Monday, June 23, 2014

Ceremony of Honor: Your Degree in Mastery by Lauren Gorgo

Thank you Sisters of PHC and Lauren!
Crazy to think that 2014 is already at the halfway point…and with all that has been awakened, acknowledged, shifted and transmuted within us since the year began, we are at once  a c h i n g  to bust out of our cocoons and get on with some new earth living already, while stilllllll bearing witness to so much physical distress.
From the December to June solstice, many of us have been dedicating ourselves solely the massive inner alignment process that has been required for the activation of our personal merkaba, that which initiates the descension of our spiritual self into physical form.  This alignment is not only the motor  behind ensoulment, it has since precipitated the unveiling of a core revelation in each of our lives in preparation for the emergence of our true soular Self.
Now that we have all but anchored ourselves in the new reality system that is available to all those ready to live in LOVE (non-polarity), the solstice will deliver us to the next 2-part phase of incarnation where we will be spending the next 6 months and two full seasons integrating our newborn Self into our lives on earth…learning what it means to be “ensouled” while resurrecting every facet of lives to reflect our new crystalline core makeup.
This never-before-attempted-on-earth-endeavor is ultimately one that the Pleiadians say will empower each of us to “unleash the gift of divine grace unto the world at large” as we begin to experience our spiritual selves in the flesh for the first time on earth.  This process, whilst unfamiliar in this lifetime, is also deeply familiar to us at a core level in that we are simply returning to our true (spiritual) state of BEing.
The burgeoning unfoldment of grace, seems to be a running theme post-soulstice…and not the type of grace that we are used to either…from what I am being shown it goes further beyond anything we have felt in the past, an experience described to me as: the most high.
There is a sparkling, effervescent and blissful permeation of spirit coming alive in our heart and cells and slowly oozing into every aspect of our BEingship…this new sensorial experience of life is the perceptible glow generated from the inception of God’s holy LOVE.  This is only the very beginning of new life, yes, but the shimmering light radiating from the rising new sun is clearly reminiscent of Home, of the LOVE we temporarily lost sight of when our people “fell from grace.”
Talk about a sight for sore eyes….
And while this latest excavation process has been longer, deeper and more difficult than anyone could have possibly anticipated, SO much has been resolved and wholed within us to enable this colossal rebirth. In one way or another we have all been gutted yet again, but in order to completely cauterize all remaining ties with our karmic past….a necessary evil to ensure our footing in unity is secure.  When all of our past is resolved within us there is nothing pulling us out of the present, out of our true Home, where we are free to live fully in the ONEness.
For those of you still in the thick of it, realize that the Wesak season…which kicked up the bulk of our remaining density and lingering karmic debris….also ends here, which means smoother sailing ahead.  In April/May we went thru a major unhooking from the tendrils of our past and in some cases we are still resolving these energies. If you are not yet feeling relief from that major uprooting, know that there are mere moments left in this suffocating band of seemingly endless darkness…that much is certain.
From what I am seeing/hearing, we are still being sucked up in the backdraft of an incoming and giant wave of LOVE, the likes of which I have never sensed before, and after this energy peaks will crash upon our shores in a rush of forward sweeping motion. Then, as it recedes, it will effectively wash all loosened remains from our former life out to sea. This, I am told, will be a “momentous ending” to a Herculean purification cycle.
In my mind this means:  Time for some rapid resolutions to some long standing (core) issues…and with a side order of long-overdue replenishment please.
In the mind of the star beings this means:  Time to receive our diplomas!
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