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Office of Poofness Jan 1st, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
 poof 1Posted by Stephen Cook/ golden age gaia:  OK, this is long and in the original email version it was a little hard to follow who’s speaking at times, especially in the ZAP section. So hopefully I have set it out in a slightly more legible format. Lots of good info on many levels.
Greetings and Salutations:
Something to think about when you contemplate your New Year: At 211 degrees water is hot, at 212 degrees it boils and, with boiling water comes steam. Steam can power a locomotive. Are you prepared to make 2014 your BEST year ever?
Without a target, you will never hit a bulls-eye. So, if YOU don’t plan on making it happen in 2014, who will? Just changing water temperature one lousy degree can make the difference between being stagnant and powering a locomotive. What could changing YOU by one degree do after one year of BELIEF, FOCUS, and ACTION?
Love and Kisses, Susan and The Office of Poofness
Poof said:
The time has come to pay more attention to what one has to do in order to be conscious of the changes essential for keeping one’s goods. Buckminster Fuller said it well when he noted that if all the money in the world were divided evenly that it would be back where it was before within a few months.
That is true. One has to raise one’s consciousness to be responsible with money. That is why I have said repeatedly get ready – be ready – do the internal work and preliminary banking work. Money is a responsibility. Choose wisely. Notice all your baggage and your attitudes around money. Preparation has not happened for most folks. They think they can do it later; no, not so. The time is now to prepare for having resources and acting like a responsible adult.
(Stephen: I have no idea who is speaking this next section…)
My Wish for You in 2014
May peace break into your home and may thieves come to steal your debts.
May the pockets of your jeans become a magnet for $100 bills.
May love stick to your face like Vaseline and may laughter assault your lips!
May happiness slap you across the face and may your tears be that of joy*
May the problems you had, forget your home address!
In simple words ….
May 2014 be the best year of your life!!!
Here’s ZAP:
Hi all
Dashing through the snow, on a one rocket open sled, o’er the planets we go, seeding all the way….
What have we seeded this past year?
From what I see, a great deal. And all of it is about to fruit in 2014, and very early in January.
It is now the time of transmutation, of new things for us, and for many, many changes from within.
I wish you all peace, joy, and prosperity this coming year. May you all be blessed and enriched by what you do for others now.
I was away this past week, so questions piled up. I will answer as many as I can before I have to go and attend to the celebrations today.
Hello Susan and Zap. I am glad to see y’all’s updates because it SEEMS that the Cabal is winning, and as an old country boy from Virginia oppression and bullying and stealing from the world has me asking god to send me like Sampson on a one way mission to put an end to it yesterday.
I am a healer/therapist/ Chi Kung master and have practiced therapies to reduce/stop trauma, and even healed myself of PTSD, which medicine says is impossible. I want to help society to stop suicide, especially for our troops, and anyone who is damaged from family history crap.
I asked god to help me to reach the world brother and sister, to overcome dark forces, I am a warrior. Man would I like the honor of meeting y’all and the Chinese Elders, and learning from them to help the world. I discovered a few years back that I treated a pair of ladies who were Satanically raised paired in Ritual Abuse, and I reversed the programming which was brought here by the Nazis.
They used ALPHA WAVES to induce demons at every level, I simply discovered how to use the same ways to undo the programming. Then I discovered the body healing of Leukemia in the tailbone, which was discovered by the Nazis , because one of my patients sent me the book one of the only remaining nurses sent me from Germany. My destiny awaits your help to take this to the masses. Your humble servant of the Lord. – Shon the Bounty Hunter, Private Investigator, Body Guard, LNMT, Healer

ZAP: Many new medical technologies heretofore suppressed will be coming out now. Humanity will be astounded by what can be accomplished, and how long we can all really live. Your sentiments are echoed by many that have had enough of the crap that has been thrown, and are now actively pursuing paths that will eventually all lead to the same point. Keep going….
