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The Rebirth of the Republic and the Rise of the Meek

The Declaration of Independence
The Declaration of Independence
• Historic progress towards freedom made in last six weeks alone
• Return of the US to the gold standard close at hand
• A world of transparency and disclosure rapidly emerging
Get ready. Our world is about to undergo a total and complete metamorphosis. Despite what you see on the nightly news channels and mainstream newspaper headlines, the world we have grown accustomed to is going to be transformed from top to bottom. Spectacularly! Magnificently!
In fact, our world has already been deep in the throes of change now more than any other period in the recorded history of mankind – bar none.
As many anxiously await a series of major events to unfold, most particularly the Global Currency Reset to be implemented, we must always be mindful of the overall big picture.
In assessing the big picture, we can truly appreciate the unprecedented amount of progress which has been made, and continues to be made, towards the liberation of the human race just within the last few weeks alone. It is truly astounding to see.
At this stage of the game, it is clear the mindset of the world has escalated into a very high state in order to prepare itself for an impending, global event of the greatest magnitude. There clearly are many, many signs indicating a strong sense of urgency is stirring within numerous countries as a brilliant, grand plan is coming more and more into focus with each passing day and in each passing hour.
The grand plan we are witnessing now is nothing less than historic. Yes, historic.
Let’s take a quick review of what has transpired over the last six weeks or so:
–  June 7 – 9th: President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jingping meet in Palm Springs, California for negotiations on the Basel III accords, the Global Currency Reset and the Restoration of the Republic.
– June 27th: The United Nations Security Council votes 15 – 0 to lift Chapter 7 sanctionsagainst the country of Iraq after nearly 23 years of hardships on the Iraqi people. This is Iraq’s biggest achievements since the ouster of Saddam Hussein a decade ago, allowing Baghdad to regain control over its own currency, oil and economy.
– July 10th: Treasury Secretary Jack Lew meets with a Chinese delegation to work out final details of the Global Currency Reset.
– July 11th: An updated version of the Glass – Steagall Act is reintroduced for vote in the US Senate led by Senators Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.)which would require all the major, “too-big-to-fail” banks to be completely overhauled and downsized.
– July 15th: The Iraqi Stock Exchange opens for international trading for approximately two hours to test if their system interfaces correctly with NASDAQ. In order for the ISX to conduct international trading, the logical next step is for Iraq to revalue their dinar in order to have an internationally recognizable currency.
– July 18th: Confirmed reports emanating out of the United Nations (UN) insist the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar was announced within the UN itself by two foreign countries, one of which may have been the delegation from Iraq.
– July 20th: Fox News briefly reports US Secretary of State John Kerry offering confirmation of the adoption of the Basel III banking regulations.
– July 21st: Numerous reports of banks across the US, and apparently some in the UK, announcing to their customers various down times for system maintenance including the international service known as SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications).
– July 23rd: More rumblings coming out of the UN as a growing chorus of impatience continues to swell amongst some its member nations who openly question why the Global Currency Reset has not been enacted yet.
By any stretch of the imagination, the sheer number of astounding events listed above marks nothing less than a complete changing of the guard. These kinds of developments would not even happen, if the old regime was still in charge. We simply have not seen this kind of significant activity on both a national and international scale ever, ever before.
Stage is Set for a Return to the Gold Standard
What should we expect to see next?
One of the most important final steps most anticipated is some kind of acknowledgment that the United States has returned to the gold standard. Whether it comes in the form of a formal announcement remains to be see. It has been nearly 41 years since President Richard M. Nixon removed the US from the gold standard, setting the stage for hyper-inflation of the dollar and the manufactured global financial crisis of 2007.
Make no mistake about it, the current world-wide financial crisis was totally engineered by the international bankers, the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke in collusion with the George W. Bush, Jr. administration in order to bring about their frightful New World Order agenda. Instead of succeeding towards that objective, it had just the opposite effect of mobilizing and waking up a world-wide resistance force which has stood tall to stop the NWO dead in its tracks.
As we outlined in our previous article, “At the Precipice of a Brave New World, a return to the gold standard seems to be assured for the United States from all of the blatant symbolism alone found on the new $100 bill due to be released on October 8, 2013.
There was an air of high expectation on July 17th, when US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, appeared on CNBC’s “Delivering Alpha” conference. Many had anticipated Secretary Lew would take the opportunity to formally announce a return to the gold standard. Alas, he did not. However, it appears that announcement is still very much in the cards.
