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The Office of Poofness: May 4, 2014

Thank you Poof, Zap and Susan!
poof 1Stephen Cook/golden age gaia: To cut to the chase, I’ve edited the lengthy Q&A this week. If you wish to read it in full, I’ve provided a link at the end where you can do so.
Greetings and Salutations,
Poof Said:

The walls and the boulders and the obstructions are being dealt with. The tensions are quite intense and the needs on the part of all involved are being seen for what they are. The grid is starting to collapse, the gridlock that is… and that is a very winning issue. Great things are coming for indeed they are. Now what you need to hear is that the shifts and the internal fights being fashioned right now are heavy and they yield high stakes and the manner in which they are being played out is questionable but then we know already that the higher minded are taking over more and more of the positions that were being held off in the past. All of that speaks well for the outcome that all on this site want to see happen. People are questioning how people feel about getting access to something they thought was a quirk and sheer luck and they happened to be at the right place at the right time. Well, no, that is not how it happened.
Again we must remind ourselves always that the projects that are underway were never intended to favor one over another or to make one group the new leaders in greed, or to think that money grows on trees. That was never the case. And you ponder how the continual rumor that the dollar will crash will affect the monies coming in. Yes, it will. The piper has to be paid and the way this country has been run and most of the world means that monies that you have coming in may not have the same value they would have had five years ago. Not to say, however, that the new treasury bills won’t help because that will. The overall value of money is eroding. The changes are afoot and the world is soon to be on its tail — wagging I might add. And the #### is hitting the fan and the coffers of the world are being emptied and the new coffers are being filled with the right approach to the onset of prosperity and many good things coming into view. The will of humanity is still the one wheel that turns the axle but then that too has shifted enough to say just be patient and aware and listening and open. Your day in the golden light is approaching. -Poof
ZAP says;

Hi all
Over the last weeks, since the releases, there have still been growing pains as the system lurches forward to its inevitable conclusion. Patience is the by-word, and frustrations must be managed.
The RV is done, but the funds for the payments are not yet released. The family and IMF, with the rest of the countries, have put their collective foot down – and the crooked politicians who have been dipping into the basket every day and delaying the funds and official rollout have only a few days left to steal.
When the rest of the world moves forward regardless, either the USA does the right thing and the politicians who have been delaying the rollout let it happen, or the USA will not have gold-backed currency to match all the other countries that will be Basel III compliant.

Who would want to accept the fiat Federal Reserve ticket known as the current US dollar, instead of a metal-backed Treasury Reserve Note? The USA would become a third world country overnight. But no worries, this will not happen. The USA will sign off on the rollout, otherwise the politicians’ ill-gotten gains will be useless, right? They will move forward and the funds will be released.
Bond redemptions are in the same place, and those funds are also being released.
It is imperative that this release happen in 2014 during the special cycle that, according to prophecy, will give our humanity the tools to begin the reconstruction. As I’ve said a few times before, the Chinese family, and most other organizations, operate by the numbers and celestial events, so the timings of milestones are tied to such events.
And yes, there will be arrests. Many of the names on the list will surprise you.

Here is an interesting dissertation of what is:
“The game of espionage is dangerous. Those at the top of the ladder are unknown to the populace. Their names are never used in public. The closely guarded secrets are no longer secret. It was important that we found who was giving orders and running the show.
“JP Morgan, Kissinger, Hitler, Queen Elizabeth, Bush clan, The Pope and many more are only pawns in the checker board. They are what the PTW call the “Children in Chains”. Some will look towards the Black Pope as being the head leader, but in fact the head masters are as high up in the ranking as you can get. This way the blame is always kept on those who are only puppets and known in the public’s eye. Very few have ever met the PTW in person including their puppets.
“CHECKMATE has been met as the highest ranking members no longer exist. This game of chess has been playing out since 1549. Since 9/11 the team nearly quadrupled in size when many high ranking officials in the Military Industrial Complex finally saw the forest for the trees.
“Mass arrests are not going to happen in the way many think. This will keep the populace from rioting and causing more chaos. Many on Earth are stuck in the MK Ultra programmed matrix and are unwilling to lift the veil. To keep the shock factor down the decision was made to do this in phases. These phases will not be noticed by many as they will be small but life changing. There is not much more these evil groups can do as their power has been taken away. It is kind of like a malfunctioning robot. This is why many weird moves are being made by evil in the public’s eye. Such as missing planes that caused the media to scramble for information when finding out it really was not done by those who own them, and in the end their stories kept getting sillier and sillier.
“The GLOBAL RESET: The RV is only part of this. The money releases will come as most all is set into motion. The trigger should be pulled no latter then May 22, 2014. The release of this will be done in phases. If we release money to every person in the world, goods, services and food industries will be overwhelmed. This is why it will be done in phases. The new tech will be released first. This will free up money for many people making life much easier. At the same time Social Security payments will increase as well as welfare, food stamps, disability, wages, retirement and pensions. The increases will be done in slowly while the technology is being released slowly. Humanity will rise above the need for monetary value as it was a concept that was introduced by the PTW for further world domination. Money will phase out and no longer be needed.
“Many rumors and made up Intel is floating around. That means about 85% of it is all made up. They are perceptions based on mainstream news and current events in most situations. A story can be viewed your way based on a one track mind. Keep that in mind. It is a tactic used by the puppets that will be rounded up like a thief in the night. You will watch many disappear off the scene. The five biggest controlling factors will be taken down, Government, Military, Big Pharm, Banking, and Schooling. Congress and all pending legislation will be broadcasted for people’s vote on paper ballot.
“The Governmental body will be reduced by leaps and bounds. Nothing will be introduced to a ballot that has long term ill effects on Humanity or the Earth. The original plan was scrapped and a new one was formed. We have a team of many well trained individuals who want Common Law to be the Universal Law on Earth. Do not harm to others or their property. If you have been paying attention it is by no accident Common Law Grand Juries are popping up everywhere. Free Will is to be respected as well as an individual responsibility. Many emotions are ripe and ready to help stir chaos if things are revealed all at once. This is why they are and have been being revealed slowly in what we call “Soft Disclosure”. You will notice this in many movies, TV shows, and news stations. The script is going to be vamped up for more to be released on May 22, 2014 involving disclosure of corruption and Earth’s past as well as the illusive Global Reset, RV, PP’s, NESARA and much more.”