Good morning, dear Susan… I’d love to have your input on this interpretation of the longest running “weekly series” a drama if there ever was one!! I believe my 80+ yr old friend has done a good job of putting into words what both Poof and Zap have been advocating? Would you concur?? I personally loved it, felt vindicated for staying with it for sooooo long, even though common sense said, “B.S.” (Grin) Thanks to your efforts many of us are still hanging with…
ZAP: Will answer below…
And– for what it is worth– I’d like to add some thoughts that has been ruminating since last June. First, to say again that I felt a deep friendship with Poof, closer than many would have thought, and I knew it was because he’d lived in Memphis, he knew the church where I ministered, we knew many of the same people– and he knew I was holding the Light aloft for a lot of positive changes via my intended renewal center idea.
So please know that energy has never changed: I miss the guy every week!! He was larger than life and many of my O friends feel the same.
ZAP: The dream is alive then. Thanks.
What I’m also wanting to share is that Wow, wow, wow, who’d have ever thought there was a guy by the name of .. (grin) ZAP floating around who could validate and do it even more than Poof?? He has brought an energy to the situation that is unique, it is important, it is upbeat, it is focused on the positive, sometimes humorous, and a no nonsense often wide open acknowledgment that this is Real and he’s on his game. What a blessing he has been!! But does he know that– could I send anything that would let him know he has been a God-send??
ZAP: You already have…much thanks. But really, i am just putting forth simple common sense based on truths i know. That’s all. So go dial 9 for the hell of it, i need the money…LOL
I’m not asking for his email but then I don’t know how to let him know that his input has shaken the “tree” enough that people are starting to think, “Whoa, this has to be more than a pie-happy blog??” He adds an energy that is dang near contagious if you can accept that. I do think Poof would be happy about that…don’t you??
ZAP: I miss James.
Hugs, love and much, much appreciation… just pray that ZAP’s analysis and understanding of rapidly coming to pass is honed in. We sure need some good news in this world!! – C
ZAP: It is all coming together dear C. There is so much happening, I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the changes. All good.
Begin forwarded message:  Thanks for sending the Zap report/update. After I forwarded it on to those in my group, one of them wrote back asking me to interpret the update.  This is what I wrote…
…Gosh, what I get from this is that several aspects of the overall process are presently finalizing. And there’s a lot more to the overall process than we thought. When we got into “Omega” years ago, we thought that was all there was…a “Prosperity Program” making big bucks on “trades,” and that there would come a time when the profit from all those trades would be banked for us, and that we could begin to access it once we received our “packet” of instructions.
ZAP: These are coming forward now. There has been an agreement reached for the release. I was told in January…bout the middle
Well, along the way–as the years went by–Poof/Truth Warrior–began hinting that the “program” wasn’t new, and had, in fact, been initially funded by St. Germain several hundred years ago…and that St. Germain was still active, but had merged his interests/funds into those of ancient Chinese families (who have nothing to do with the civil government of China) which have the same goals…plus the apparatus and personnel to make big changes happen globally.
ZAP: The lad has set in motion many things for humanity centuries ago. He is actually the architect of the financial systems and matrix funds for humanity, so we know that the release is imminent. The secret family books hundreds of years old hold the prophecies of this time, and all of them have come to pass on time. Go figure. The next prophecies to come are very interesting, and will come about as well. Our humanity will indeed enjoy the 1000 years of light and love.
The major things going on are…as I said…much bigger than the Omega portion, and will bring about revolutionary changes in global banking, finance, and economic issues. The revaluation of the Dinar and Dong seem to be the first of successive steps to alleviate the ills that have been caused by global debt and irresponsible spending…much of it based on militaristic policies. Then, there is the global “gold re-set,” as ZAP puts it. I’m not sure what this means or implies…other than the possibility of nations returning to some kind of precious metal backing for their currencies…which would boost the price of PMs as they needed to print money.