A Heightened Need for Security
Nonetheless, the lingering question remains, why has the Global Currency Reset not happened as of yet, despite many sensing it is so very, very close?
And the simple answer to that question is one word, and one word only – security.
We must realize how much monumental hard work has been invested into this process, by a wide assortment of people from a variety of entities. These entities come from across the spectrum, many of which have banded together and include: the Chinese elders; the Chinese government; Russia; the BRICS alliance; the United States Treasury; the US Military; the US Supreme Court; the World Court; the IMF; the World Bank; the Iraq government; a number of other foreign governments; and the numerous banks involved, among many others.
After decades of slow but steady progress, no one who has worked so tirelessly on behalf of the people of the Earth desires to see their hard fought efforts sabotaged at this late stage of the game. No one, that is, except for the ever-shrinking cabal opposition.
Democracy vs. Republic
Democracy vs. Republic
Apparently, the Chinese elders have insisted there be a total restoration of the Republic in the US when the new asset-backed, Basel III financial system is implemented, to ensure it will be completely safe and secure. Otherwise, chaos could be unleashed by an evil cabal who is hellbent on taking the whole world down with them.
The Chinese have long held a reputation for being extremely thorough and infinitely patient. They are unwilling to risk anything without the necessary safeguards firmly in place. Therefore, it is highly likely we may see a Restoration of the Republic go hand-in-hand with the Global Currency Reset. Believe it or not.
Appearances can Be Deceiving
Many may also be wondering why would all of these global institutions be co-operating now, to allow a new asset-backed economic system to be installed after benefiting so richly from the old corrupt debt-based system?
The answer to that question is two-fold:
1) Realize this has been a long and drawn out struggle. Decades and decades of groundwork has been laid out through the legal route and by sheer force which has backed the cabal into a very tight corner they can no longer remove themselves from, despite all their futile efforts. In addition, their source of funds used to finance all their dirty deeds has been systematically cut off, one by one.
2) Despite the nefarious reputations of many of these global institutions –– most particularly the major banks –– it is important not to paint them all with a broad brush. There are white knights or white hats strategically placed throughout every one of these establishments who are working in secret from the inside to turn them around. While still many others serving within the ranks of the cabal have been offered deals they simply cannot refuse, ie: long jail sentences, bankruptcy, and/or something far worse.
In other words, we have arrived at checkmate time. Game over.
Along with security, two other key words are clearly defining these times we are living in – transparency and disclosure. What we are now seeing is the same old nasty tricks which used to work so well in the old days, no longer do because the people of the world are waking up. And as they wake up, they are saying – enough is enough.
And we can clearly see across the planet, from far and wide, people are waking up in droves. They are standing up to be counted through protests; demonstrations; Occupy Wall Street; the Arab Spring; Egypt; Greece; Brazil; Spain; alternative media; blogs; social networks; and on and on. And they are shouting it out to anyone who can hear them – “we have had enough of the corruption, lies and greed.” The time has come to change the rules of the game.
The new Basel III banking system is preparing the world for a totally transparent global economy built upon real, tangible assets. No more stashing trillions of ill-gotten gains away in some secret Swiss, Vatican Bank or offshore accounts. No more black budgets where other untold trillions are funneled down black holes to finance unending black operations. No more nuclear threats, no more war on terror, no more using warfare for global conquest.    

When the button for Global Currency Reset is finally pushed, our world will never, ever be the same again.
Trillions upon trillions of fraudulent debt will be instantly wiped off the books. Massive amounts of money will flow through the World Global Settlements to repay countries who have been robbed blind by the international banking cartel, including the US. And still more multiple billions will finally be made available to underwrite massive global humanitarian projects. What is waiting in the wings ready to be distributed to humanity is truly staggering.
Once the parasites are fully removed from the system, which has been ongoing for years and has picked up momentum this year and last, we will see the floodgates open to a bountiful number of changes.
If you knew the amount of planning, preparation and strategy which has gone into rescuing the world from a total take-down, it would boggle your mind. Programs such as Global Currency Reset, the World Global Settlements, the Global Collateral Accounts, NESARA and more were not some sort of random idea or initiative somebody thought up a few years ago. Rather, they have been part of an overall grand scheme in the works since the end of World War II to restore complete sovereignty and peace to a chaotic planet and human race in crisis.
