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Soul Contracts and Life Reviews – Parts 1 2 3 4 by Steve Beckow

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Life Plan 33Part 1: Everyone has a Life Plan
As we contemplate the circumstances of Ascension and life in the Golden Age, it may be useful to look at the element in the Divine Plan of our soul contracts, pre-birth agreements, or life plans.
Apparently, everything we do, everyone we meet, all opportunities and all outcomes have already been written into a contract we negotiated before birth in concert with our spiritual directors.
“Nothing that is important to your life plan happens by chance,” SaLuSa tells us. (1)  Saul agrees: “There are no accidents or coincidences. Every occurrence and every opportunity that you experience during Earth life has been prepared or allowed for before you incarnated.” (2)
SaLuSa says that a soul’s life plan “is carefully planned to give a soul the precise experiences that will further their evolution.” (3)  The plan “caters [to] your needs, and whether you work for the Light or otherwise makes no difference.” (4)
Matthew Ward reminds us that these “pre-birth agreements, which are designed for soul growth of all individuals who want to share the lifetime, are made in unconditional love.” (5)
Very few of us “are personally aware [that we have a plan and a contract], and have seen into the future and planned it accordingly,” SaLuSa explains. (6) Matthew estimates that only “a relative handful of Earth’s peoples know about soul contracts.” (7) Many find these assertions hard to accept “but that is because they have little or no recollection of having made that decision,” St. Germaine tells us. (8)Life Plan 66
We all come into life with Guides who “will do everything in their power to ensure you complete your incarnation successfully,” according to SaLuSa. (9)
Our various plans aim to accomplish a specific overall purpose, SaLuSa says, “that moves you on and adds to your spiritual understanding.” (10) We’ve “already set out the levels that you wish to attain,” Atmos of Sirius contends. (11)
While every individual has a plan, it still interacts with the whole, SaLuSa explains. (12)  Nonetheless, “within your limited state of human consciousness,” according to Saul, “understanding of that order is impossible because the lives of all humans affect each other in myriad incomprehensible ways.” (13)
While we’re surprised at the extent of coordination, from the higher realms, in SaLuSa’s view, “events can be foreseen way ahead, so it is easy enough to place you where it is of the most benefit.”
“Life seems complicated but in reality it is quite simple, as you will always find yourself to be in the right place. It is much the same with the people that enter your life, as that is also by arrangement and agreement.” (14)
“You are each part of soul groups that come together with the purpose of gaining experience,” he tells us. (15)  Zingdad, channel for Adamu, adds:
“You chose who your parents would be, who your friends, lovers and partners would be.
“You also chose just as carefully who your rivals would be, who would play the painful goad-to-growth when you needed that. You chose it all.” (16)
Furthermore, Saul says: “Your paths are all perfectly planned so that the necessary interactions will occur at exactly the right moment, allowing you total freedom to choose an appropriate response in the moment, as it occurs.” (17)
Why do we not remember planning them? He explains: “If you had knowledge of that it would be impossible for you to follow your chosen path because you would be constantly concerned about your standing and your effect on your group.” (18)
Life Plan 55Archangel Michael explains in more detail how we were made to forget.
“Within your mental body, the frequency patterns for each level of consciousness (or dimension) were stored in what we have termed Light packets of wisdom. These were encased in membranes of Light or a veil which restricted access to the various higher dimensional awareness levels until you were, once again, resonating to that level of consciousness.
“It is time for the veils of unconsciousness to be lifted, Beloveds, so that you can remember the vastness of who you are, the grand experiences you have had, and the bright future that is before you.” (19)
As long as we forget, Saul advises us:
“When life throws you a curved ball, embrace it! You planned your life paths very carefully prior to incarnating to provide you with the lessons you chose to learn, knowing that when they occurred you would not understand them.” (20)
What often happens is, as SaLuSa explains, “many in older age look back and feel that they have lost out somewhere, and have unfulfilled dreams.”
“However, there is never a wasted life as you will almost certainly have followed your pre-life plan. Often what happens is that you come into a new life, with strong memories of recent ones where you had enjoyable experiences. The memories are near the surface and you yearn for more, but the problem is that your life plan has not included for such opportunities to be repeated.
“There is as little repetition as possible, in the interests of pushing your evolution forward. Of course there are exceptions, but these mostly occur where a previous lesson has not been fully learnt.” (21)
Tomorrow we’ll look at the role of free will and the personality in the outworking of our lives as planned.
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by Steve Beckow