ZAP: Yes, exactly so. The global reset is scheduled for February and will mean the complete revamp of the financial system. It is to be backed by metal. This is why the Basel III protocols have been developed, and why gold has been moved to every central bank to support the reset. This was done by the family, and all credit goes to the plan they hold to be accomplished for us all.
As it is, the Government and the Federal Reserve don’t like for gold/silver to reveal how badly it has let inflation spending has eroded the value of the Dollar (a value loss of 98 percent over the past 100 years) and has been selling gold at depressed prices to make the Dollar look stronger. The Chinese, Russians, Indians, Middle Eastern nations, and some central banks have been buying…draining the US and UK systems of their PMs. This points to the demise of the Dollar and a major blow to the financial, political, and military prowess of the US. But…while many are seeing the US slip into gloom and doom, ZAP offers a different view…namely that the national debts of nations will be cancelled…exactly how, I don’t know.
ZAP: Oh, that one is easy. It’s called pushing “enter” on the keyboard, and the balances are zeroed out. This will happen. Debt forgiveness is essential for all countries to begin the reconstruction period. That is inevitable now. The cabal has agreed (gee…surprise surprise).
But it could be that a “re-set” will simply say “No body owes anybody anything…because the old cycle is over, and a new game has begun. We’re starting from scratch with new rules for economies.”
ZAP: Yes, exactly so. No other way for this to be done.
Whether or not this debt forgiveness for nations will extend to private debt, I don’t know, but years ago NESARA fans said that would be the case. Which makes sense. If there is the power and means to wipe out public debt, why wouldn’t that power and resource be sufficient to wipe out private debt?
ZAP: Yes, private debt as well. This will be done in a very different way though, with checks and balances throughout to prevent a great measure of fraud that is possible with this on the horizon. Valid debt in other words.
ZAP also sees illicit drug commerce drying up…how that will be accomplished is un-clear.Answer: how are you going to pay for a ton of cocaine with a personal swipe card in the future cashless society? Under “entertainment expenses”? That coupled with the governance of the new financial system will render purchases of drugs near impossible to accomplish.
There will be massive changes coming…programmed or staged so as not to be over-whelming for global populations. Poof had hinted that suppressed history and suppressed technologies would be UNsuppressed, and that populations would be stunned by historical truths being revealed. Inventions and technologies suppressed by banking, corporate, and government collusion would become known and employed to benefit the people of Earth.
ZAP: Yup. Big time. Star trek tech is here to stay. Get used to it.
Both Poof and ZAP hint at the involvement of non-earthlings in supporting and resourcing all the “massive changes”. and that their presence above and among us will be made known.
ZAP: Sure. They have been trying to maintain a low profile all this time, but that time is up, and we will get to know our brothers and sisters from upstairs. Inevitable, and prerequisite to doing intergalactic commerce…the next step.
All that both men have shared would lead me to believe that the massive financial and monetary changes that enable “the people,” (us) will bring about massive changes in the way governments serve.
ZAP: Yes. Natural progression of the changes.
We have been becoming aware of how detrimental to the 99% is the domination of the 1%’s control of banking, big corporations, and big government, and ZAP is hinting that big government as we have come to know it, will be replaced by something more FAIR for the 99%…although I have gotten no hint that political change will be Marxist in nature …or anything similar.
ZAP: Hmmm…more of a commonwealth system really. With modifications so common law prevails instead of the current admiralty law.
But the main thing I sense is that whatever the political changes are, they will be aimed at preventing the concentration of money and power that we have seen develop like “musical chairs” between seats of influence in New York City and Washington, DC.
ZAP: LOL. These chairs are a bit raggedy around the edges already, and termites have bored into the wood. The chairs will crumble to a great extent. People win.