Anyone with a conscious and a heart, can easily see the world is in trouble. Big trouble. There are far too many people living in poverty and misery and the world is drowning in a sea of debt. People are demanding sweeping changes to the system. Yet we must realize, nearly all of humanity’s profound problems we see right now can be quite easily solved as long as there is a will. And, the good news is –– that will has been found. And soon you will see it and find it within you too!
The Founding Fathers Rise Again
It only takes a very small percentage of dedicated, passionate people to a have a great effect upon the world.
Remember, during the Revolutionary War in the American colonies in the late 1700′s only 3% of the population actually entered into the conflict and only 10% actively support the 3%. Yet the outcome effected every single person in America and untold future generations of people still to be born. And it became a global phenomenon blazing in the hearts of those who longed for the ideals of freedom.
The Founding Fathers drafting the US Constitution
The Founding Fathers drafting the US Constitution
Our Founding Fathers who drafted the brilliant documents known as the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and finally the US Constitution, were some of the most illustrious men who have ever lived, not only in this country, but anywhere in the world. And their great work is about to be reborn yet again. Yes, it is time for an encore!
Some of these men were mere simple farmers, doctors and statesmen yet they came together in an almost Divinely-inspired mission to lead their country out of the depths of bondage to create a new nation which became a beacon of light to the world. Many paid with their lives but their sacrifices were not in vain. The nation which they founded was the united states for America –– a republic, not a democracy, as the media and educational system would have you believe.
Since the war of 1812, there has been an all-out assault on our country by the international banking cartel to steal the hard fought freedoms and values established by the Founding Fathers. The British Crown never gave up their desire to rule over America and eventually they succeeded by controlling our money supply through the City of London bankers, the Federal Reserve, in cahoots with the Vatican and numerous Popes.
Forget about all the phony baloney you have read about in the history books –– “history is written by the winners,” it has often been said. All wars are about money. Nearly all political assassinations such as Abraham Lincoln, JFK, RFK, MLK, etc. were about controlling the supply of money and maintaining absolute power.
You have been told a pack of lies about your history. Now is the time to begin to know the true heritage on planet Earth and its people.
Soon you are going to learn of the many brave men and women who have put their lives on the line once more to save the world from total annihilation to bring us to the point of emancipation. You will learn about completely anonymous people who have worked tirelessly behind the scenes and have never received any kind of recognition, whatsoever.
Some of these great people have long since passed away. Some have passed away only recently. But eventually, all will be remembered and duly honored for their service to not only the US, but the entire human race. Still others may simply prefer to remain completely unknown, their selfless acts of heroism to be forever silent and unacknowledged.
The End is Just the Beginning
Make no mistake about it, the proverbial genie is out of the bottle. And all the kings horses and all the kings men will never be able to put him back in again.
With the adoption of the Basel III accords by the Federal Reserve, the FDIC and the Office of the Comptroller; with the impending reimplementation of the gold standard and the very vital Glass-Steagall Act; with the introduction of new money in October and rebirth of the US Treasury, all the pieces are falling into place.
Combined those major steps with the intense negotiations ongoing between the US and China and the swift action underway in Iraq, then we can truly say we are nearly set to light the fuse. Victory is within our grasp.
Have faith all is unfolding in perfect order. Do not buy into the fear-mongering mainstream news headlines. Many of the more controversial news stories of the day are now being quickly exposed as fake or propaganda, or at the very least, completely baseless.
The news media is an integral part of maintaining the illusion and they can no longer keep up the facade. Their days as gatekeepers of the flow of information are numbered as the Restoration of the Republic begins to unfurl.
Do not misjudge a world uniting as one to stand in resistance to a wicked force such as the New World Order as somehow a part of the problem. Amazing alliances have been formed which have never existed before. The human family is coming together in order to create a new Earth, and a new Heaven. A true Golden Age for one and all. We are all in this together.
You may be shocked to ultimately learn we are all connected, we are all a part of the same whole. A part of God. A part of the Divine Creator.
Appreciate what has happened thus far and not frustrated with what has not.
Remember the immortal words of the late John F. Kennedy –– ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.  
Each and every day we move ever closer towards our freedom. Each and every hour our world is transforming. And each and every moment we are discovering the power which lies deep within us.
And through all the struggles, all the trials and all the tribulations we are witnessing the fulfillment of the great prophecy –– and the meek shall inherit the Earth.
By Scott Mowry, Miracles and Inspiration -  July 26, 2013
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