Tuesday, July 9, 2013

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Video: ReThink9/11 This September – Help It Go Viral

Last month, we posted how Richard Gage and his team at Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have put together a new campaign titled ReThink 9/11:http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/06/rethink-911-worldwide-truth-ad-campaign-ready-to-roll/
The aim of the ReThink 9/11 push is to bring the truth of 9/11 to the world. It includes newspaper ads, billboards and TV commercial; all planned to run this September.
Now the ReThink 9/11 team has produced a great three-and-a-half minute primer for those who may know little about what really happened that day, other than the ‘story’ the world has been fed for the past almost 12 years.
Please click, or cut&paste, this link into your browser to view this 4minute video!!

You might "like," help it go viral, or send it on to family and friends....
Meanwhile, Richard’s team is also calling for people around the world to make their own video to support the ReThink 9/11 campaign.
If you feel so inspired, then they’re asking that you record and post your video to YouTube by this Sunday, July 14. In the video description, please include a link to http://ReThink911.org and email your video link to ReThink911@ae911truth.org, and we will post the five most inspiring videos to the AE911Truth and ReThink911 Facebook pages on Wednesday, July 17.
by Stephen Cook

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