To the Office of Poofness Susan and Staff, I do enjoy these updates. Thanks for the time you take to share information with those who are interested in receiving it. I do love the “GOD IS; I AM; WE ARE” “BE GOOD, BE LEGAL, TELL TRUTH” at the end of your message, however I am wondering why it is encouraged to be Legal and not Lawful instead. From what I understand , being Legal in its true meaning is to be without morals and has little to do with Universal Laws whereas Lawful has everything to do with Universal Laws. From what I understand, all the courts in this country (USA) are all legal and none are Lawful, would you please clarify the statement to be legal, thanks in advance. Love, Light and much Laughter, your Brother – D.
ZAP: The term “be legal” has nothing to do with the distinction between lawful and legal in the sense you present. It is does mean that whatever you do, particularly in business, you follow the rules and be in compliance to them. That does mean being lawful. For example, solicitation. You can not ask a principal with money to enter into a business relationship with you until that principal provides you with a clear written statement that he or she is seeking a business relationship with you. So, be legal holds to that situation. It does not have anything to do with the nefarious laws designed to obfuscate the legal nature of things by twisting the law to conform to being lawful while being destructive.
ZAP, You have been on my mind for a while now. From what I can put together, you are working practically 24/7 for these necessary changes to our “blue ball”. I know it is easy to become so involved that the “to do” well seems to have no bottom. If you are like me, I see a dim light at the end of the tunnel and must shovel faster before the light disappears.
ZAP: LOL. The light cannot disappear now. And yes, the 18/7 workload is not much fun, but is necessary at the moment. Soon, I will be able to take a vacation.
Well, sometimes the light disappears or might change colors making the situation different. You stated in one of your new letters that you have been working for the good of humanity for over 20 years. Like repeated often, well somebody has to do it….personally I feel we all should be doing it. But ZAP, I can only imagine the personal sacrifices you have made and I thank you. I know you have missed more than ball games, birthdays and other memories that are forever gone.
ZAP: I lost my family just now after 30 odd years. Trying to get them back. Prices for what we do are everywhere. Not too many can handle the load, and some leave exhausted and depleted. Faith in our humanity is what keeps me going. The fact that you are me are her are the table are the sand are the….is the singular justification for what I do. We are all one and if I fall down, I would be failing myself. This holds true for all of us if we deign to see it.
I want you to know what an outstanding man you are. Be proud of your honesty, integrity, compassion and generosity. You have continued my friend, James’ work in his likeness.
ZAP: Thanks much. Appreciated.
I would like to meet you at a later date (not for a beer…I’ll leave that to you and Merlin!) for I also have been involved over 20 years, Matrix included.  Take care and laugh – GH
ZAP: I will see you soon then. Very soon.
1. How can close to 40,000 elite, friends, & family exchange, double dip, & triple dip and the system worked 100% to perfection at USA banks yet the system is not ready for public release?
ZAP: Very simply. For the same reason they hid toxic paper (look up CMO’s) and the system chugged along, and despite the revelation and financial meltdowns that happened, the bailouts occurred and the thefts continued. They know that eventually the truth will come out, but in the meantime, a couple of billion or trillion is a nice warm blanket they cocoon themselves in, and believe they are untouchable. They were recently touched. But no charges of molestation came forward. The system is ready for public release, and it will happen now.
2. Was executive order 13303 put in place for the elite or all who hold the currency?
ZAP: Have no idea what 13303 is as currency is not my bag, but whatever orders they put in, you can be assured it is for the good of the elite at the moment. Some, however, are designed for stability during a chaotic time and is warranted. I would have to do a lot of research to answer this one properly, so i apologize, but i do not know.
Susan & Zap-if the following is true, what a blessing it would be. Any thoughts? Thanks and Happy Holidays. AN
(from MacHaffie’s blog)
God bless America again
Congratulations — as of midnight 12/23, the Rothschild private bank — Federal Reserve Bank, Federal corp and all federal agencies including the IRS will be dead and abolished from our land. The RV exchanges will be done using the republic gold asset treasury notes.
Thank you White Knights and the Resistance! God bless America!
