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The Office of Poofness: May 11, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap, and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: Again, to cut to the chase, I’ve edited the lengthy Q&A. If you wish to read the Q&A in full, I’ve provided a link at the end where you can do so. Also, as this message – which appears to contain much good news (if things pan out as indicated) – is dated Sunday May 11, wherever it says ‘tomorrow’ or ‘Monday’ this obviously refers to today, Monday May 12.

Greetings and Salutations,
Poof said:
It’s wonderful to report that many, many bridges have been built as well as some have been burned. It is going well now and closure on all of this is moving quite nicely. The gods have been smiling down upon you and have heard your pleas. The movements and the changes and the final negotiation are being paid for even in this hour. Make your wishes known. Make your intentions and stay the course. Bide your time and do your own internal work. You have known for years that you needed to do that; What are you going to do with the first con game that comes your way? And there are plenty afoot. So use this time to your advantage as you wait for your rewards. – Poof
Today we celebrate the SPIRIT of all Mothers either here or over there. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there that have had these beautiful children who will continue to work for truth and kindness. For generations to come, these children will protect, GAIA, our ultimate Mother – Earth.

ZAP Says:
Hi all
Your friendly neighborhood purple pigs have gone hypersonic.
Obama has agreed to the sign-off. Much pressure happened, and ‘the golden one’ was going to pull the certs (curtains) and (say) goodbye to the gold that would be backing the TRN (US Treasury Reserve Note) .
So all good. Obama did the right thing, and the USA will now come alive and begin to rebuild its gutted infrastructure. Remember the days when ‘Made in USA’ was a good thing. Still is, but it is a fraction of what it was. Since the outsourcing craze, there ain’t much left there – few good jobs around. No wonder the economy sucks and everybody is grumbling.

Without prosperous jobs, what is there other than scraping by, right? That drags the whole thing down, and everybody gets to be miserable.
So, now that we begin the releases in fact, not only on paper, the money will flow, people will be able to get to work, whatever that choice is, and look after ourselves, our countries, and our humanity.
Details of all this will be published at a future time, as there is no need to bash everybody around that did not do the right thing, and reveal who did what to where and all that at the moment. Suffice to say this event is akin to the Cuban missile crisis, and we made it at the eleventh hour.

We start breathing tomorrow (Stephen: which is now today, Monday May 12).
Be patient as the results will take a bit to trickle down to the accounts. But know that this is it, and what was, is no more. Be grateful we got here…
…In reference to R, as in: Fryer Tuck, the fellow that posted interesting information that made sense, and in some points it was true despite being fabricated. I do keep saying this all can be figured out on an almost detail level if one has enough information.  Fryer Tuck did a good job of thinking it through, unknowingly hitting the correct stuff; it was pretty good actually. The information I get is from ‘the family’ and agencies and government folks. So I do not really seek this stuff, it just gets told to me. I have to then remove big chunks of the detail and try to present something that will not harm what is being done. Occasionally i reference other sources.

Right now, i apologize for not being able to fill in the whole screen, otherwise there will be those that will wish to take advantage of this information. The RV release and other items are about to manifest, and funds released. Not much more to say on that topic other than there truly is a lot of disinformation out there, and the majority is embellishment of a single fact that becomes a mountain in no time flat. But the pigs are real.
I imagine the blog gurus and other folk will get to other work. We will get to the project side, and all are invited. The website is coming soon.

Q: I have a question or two. I have tried hard to find out any information. But there is nothing in MSM (mainstream media), only conspiracy sites. I did manage to find out that HSBC were taken to court over price fixing on silver, as they have been buying up tons of it. But were recently found Not Guilty. If this is true, this adds some credence to precious metals backed currency.
ZAP – Chinese are very bright, and understand that any worthwhile metal has a solid intrinsic value these days. What you say is correct, they were taken to court.
I have a work colleague whose husband works at said bank. But they know nothing of the supposed TRN Dollar.
ZAP – Soon they will.
Can you point to anywhere where this is provable. As there only seems to be conspiracy sites that mention it.
ZAP – Just wait it will come out soon enough. Why stress. It is not to be brought out prematurely.

If this take down is now not happening. Or at least at a recognizable pace. Is this not the same as nothing will happen? The bad guys are still in charge. No reset will EVER happen whilst they are. So can you explain how this is meant to happen?? In love light peace and honesty
ZAP -As I said, the ‘old man’ had enough, drew a line in the sand, all the countries went to one side, except the USA. Now the USA has stepped forward. Now all begins. Simplistic but accurate. The cabal found out they could no longer control Obama, and Obama was faced with doing the right thing, or having civil war and martial law dominate history for a while.
If that happened, the guys that dipped into the cookie jar would not be able to use their ill-gotten gins. Nobody will accept fiat currency when everybody else is on a metal standard. Common sense again.
So the solution is sign-off, and move on. This was done Friday and will finish today, and be effected tomorrow (Monday, May 12).

 Q: Dear Zap, I’m sad and embarrassed by recent attacks to your integrity, necessitating you having to write defensive retorts. These people can’t fathom the logistics, politics, finances, greed and even probably language issues involved in something that has never been attempted and with such far-reaching ramifications. And you have to defend via RV-GCR work that is not even your forte. You have mentioned very little in the past month about the project funding side of this. Many weeks ago websites were being finalized. Although the money new not yet be ready to disperse. Those of us who sent proposals to DHintake in July are eager to get more direction and learn what steps need to be done to set up a project so that when funds are ready no delays will occur. Can you please touch on this part in the next report. Many thanks and blessings. RW: NS Project
ZAP – Hi RW. True, I have not gone to the project side for a bit, as I am deeply involved in the finalization of matters that are occurring and then installing the rest of the financial infrastructure before the global intake and disposition processes are fully functional. This will not take long, and the website has been defined, and preliminary designs are being perfected. This system must be robust and scalable. Our own servers are being brought online for this effort. Thanks for being patient. I will be getting in touch very soon with you and your project requirements over there. Help will be there shortly.

Q; Dear Sir, Last week you again stated that the RV had not been funded yet, but was expected to be, by May 15th, this month. MG (Mountain Goat) (the lady from Bavaria) stated on Friday, that those who have been stalling the RV process, intend to continue to do so, until Maliki’s mandate is over on June 14, 2014. She absolutely stated, to not look for this RV prior to this date.
ZAP – I will not argue with Maliki. I did say the tentative date is scheduled for May 15. If this changes, then it will change. However, the release is to do with the completion the of settlement process for the private placements in Reno etc.

Would you care to comment on this, and give us any information that would either support or disprove this grim outlook? Do the Elders intend on allowing this to happen? – MS
ZAP – As already stated, the events are upon us starting tomorrow on Monday (May 12). Funds will begin flowing out to everybody involved

And with that, I am going back to work. HK (Hong Kong) is open and soon so will Europe, and much to do. The pigs are screaming in anticipation. Feisty pigs; nice to have a picture of one.
Have tremendous fun in the next days as these events unfold. Just remember to be patient as things must be done correctly, and mistakes are not the order of the day.

In Love and Light
In Our Service

Thank you, readers, for all that you’ve done. Please stay the course and contribute as much as you can spare as we finally see these sacrifices come to fruition. Forever grateful.  account: …If there is a problem please contact us at
Susan and the Office of Poofness

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