Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thank you PHC and Lauren!

5DreportLOGO6First things first…we are not in the clear yet. But we haven’t regressed back to our old 3D ways either.  We are just still suspended in that familiar jello-like limbo which can feel a lot like “stuck”.
I have been getting some wtf? emails since the solstice, and I absolutely get the frustration, but please know that whenever we feel caged/trapped/cornered it’s always because we are being urged not to escape the box, but to transcend it.
Lately, this week in particular, I keep hearing that perfect Einstein quote running thru me head every time I am ready to jump out of my own skin…which is at least once a day: “We can’t solve a problem at the same level it was created….using the same mind that created it.”
We deliberately design our self-created prisons with no windows or doors so we have to get creative, and we are revisiting the same old dark places within to empower ourselves for exactly for this purpose…to create the pressure and friction necessary to propel us out of limitation….forever. (Besides, who needs windows and doors when you can teleport?)
The frustration is in the wanting, but no matter how much we want out of this uncomfortable place, it’s still not time to move (all parts of ourselves) forward yet…unless your goal is to recreate more of your past. There are of course exceptions to this rule as certain situations are moving forward for some…and at a seemingly rapid pace…however, the full picture has not completely emerged, so patience, integration, and BEing is still our number one priority…at least for another week or so.
The Pleiadian High Council reminds us that the choice to take a misaligned action step prematurely, out of impatience/frustration, is akin to cutting off our proverbial nose to spite our face. Which means the only peace available to us is in allowing this process to complete itself without trying to change a single thing about it.  And, for the record, I am more tired of telling you that than I am of living it.
For those leaving duality, the most challenging thing in our lives right now is holding onto faith in these final moments of letting go.  Which is saying alot because if there is one thing we know well, it’s letting go.
When we are feeling depleted in these “emptying out” phases, it’s SO easy to slip into despair and feel discouraged at every turn.  We all know this thing is gonna happen, there’s never been a doubt about that for this group… it’s the elusive “when?” that has been agonizingly tantalizing us since our very first karmic clearing.  Not that we are technically “waiting” for the when, but allowing for the when…BEing for the when.
And yes, this is getting SO old…like beyond old. We are SO over BEEEing by now.  BEing is BEcoming so BOring.  Which is unfortunate for us since the formula for ascension is: BE + BE = BE FREE
So here we BE.  ad infinitum… uuughhhh.
Each time I have a melt-down (read: just now) I am told that we cannot even begin to imagine what needs to take place in order for us to step out in front of these energies and co-create with them, as opposed to being pummeled by them. And DOing is coming, but we are frozen in this (perfectly timed) mercury retrograde for a reason right now….which, btw, we all knew was going to follow the eclipse torture to help us get a grip on where we live now. And it’s doing just that, even if we have little to no idea what that means yet…and the Pleiadians say, we don’t.
(BTW, I am not by any means downplaying this retrograde.  It definitely feels even worse than the last one in February-March which, at the time, I thought was inhumane.)
But even tho we can’t see a foot in front of us, I am still hearing over and again that there are BIG changes in the pipeline, life-altering moves just up ahead (as always), and some…really exciting things…that have already begun to make their way into our physical worlds.  I can personally attest to that truth, however, the last few months have been so over-the-top challenging, on too many levels to count, that it can be difficult to connect with any good feelings about any of it…even amidst all the “emerging goodness”.  No matter, the new is here and now, in the here and now and whether it feels good or not, this. is. happening.
...[section protected, to purchase full article see below]... We Are The (New) World
The Pleiadians ask that we revisit the understanding new world is within each of us and together, as a group collective of christed-consciousness, we are bringing that world TO the earth…that without us, there is no new world. (gulp 8O )
First realize that christ consciousness is an attainment. It is not a byproduct of ascension but the fuel behind it.  
What we mean is this…the soul’s greatest desire is to expand to the christed level of consciousness, whereas the body’s greatest desire is to become the (body & blood of) christ.  
You are simultaneously attaining both, and currently reside at what we would call the merging point of ascension AND descension. For this reason is it important to understand that while you are entering into christhood, you are also realizing your greatest capacity to exist as a human BEing.
We bring this to your attention to help you realize that YOU are that which is coming home, yet HOME in this context is within you…so essentially Home is coming to you, and ultimately, to planet earth. -PHC
I know we’ve all heard this before, but we are being asked to integrate this information at deeper level now…that we are first harnessing the vibration, the template of Home within us, by grounding and stabilizing our greater magnificence in our flesh bodies.  After which, the Home that we will feel within our body and cells…that aching part of us that waited so very long to express itself in the physical world…will then become the blueprint, the template of creation for the new earth.
In other words…and I hope this makes sense with retrograde brain…new earth creation is an inside-out job, one that we will each “channel” into the world of form and express thru our own unique essence.  So each of us will have our own unique version of “heaven” that will be interconnected thru a shared network (resonance) with all other self-created heavens.
No two heavens are the same, yet all of heaven is ONE.  -PHC
This shared web of heavens will eventually become the portal points of attraction that will create “LOVE hubs” that will be central to those awakening souls of similar vibration.
Here’s how they say that works:
  • First we will realize, without a shadow of a doubt, why we are on this planet at this very time.
  • Then we will come to understand our total and complete self, the whole of we are, without separation from Source.
  • Lastly, we will gain a visceral understanding of the part we play in this new “web” of life. The special uniqueness that we offer, the specific vibrational resonance that we are here emit via our LOVE hubs.
Once we have those three things fully intact, the council says that we will gain the knowledge and confidence to put our special essence into physical PLAY, and they mean that very literally here…since play is the new way.
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