ZAP: Hmmmm. Not a chance. They are required for the reset, and are integral to it. Otherwise we would experience great chaos right now. The item that the new republic is signed into existence is true though. The big boys, when they got their dinar done, had to sign not only a gag order, but swear allegiance to the new republic of the usa. Remember i said that many have given their lives to have this done for us? Those unsung heroes are to be venerated for their ultimate sacrifice. Most are from the us armed forces and the agencies. White hats all. God bless them. And yes, the irs etc. Will all be transformed, if not abolished altogether, and the new currency will be metal backed. Equilibrium will rule.
(From Stage2Omega)
Today, the world views the United States as “Uncle Sam” the country that was. We are viewed that we have fallen from leadership in every area of the world to a middle of the road country. This would make our Forefathers extremely sad if not totally ticked-off with us!
Do not be despair; there is hope on the horizon, not from your administration but from the people and the Chinese Royal Families. There are trillions and trillions of funds waiting to be released to “the people of the United States” to fix our country. What is the mechanism for these funds; the Chinese Royal Families are buying Dinars from Americans as part of the RV. They are paying a premium to stimulate the economy of our country. We wish to extend a special thank you to the Chinese Royal Families for your efforts.
The existing and prior administrations have continued to block these funds and the RV from being released to the general public. The question that needs to be asked is WHY?
We have been told that the “Administration, Politicians – Democrats, Republicans” wanted to control all of these funds. We have also been told that this is not going to be allowed. The Chinese Royal Families want the PEOPLE to control the funds. These funds are backed by hard assets ready to be issued right now to the people of America to be used for the rebuilding of this country. GOD is greatly blessing his people and this Nation once again.
You might want review one source might be “White Hat Reports”. It has been suggested that we all should read about this leadership – past, present and worldwide by conducting a Google search for “WHITE HAT REPORT”. We understand these reports were created by a group within the intelligent community. Read for yourself and draw your own conclusion about the current and past administrations and their dealings.
We have been told by several individuals that CNN met with several countries to prepare a lengthy documentary packed with real facts that exposes the current and past administrations actions to cause harm to the People of the United States of America for their own gains. If this is not true, then why would Attorney General Eric Holder file an injunction in Federal Court to stop the viewing of this CNN documentary if it did not have incriminating evidence against the current and past administrations?
The Federal Court ruled that this report is to be released to the public. This report still has not been aired and there are rumors that the CNN Board of Directors families have rec’d death threats. Don’t you think that the people of this nation should demand that this video should be aired immediately?
We have been told that the Chinese Royal Families have restoration funds ready to be released to restore “Uncle Sam” and the rest of the world. They are the ones who have set aside massive amount of Gold Holdings for America to regain its past honor, glory and freedoms (not privileges).
America is known to the World as a melting pot of all nationalities, where anyone can succeed if they work hard and take responsible actions. This American opportunity has led the World in integrity and inspiration in the past. The world has seen the treatment of the general population and are asking why are you American’s standing for this? We as Americans need to recapture that Spirit that built this country with a “GO FOR IT” attitude once again.
Did you know the unconstitutional “Federal Reserve Bank” owned by Rothschild of City of London is a foreign entity and the IMF owns the Internal Revenue Service a foreign entity who gathers tax money for the Rothschild and the Queen of England? Do we really need these institutions or should we control our own currency ourselves as stated in the Original Organic Constitution of 1789?
It was shown to us by many writers, we need to remove the Act of 1871 Corporation – their control over the people and states of the United States of America. It has been posted on this site that we have a De Jure (lawful) Constitutional Republic form of Government standing waiting for the release of the funds so they can assist in the restoration of “Uncle Sam”.
To restore “Uncle Sam” to his glory, the current administration and treasury is required to release the global currency reset to the general public within United States immediately!
What this will do is generate funds at the local level for new business starts ups, charity projects and small to medium business expansions, all of which generates jobs. On a larger scale, national infrastructure funds are to be used for the people and controlled by the People to rebuild the United States roads, bridges, docks, dams, levy’s, etc. which also creates jobs.
