Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Thank you Serapis Bey and Julie!

Thanks to Hope
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ July 26 – August 02, 2013

Hope is an essential part of your being dear ones. It provides you with nurturing reassurance that gives you the necessary fuel to rise each morning. Thanks to Hope, you are able to continue going through your path positively, discovering ways of improving all relationships, and to motivate and inspire yourself that will lead you to deeper and more fulfilling success. When you combine Hope with optimism you create an energy that will propel you forward with clarity that will demonstrate your energetic self that has always been a part of you. 
Having Hope and optimism doesn’t mean you are thinking and acting blindly by expecting everything to fall into perfect place every time, or to miraculously avoid every challenge or every danger. Understand dear ones this kind of thinking can easily inadvertently cause harm to your Self. We will provide you with an example for further clarification: knowing you have been experiencing pain across your chest, you refuse to visit a physician because you are blindly hopeful and optimistic that there is nothing wrong and everything will be just fine, when there could be something definitely seriously wrong. This is what Hope is not. 
Hope requires you to still be on the alert for challenges, potential dangers and negatives that are going to cross your path and to accept each challenging situation with optimism. It is vitally important to be aware of both good and bad in every situation, but to choose to focus on what is good, knowing in your heart that with your positive action, positive results will be the product. 
Hope has an important role in each aspect of your life. Thanks to Hope you are able to motivate yourself with positive action that will bring about positive outcomes. Being hopeful has always been a natural way to relieve stress. When you consciously choose to be more hopeful you are also creating a stronger immune system which basically means a healthier you. When you have Hope, your relationships improve because you are giving off optimistic and happy energy and positive energy attracts positive things and people. When you add Hope to your thought patterns, you discover you are able to step beyond your normal comfort zone and venture into the unknown. As you step into the unknown, Hope helps you to discover your courage and inner strength and the doors that open to you begins to quench your thirst for knowledge and information also begins to develop a deeper knowing of YOU; a you that is connected to every living thing within this amazing universe. 
Regardless if you are optimistic by nature or more pessimistic the majority of people across your beautiful Earth all carry with them certain expectations in regards to their future. We remind you dear ones; it is through your choices, the ones you make each day that helps to develop your path that will bring you to your future. When you add Hope to the picture, you become more aware of your journey and you are able to make better choices that are filled with learning opportunities that will enrich each step you take. 
Even pessimists can become more positive. They have their own rationale when it comes to how they think, and they like to claim they are being realistic when in fact they are really deceiving themselves because they falsely create negative thoughts based on uncertainty and many times because of fear. It is normal to occasionally think pessimistically when you are venturing into new territory, but you can use these negative thoughts as key elements that will help bring about more positive thought forms. Let them guide you to what is hopeful and optimistic. 
To counter the moments you are feeling pessimistic, remind yourself when you don’t get what you want, you are then presented with the opportunity to learn what to do next time around that will bring more positive results. Don’t allow the disappointment to take over and rule your thoughts and feelings. Use each disappointment as stepping stones to your success. There is an old saying, “practice makes perfect”. There is no deception in these words. When you apply effort from your heart and soul in each step, you will be rewarded. Of course patience and tolerance are an essential duo to your journey. You have so much to learn, but in truth what you are doing is remembering what you need to bring about your authentic self. The self that is naturally loving, compassionate and accepting of all people and just as importantly you accept your whole self for who you are at all times. 
Hope is good; Hope is nurturing and kind. It is Hope that whispers silently in your ear just when you are about to give up, to try a little more. Many times what we witness are those that cannot take another step forward and quit, what they were aiming to achieve was just over the next horizon. Remember dear ones; all things come when they should. Some things will take longer to achieve than others. There is no special time that dictates when you have to achieve a certain goal unless its work related. Enjoy your journey, take your time and learn well. No matter how fast or slow you go, you will always reach the outcome that was created from your choices that will also illustrate how much effort you applied each step of the way…it’s all a matter of time. 
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

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