Soul Contracts and Life Reviews – Part 2/4 

Soul MessagesFamily Roles
SaLuSa tells us that “other souls that take an important role in your life are chosen for you, and you meet them as ‘arranged’ although it may well appear to be a random event.”
“Be assured that whoever enters your life where it has any strong and lasting effect is part of your life plan.  …
“Nothing happens by chance although you are often convinced that it is the case. Without planning it would be impossible to ensure you experienced exactly what you needed to evolve.” (1)
A family agreement,” he reveals, “is made with all souls’ unconditional love for each other.”
“Because the agreement is designed to benefit every participant, some are the ‘heavies’ for their own balancing, which enables the others to experience what they need to achieve balance, and all can move forward in soul growth.” (2)
Matthew reminds us that, conscious or not of their role, all family members are responsible for their actions.
“None of the participants consciously knows the role he or she chose and all are responsible only for their personal decisions and actions. You cannot control the actions of the family members you feel are in darkness, but you can control your reactions – reacting within the light lets lightheartedness flow within and radiate outward to all around you.” (3)
The fact that “families often stick together through many incarnations playing out different roles each time … can explain why some families are so close together and have a very strong bond,” SaLuSa reveals.
“If for example you choose to have a close relationship with a soul that is not part of your life plan, it will not develop into anything more serious. In such circumstances you have two souls involved and beyond a friendly relationship, neither can go beyond that level of relationship. Naturally in the course of your lifetime you have many friends that come and go, but they may not have any specific influence.” (4)
Role of the Ego and Free Will
“We hear some question where freewill comes in,” SaLuSa tells us. (5) Whenever the subject of a planned life comes up, the question of freewill seems to come up soon after it.
“Certainly you have freewill, but at the same time you have undertaken a certain life plan that is your path for any one incarnation. It is to ensure that you progress in a sensible manner as quickly as possible.” (6)
We wouldn’t have a plan if we had not exercised our freewill to create it before incarnating, he points out. “But the final word is with you.” (7)
Archangel Uriel through Jennifer Hoffman explains how cooperation between the soul and the ego or personality works.
“The soul and ego create an agreement for each lifetime in which the soul provides the opportunities for learning and healing that the ego agrees to complete. There is no final agreement as to the outcome for that is within the realm of the ego and free will.
“There is an opportunity to express the soul’s intention for the highest and best outcome but the ego must be able to release its attachment to the energies that it has created and willing to raise its vibration for this to occur. Often this agreement becomes a battle of the ego and free will against the soul and the life journey becomes challenging. …
“When the ego forgets its soul agreement its journey becomes ‘soul-less’, without the soul’s partnership. It tries to battle the darkness with its own darkness instead of connecting to the light within. Then life becomes a journey of fear, lack and confusion.” (8)
What’s missing when life becomes a fearful journey “is the light of the soul, which is available to the ego when it is willing to share the journey and to be open to the possibility of life beyond fear, because by itself it is not aware of that as a potential.”
“The ego must be convinced that beyond this trial and part of the journey is a new beginning because it does not know that…  What you can become is the promise of the soul when you allow it to participate on your journey and co-create your healing journey.” (9)
How We Work with Our Soul Contract
Matthew Ward reveals that, while “every soul incarnates light-filled and with specific missions that it chose prior to birth,” it then forgets.
“The infant knows its godself and the missions in its lifetime soul contract, but all memory of that knowledge is forgotten as the baby adjusts to a dense body and adapts to parental expectations; as the child grows older, it encounters influences from other authority figures, too, and peers.” (10)
The forgetfulness, which is at conscious level only, Matthew says, “is part of the grand design that offers the person learning experiences; and all along the way, the soul sends messages to the consciousness in the form of conscience, intuition, instinct and other types of guidance in accordance with contract choices.” (11)
He advises us that our “instincts and intuition, your soul’s guidance to your consciousness … nudge you into avenues that … you chose to experience during this lifetime.” (12) And so he recommends that we listen to and make decisions on the basis of them.
“Persons who heed those messages live true to their lifetime purpose and retain their light. The light starts to dim in those who ignore their souls’ messages, and if they continue to pay no heed to that guidance, they stray farther and farther from their chosen missions and their light keeps diminishing until only the spark that is their life force remains.”  (13)
We’re always attended by guides, but they cannot always interfere, he tells us.
“Remember that you always have your helpers around you, and they are ready to assist you when help is needed. However, it is not their place to impose themselves upon you, and you need to ask for help to get a response. It may not always be exactly as you desire and remember that there is always your life plan to consider.” (14)
Life plans do change when circumstances arise that were not foreseen that have become part of our experiences, SaLuSa advises. Sometimes the changes are not beneficial, but “on other occasions they may take you forward quicker than anticipated.” (15)
And, Matthew relates, we can petition to amend our soul contract.
“A petition to amend one’s soul contract is done at soul level, because only at that level can it be known if the person’s life circumstances are harsher than the experiencing chosen prior to birth. It is on the basis of excessive suffering that the petitions are granted.” (16)
We may face the same challenge repeatedly until we learn the lesson it contains and progress spiritually.  Further experiences, SaLuSa explains, “can cover any area of your life plan that has not been successful.” (17)
What we agree to manage in any one lifetime, SaLuSa tells us, is usually “only as much as [we] can handle.”  (18)
Thus the sacred journey from God to God forms an arc, but it also has a secondary characteristic as a spiral in that we repeatedly return to the same circumstances until we’ve learned the lesson they contain.
Finally, higher development allows us more say in our future soul contracts, he explains: “Life is all about experiences, and once you rise up out of the lower dimensions you will have more say in where your future incarnations take you.” (19)
Thus, while we orchestrated our lives prior to incarnating, how we respond to the situations we wrote into our script remains our choice.  We wrote in relationships with all the important actors in our lives.  We receive soul promptings as to wise choices and so long as we respond to them the light in our lives increases; when we ignore them, it decreases. While we can change our life plan, we’ll keep returning to the same lessons over and over again until we learn them successfully.
Tomorrow we’ll look at what karma really is: not punishment for mistakes but further opportunities to learn valuable spiritual lessons and progress.
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by Steve Beckow

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