We continue to share the common view to rebuild infrastructure, end poverty, end hunger, introduce new technologies, and have clean water for any person, unlimited energy, etc. as does the Chinese Royal Families and the rest of the World.
Your call to action, get on the phones to the numbers supplied on this site to express you views.
Time For We The People What is required to fix this mess.
REPUBLIC by the people to be officially announced (already recognized by the Hague), massive arrests of the Bad Hombres, removal of all those blocking the RV and the financial rebuilding of this country. Time for “We The People” to take over! Time for you the smart 99% to clean up the cesspool of corruption. TIME TO INVITE GOD BACK TO AMERICA!
Visit stage2omega at: HYPERLINK “”
ZAP: Several things. Firstly, this tax format is going to disappear once the global reset is effected. The organic constitution shall be restored. The truth will come out over time, and the arrests will happen then. Much forgiveness is to be done if the people can do that (hope they do). Some transgressions will not be forgiven though. But the stealing will stop. The china family has brought forward 6,000 trillion to be spent on the reconstruction over the next 100 years. This is meant for us, all of us. This part of the matrix wealth is for our humanity and for what is to come. It is up to all of us to pitch in and make it happen now. All of these events have brought us to this, and we are here now.
Hi Susan and ZAP, We miss receiving your updates on Sundays, although we understand the reason for making them on Tuesdays now. I have a friend that I would like to talk to about project funding, as he and I share some ideas for helping people become more self-sufficient, but I have been on this ride for a long time and I don’t want to put him thru the roller coaster if it could be avoided. I am wondering how things are progressing so I might have a feel for when to start talking to him about putting something together.  I hope all of you at the Office of the Poofness have a wonderful Christmas. – T.
ZAP: I really thought that we could have the systems in place for December for project starts. I was mistaken greatly. Project starts and fundings will be forthcoming third week January. All has to be in place for this, and we are just about there.
…….Their efforts have involved literally every means possible; if you can conceive of it, it is a method/approach the cabal has taken advantage of and utilized. To counteract such behavior, the “sting” approach has been utilized frequently and repeatedly by the ‘good guys.’ The most recent example of this concerns the expected RV of the Iraqi Dinar [IQD] currency , part of the Global Currency Reset. Because of their high exalted status, many Congressional seat holders and other D.C. ‘bigwigs’ were originally allowed to convert their IQD holdings to Bank SKR’s, or Safe Keeping Receipts; these were originally done at various rates of expected exchange value which was in most cases substantially below the rumored $32.00 rate. These same people were recently [w/i the last six weeks] given the opportunity to convert these SKR’s to GFR’s, or Guaranteed Fund Receipts; at that same time they were generally provided approximately 10% of the GFR value in cash equivalents with the express promise that said cash would not be utilized to purchase more IQD. We are currently advised that many thousands violated such proscription almost immediately. Some of these people will be resigning their offices and some others will undoubtedly be prosecuted. Use of these continuing “sting” operations has helped to weed out those who continue to support the cabal and accede to their instructions; most of the other ‘miscreants’ have been arrested one or more times [Timothy Geithner for example has been arrested more than four times] and currently face prosecution in the near future.
The cabal is finished! Most of the high-level and medium-level people, both in and out of government, have by now either been “stung” or arrested, and now face some combination of disgrace, loss of financial advantage, loss of position of power , loss of official office, and/or near term prosecution. In my opinion, having closely monitored the events as they occurred, we have reached the position of imminent conclusion. Although it is very difficult to appreciate the length of time this has taken, I can now accept that the acts involved were necessary to accomplish the goals sought. As a result of this opinion and now having a fuller understanding of both the goals, and the accomplishments to date, I will once again stick my neck out to advise you all that your journey is all but over.
