Sunday, May 18, 2014

Video: ET’s Making Themselves Known – on Mainstream Media

Thank you AlienPeace1 and your Guides!

Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: This video is a wonderful (yet, no doubt miniscule) compile of some of the US mainstream media coverage of recent UFO sightings. Great to see. Thanks to Nancy. Note: the volume of the video goes up and down, but stick with it for a glimpse at some of our star family disclosure taking place all around us right now.

Published on YouTube  on May 10, 2014 by AlienPeace1 – There is GOOD Out There who writes:
“UFOs have been appearing in our skies for thousands of years. But now something new is happening. Orbs of light in a triangle formation are repeatedly appearing over major cities all over the world.

Because they always make the triangle, it is clear they are intelligently controlled, and not any sort of freely floating objects such as balloons, flares, or Chinese lanterns.
“So if these orbs of light are in fact extra-terrestrial, why are they appearing above our major population centers? If they were merely observing us for scientific reasons, then surely they could do so without us seeing them.

“Yet they repeatedly appear as huge, bright lights in a clear triangle formation.
“It seems as if they want us to see them. It seems as though they are trying to wake us up to the fact that we are not alone in the Universe. And perhaps this is their way of initiating contact.

“But if they want to make us aware that we are not alone, and make contact with us, then why don’t they just land?

“Well, what would happen if a giant spaceship suddenly landed on the White House lawn? How would we react to that? How would the military react? How would the media react?

“Bright lights in the sky are very non-threatening. And it isn’t immediately obvious what they are. In takes some figuring out. And in the process of figuring it out, we have time to absorb the reality of it. We have time to process the shock and fear.

“They are initiating contact, but in a way that doesn’t shock and terrify us. These beings clearly understand our psychology very well, and are showing great sensitivity to our emotions. They know what they are doing.
“Right now at this time, they are observing how we are reacting. They are waiting for us to figure it out. And waiting to see if and how we respond to them.”


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