Monday, June 23, 2014

Intend That the Changes Must Be For the Good of All by Marlene Swetlishoff

Thank you Hilarion and Marlene!
hilarion2Beloved Ones,
There has been a great influx of the energy of love and compassion which has been directed from the hearts of many light-workers around the world as they joined together in unity to bring about beneficent changes in the monetary systems of the Earth and within the hearts of humanity. And this energy has been magnified by the ascended realms as requested by many.
As mentioned before, the changes occurring on Earth are wrought in peaceful ways that carry the higher vibrational impact in a vision which include the intent that the changes must be for the highest good of all.
The impetus of this activity will now filter down to effect changes within the hearts of those who have long controlled the world’s systems in a self-serving way. When many are gathered together with focused intent for the highest good of all, there is nothing that can long delay the desired outcome.
The creation of a new world is being intended by those who carry the spark of the Creator strongly within their hearts. These ones are remembering that this is a part of the mission they came to implement in voluntary service to the Divine Plan. They are realizing that change begins with their input, and that they must take peaceful and loving action personally in order to bring these changes into manifestation.
They understand that appearances as they play out are not what really is, and they maintain their higher vision. The qualities of faith, hope and determination can move mountains, and this will become more noticeable as the events envisioned come into manifestation in the every day life of humanity. We of the ascended realms bow to all who work together in unity in these ways and encourage more efforts such as these to take place with regularity.
The Goddess energy is permeating the atmosphere of Earth and all her inhabitants, and this will affect humanity in surprising ways that will uplift the hearts of the majority of people on the planet. As greater balance of the divine feminine and masculine energies takes place within each soul, there will be balance in their outer world as well.
The intent and desire to live in a peaceful and prosperous world will come into fruition for humanity. This vision is required to be maintained and affirmed each day by all who understand the power that they wield by such activity. Let them also understand that they do not stand alone in this effort; that many unseen forces are assisting and encouraging this work to continue.
It is the inner thought processes of humanity that meld together to create their reality, and when more people realize this, the changes to their world will be phenomenal. It is most important to join minds to recreate a new type of civilization that will serve all upon the planet.
As more people become governed by spirit, they begin to release and let go of all that has been holding them back from pursuing their dreams with passion. Their desires will be in alignment with their soul’s natural inclinations, and they will begin to move into their best role in the new world that is being created.
Each person will live each day by following their natural passions and that which brings them joy, and this will help in creating a synchronistic and harmonious lifestyle for each. There are as many paths to the new world as there are souls upon it, and all are needed in their communities as these come into manifestation. They must be open to sharing with others and helping each other share their particular gifts, as each is needed to contribute in the best way for all.
As people in the new world are unfolding their inner capabilities, they are beginning to have a greater ability to discern the intentions of others, and are able to more easily deflect these frequencies and energies from interfering with the direction they have set for themselves and their world.
Keeping focus on their higher aspirations will ensure that only those who are in tune with their intentions can influence them, and many there are who are awakening to the knowledge that they do not need governance by any external force as long as they follow their own soul’s path.
Each person is being guided to the highest contribution they can give to the collective of humanity to create a new and rewarding life for all humankind. The possibility of creating something beyond what has been dreamed of is now upon the people of Earth. It is a most exciting time to be a part of and here you are, poised for take-off!
Until next week…
I AM Hilarion
by Marlene Swetlishoff
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