It is my opinion, based not only on what I am told each day by those at the top of the new powers that be, but more importantly on the status of the imminent Global Currency Reset. Its status is important because it cannot become a public fait accompli without the US Treasury becoming a hard-metal asset backed issuer of US currency. Accordingly, when you publicly see the Global Currency Reset you will know that we have an asset backed currency, and you will know that we have received ER. Every indication from every credible source is that the Reset will become public today, tomorrow, the next day, or certainly by January 1, 2014.
I cannot guarantee this of course, but it does represent my best opinion based on all available information. I can absolutely assure you that the wonder of what you are so soon to experience – REALITY – will mightily blow away any doubt, disbelief, bitter humor, or unhappy memories that recent experiences have encouraged and supported. As I have said in the past, “you will be paid a great deal more than any have the right to expect [based on the amount of [your] investment]. In addition, you will receive a payment for the unconscionable length of payment delay.”
Sincerely.  AH (attorney who thinks well)
ZAP: Bravo AH. You are hitting the mark well and your digging into what is happening has brought forward truth to light. One thing though, the reset is in February, but the changes begin right after January 1.
Dear Susan & Zap, Hoping all is well and getting better & better for you. A while back it was thought that all would be done well before Christmas – The Global Reset, RV, arrests, the beginning of The Projects, PP, Nesara, Disclosure… Obviously, this has changed….and many remain in great need. Are you at liberty to discuss who or what caused these further changes? And, as we begin 2014, when might we expect all of the above to unfold? Also, in what way can we be of assistance in moving things forward? Thanks….and have a joyous 2014. Peace, – SC
ZAP: Here is meat and potatoes:
The cabal has struck a deal as i said a few weeks back. This deal is to allow the rv, the global reset, and all changes to move forward now, including the f&p and the pp packs. Yes, they are all coming out. For the next 2 months, everything is being allowed to move forward. At the end of these 2 months, the global reset will effect. When it effects, the financial system will be forever changed. All funds meant for our humanity are coming out and being put to use. All trading (as we know it in respect of mtn trades) will disappear, and just the usage of the matrix funds for the right reasons will be allowed. That means reconstruction projects. This information here is the single most important information in my message this week.
Oh gosh, where did China’s gold go?As I daily read our government’s propaganda that seems to always be stressing some sort of conflict between the USA and China, I wonder why? I have been to China. I have seen their admiration of us, and their desire to emulate everything American. We are strong trading partners. Much of the products in our stores is made in China. So why wouldn’t our governments be trying their best to get along?
Well I know part of the answer. And you won’t read about this in your daily newspaper.  Here is the story. If you don’t believe it, check it out for yourself. In the 1930’s, Japan invaded China. The Japanese advanced rapidly, and soon controlled a large part of Chinese territory. It was feared that they would soon reach the imperial courts where a vast amount of Chinese treasure was stored. This included many thousands of tons of gold bullion, the result of thousands of years of accumulation.
China asked the United States for help. They wished to send their gold treasure to the USA for safekeeping. So the US navy sent seven US navy warships to China. All of the Chinese imperial gold horde was loaded on the ships, and it was taken to the United States. It was taken to the Federal Reserve where it was placed in storage.
ZAP:Correct. The gold was stored in many special bunkers/warehouses for this effort. After it was stored, then bullion became illegal to be owned by the regular person. In this way, gold was sequestered to the use of the cabal.
In return, the Federal Reserve gave China official US Federal Reserve gold certificates. The gold certificates were stored in special Federal Reserve storage trunks, each trunk clearly labelled with its contents. The gold certificates were for 60 years, fully redeemable at the 60 years with the return of the gold.
In the 1990’s China duly presented the gold certificates for repayment of their gold. After some stonewalling, the Federal Reserve told the Chinese government that the gold certificates were forgeries. The Federal Reserve refused to return the gold.
ZAP: True. Several lawsuits were launched. Each failed. Cabal was strong then. Right now, the value of the gold that was sequestered, including the china gold, is estimated at about 7,000 trillion. There is no such thing as fiat currency…it is all backed by gold in reality.