ZAP – Cool. Where do i sign up? Can the pigs come too? The main body of the message is pretty clear and unambiguous. The cabal has been around for a while. Remember the east india company? They got into the opium trade, and made a fortune. Do you think they left heroin behind? Same with the others. Look around: munitions, pharma, etc. They are all there and they profit from death. It is time for change, and the above dissertation is surely evidence of this cry.

Can the Cabal be Forgiven?
By Wes Annac, Aquarius Paradigm
“You are ALL Masters. Every one of you, both those who play the dark roles and those who play the light ones; all of you are masters extraordinaire. There are many who would condemn us and our scribe for saying this, but sometimes those who act as villains in your life … are your greatest teachers.
“In the higher dimensions, each of you chose the roles that you would play and how you would come together, if only for a short time, to play out those roles, offering opportunities for growth as a result. There are no ‘enemies’ that exist in this world, only teachers, only You, the great collective of humanity, as one entity.
“As each of you, especially the light workers, those who are more self-aware than the populace in general, as each of you opens to this self-awareness and begin to reconnect to the Source of your being, you will let go of the need to condemn self, whether that self takes on your own image or that of another human being.
Soon, you will no longer have a need to see enemies all around you or danger in the air. You are returning to the awareness that you belong to a unified field of consciousness, that you have never left this field, but have only stepped away from it in consciousness for a short time.
Your awareness of Self has been blocked by self-imposed veils of forgetfulness; those veils have been torn asunder and are swiftly dissolving for all humanity, even the most intransigent of beings, the former ‘controllers’ of this planet.
“Beneath the attacks and vile deeds, the manipulations of corporate interests to control whole governments in an attempt to control the entire planet, these beings have taken on the darkest roles in the ‘game’ of duality.
And now, as the rest of humanity begins to awaken to the horrors and the misdirection taken by the world as a result of the guidance of these beings, they are now suddenly taking on a new role, not of directors behind the scenes, but of being the newly exposed targets of a growing anger, rage and a desire for vengeance emanating from an awakening populace.” They are to be greatly pitied, for their role, although … being born into wealthy and powerful families, has taken them into areas far afield from the connection to their own inner beings, to Source.
“Yet, even these ones, who have temporarily taken on the mantle of great evil, can turn to the light, learn to love themselves, especially when the light of others is shined upon their activities and they are shown forgiveness and understanding from those they formerly sought to destroy.
“Destruction of other is destruction of self. To condemn another is to condemn self. You are all a part of the collective of Humanity, one being, who, for the sake of experience and learning has been divided up into seemingly independent and lonely individuals.
“As you come into self-awareness and learn to love yourself, you naturally open your heart to receive the guidance of your Higher Self. Your connection through the union of heart and higher mind, binds you to the path on the journey home to self-mastery.”

ZAP – One word: Bravo.
Q: Dear Zap,  I have a sense I am writing not just for myself but also for countless others whose lives changed irrevocably on July 4th, 2013. For me it was the first time somebody was not only acknowledging my passion project, but also offering an option for financing that felt nothing short of miraculous. As the creator of a kid-based TV show, with cross-platform compatibility for the crystal and indigo kids, you can imagine my near-orgasmic response, particularly to your ‘Kid’s First” cry.
ZAP – Way cool. This is so important.
Now that we are near the finish line (no more sexy metaphors) I would like to know how much of your original ‘friendly funding’ letter information is still current.
ZAP – The same as when i wrote it. No change.
I can imagine how much has changed and shifted over the past 10 months and I know that however it plays out all these planet-altering projects will be taken care of, but I’m just wondering about the children??? You are creating an entity that assures our world will never be the same….my gratitude is humongous.
ZAP – Actually, it is all of us that are doing this. And yes it will change the face of this world when we look after and cherish our kids, and nourish their curiosity. And thanks.

So, I hope that all of you reading understand that we are in the middle of it all. If I could only blab about the positive nature of the bankers right now. Or leak that the Tier 1 and 2 have already gotten their accounts filled (not released though). Or spill the beans about the 728,369 arrests that will be made including names like the Queen. Or tattle on the idiot politicians and cabal members that got stung in the roundups. Then I probably would be afraid for my life. ( Stephen: Here is an alleged list of some of the people said to be being arrested soon:

So I won’t.
Remember I am not here to bash anybody, make judgment calls, or be a general all-wise, all-seeing, pain in the #### oracle. I get correct information on a consistent basis which checks out in the high places, and after it is done, I report it. This gives all of us a foundation from which to extrapolate events ourselves.
If you have lost any money from my writing, please send a self-addressed envelope postage paid to bob, car of bob’s bank, corner of 4th and vine in the bright green 57 Chevy on the north west corner. Bambi the secretary will be happy to respond to your claim within 6 months or more.
Just keep looking for pigs in the sky. One coming to a neighborhood near you. Hmmm…friendly neighborhood purple pig?
Make room Spidey, you have company.


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Love and Kisses,
“The Office of Poofness”
Susan and Staff
If you still wish to read the full Q&A head here.

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