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Shouting Matches at The White House…Extracts from May 20, 2014 Update by Benjamin Fulford

Thank you Ben and your Guides!
Ben_Fulford_Update__115834Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: Following on from our previous posting of Ben’s latest update – Benjamin Fulford: Lots of Chatter About Arrests, Take-Down of Cabal – comes this surprise midweek update. Not that Ben’s posts will necessarily become a regular feature here (for the reasons outlined previously), but (I feel) these extracts below, from his update of May 20, offer additional indications of what could well be going on behind-the-scenes. I’ve also made some comments, as indicated.

Shouting Matches Every Day in the White House as US Corporate Government Implosion Continues
By Benjamin Fulford – May 20, 2014 –

Extract 1:
“These are not happy times for the internationally isolated bankrupt pariah Nazi/Zionist government in Washington D.C. There are now daily shouting matches inside the White House between various cabal bosses arguing about what to do and who to blame, according to CIA sources.
“The hardline faction of Nazi cabalists led by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, is planning new mass murder attacks, including a massive takedown of the US electric grid, the sources say.
Stephen: This, to me, sounds like pure fear-mongering.

“The cornered Nazis sent this message to the White Dragon Society last week: “The UN does not want peace, nor does the IMF or the US.” To underline this, they staged new provocations in Nigeria and Vietnam (see below for more detail) to add to their murderous trouble-making in the Ukraine and Syria.
They were told “if they go along with the White Dragon, we will take care of them of and if they refuse, we will take care of them.” So far, no further communication has been received…”

Extract 2:
In the meantime, President Vladimir Putin of Russia visits China this week to cement some very serious deals that, based on the announced numbers ($200 billion in bilateral trade per year by 2020) are worth about what Russia now exports to the European Union. This is a way of saying “we can live without EU if we have to.” This would also make China 5 times more important to Russian trade than the US.

” The other huge event last week was the replacement of the cabal-controlled government of India with a government headed by Narendra Modi, a man who is banned from traveling to the US. The end of the cabal aligned Ghandi/Nehru dynastic control of India is going to give a huge boost to the BRICS alliance plans to end Nazi tyranny. So much for the Nazi plan to use India against China.

“In these circumstances, last week US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew visited China while Israel’s Netanyahu visited Japan as part of an effort by the cabal to raise money to prevent the bankruptcy of the US corporate government. 
Netanyahu’s visit to Japan was an attempt to convince the Abe slave government to go along with his hard core faction’s ongoing plans to start World War III. Abe obliged with an attempt to pass a law that would allow the Japanese military to participate in “collective self-defense,” or, to put it more accurately, participate in cabal wars of aggression. In the end though, Netanyahu was forced to cut short his visit by one day and leave Japan with his tail between his legs. A senior Japanese right wing boss predicted last week that Abe would be “killed soon” because of his treasonous activities.

“The visit by Netanyahu also coincided with major anti-Chinese riots in Vietnam. Since the Zionists have been caught red-handed paying hoodlums to riot against Japanese interests in China while simultaneously paying Japanese activists to protest against China, it is a good guess the Vietnamese protests were financed by same Zionist provocateurs.

” With the situation in the Ukraine and Syria having blown up in the Nazi/Zionist’s faces, in addition to Vietnam, they are now threatening to attack Nigeria. That is why you see the big manufactured incident of “school girls kidnapped,” by “Boko Haram,” being hyped in the Zionist propaganda. This is to create a cover story for seizing Nigerian oil fields.”…

Stephen: While we’ve run several stories on the missing girls here on the site, my gut reaction to this situation in Nigeria (and the speedy, mass, celebrity-infused social media campaign) when I first heard about it was, interestingly enough, that it may have been a ‘distraction’ from something else; it was all too similar to the ‘Get Kony’ campaign of 2012… and despite it, and the millions who got involved, Joseph Kony remains at large. Now don’t get me wrong, I still want to believe that the Bring Back Our Girls campaign will save all those young women, but Ben could well be right here, about the bigger picture…that’s all I’m saying.

Extract 3:
“There was also confirmation from China of something that I have read about and heard about for a long time but was unable to fully accept, and that is the existence of railways capable of travelling 2900 kilometers per hour, or enough to get you from New York or London to Tokyo in three hours…

.. “Apparently it is real. The trick is to create a tunnel with a near vacuum in order to stop air-resistance. It now seems the Pentagon was able to get money from China by selling them this technology.

“That seems to be why China has suddenly announced plans to link China to the US and Europe with super-fast trains.

“Building an international network of hypersonic trains linking the world would create all sorts of new jobs and opportunities and is exactly the sort of win-win approach favoured by the Chinese. It also fits in with proposals put on the table by Leo Wanta and his backers.
“Since, according to the American Academy of Sciences, the Pentagon has made over 6000 patents secret for “national security reasons,” it is a pretty good guess many more of these technologies will be made available to the general public over the coming years.”

Stephen: I would like to expect the release of all these new technologies to be way sooner than that!

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