You can just imagine the reaction of the Chinese. I have lived in the Far East. I know how important face-saving is to the oriental cultures. To disgrace an oriental is to create an imbalance that will never be forgotten.
ZAP: No kidding.
So when our Federal Reserve screwed the Chinese government out of its trillions of dollars’ worth of gold, it created a serious rift in all future dealings between the USA and China. The Chinese are a patient people. Things have now changed. Now China owns vast amounts of US debt, is accumulating a new horde of gold bullion by buying as much gold on the open market as it can, and is maneuvering to establish its currency (the Yuan) as an internationally acceptable currency (to compete with the dollar?).
ZAP: Yes.
You cannot blame the Chinese for not trusting us. And you cannot blame them for eventually seeking retribution for the theft of their national treasure.
Certain retributions against the cabal members that perpetrated these and other thefts have already occurred. Why the cabal has come to the table and agreed to many things now for the benefit of our humanity. They had no choice. The Chinese did what had to be done. They wished to be quiet and work in the background, but they had to come forward on this one and make sure the cabal knew the real power.
I try to keep all of this in mind as I watch our future with china unfold. It should be interesting.
ZAP: That it is.
Zap,  Thank you for all the time and effort to provide PP and RV status. Well, we have passed Christmas and are looking at the new year in the eye, yet no GCR/RV. We have been told that the greedy elite have held this up and that Christine LaGarde is working against them and for the common folk.
ZAP: 3 days ago, Christine (Legarde) agreed to the final price points for the RV. The RV can happen now.
We’ve been told that the elite who have double dipped in the US (exchanged dinar at rates, up to $32/dinar, and repurchased at the low rate) are facing arrest/prosecution and that they are trying to pass laws to make their actions legal.
ZAP: Yes. No more greed allowed.
I am looking for evidence of the reported massive arrests and resignations that are supposed be effective prior to January 1, 2014; I cannot find any reports. Can you state who is really in control, what is really going on, and who/what is holding the GCR/RV up? When will the situation turn in our favor?
ZAP: Early January.
Mountain Goat had some information this last weekend; however, the report was deleted before I was able to read it. How can I get a copy of her report? I don’t know whose words to trust. All recent reports sound great, but have no positive outcome. We’re being strung along. Is the light that we see in the darkness really a train and not the dawn of a better life? Thank you for your insight. P.S. Thank you, Susan, for all of your efforts and information.
ZAP: All is in motion in this new year for all the changes we have been awaiting.
I have been told to reveal myself by the lad. I will, but not till next year. I am nobody really. I just happen to work a bit more than others, and have access to information few have. I do not seek glory or fame. I would much rather be quiet and do what needs to be done without the camera stuck in my face…others can have that. So it will not be this week.
In the meantime I do hope that all of you have had a wonderful Christmas, and below is an excellent message to all of us. So from me to you, Happy New Year, and see you next year!
A Year Gone
The seasons gone, and New Year beckons
Thriving something ordinary
A smell remembers the past transgressions
New resolve unfolds the savvy
Hope eternal sparkles the day
What will come, what will bring
Multitudes of what could be crowd and say
What have you done for somebody’s thing
Has anybody enriched the lowly
Or has bright sun come all too slowly
Wishes lost encumbered fought
Unfulfilled they go their way unknown
Questions new displace a thought
What have you done, what has been shown
And all this time you knew the slope
Solace weeps for the poor unbending
And from within a ray of hope
The New Year brings so much unending
The Lad comes forth and twinkling sighs
Requesting us to touch the skies
Violet ray transmutes gold lead
For us open to paint the future
Brightly shining and Work ahead
Graffiti gone and murals nurtured
Paint it forward what will you seed?
Hope springs and shines the light
A special thanks to those in need
Much Love, no need to fight
Hail the New Year!
Paint well Dear
- JB – 12/31/13

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