s Message, Jan. 5, 2013.
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