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Rushing to blame and judgment only inflames a situation

To awaken is humanity’s destiny.  It is inevitable and unavoidable, and that is a very good reason to be happy and joyful.  I cannot impress upon you strongly enough how much God, our Father, loves you all in every moment of your existence.  There is nothing that any of you has ever done, or could ever do, that would cause him to withdraw His Love from you – absolutely nothing!  There are some among you who doubt this, but it is a doubt, a worry that you need to release.  You are all God’s beloved children – children whom He loves without reservation, always.  Whenever you feel down, depressed, shameful, worthless, guilty, or angry, just remind yourselves of this divine truth – “God loves me and will always love me regardless of what I or anyone else might think, say, or do.”
This does not mean, as you well know, that you can behave thinkingly or unthinkingly in an unloving manner.  To behave in a manner that hurts another hurts you more!  It may not seem like that, but someone who has been hurt can forgive, whereas someone who is doing the hurting cannot.  You cannot forgive anyone as long as you are inflicting pain on them – and that includes yourself because to hurt another is to hurt yourself.  To forgive, you have to stop inflicting pain, and to bear a grudge or carry resentment of any kind is to inflict pain on yourself, a pain that frequently drives you to project it outwards on to others whom you then see as the cause of your misery or unhappiness.
In the illusion, where there is so much pain and suffering, it seems that pain and suffering are imposed on some by others, often very vindictively, and in a sense this is correct.  But those behaving so unconscionably are themselves crying out for love.  If you attack them their pain intensifies – and a common response to that suggestion might be “A good thing too, they deserve it.”  But attacking conflict with conflict only leads to further conflict.  Those who could and would cause suffering can only be disarmed by love and forgiveness.  And if their pain is intense, as is very likely, disarming them is a slow process that requires love and forgiveness in abundance.
All of you who are presently on Earth as wayshowers and Light-bearers have learnt forgiveness and are here now to teach it.  Yes, many of you have suffered severely in your present lives and have issues with forgiving, perhaps feeling that you have not learnt to forgive and that you have no desire to do so. Nevertheless, you have to admit to yourselves that you do know that love is the only answer, whatever the problem.  You are aware that forgiveness is the way forwards, and you are working on engaging with forgiveness to release all your own anger, bitterness, and resentment.
You know that you need to do this, you know that this is the path you chose to follow, despite the pain, even though you are often struggling with it as you recall the unconscionable experiences that you have undergone personally, but you have sought spiritual assistance and you are receiving it.  Keep asking for help, and keep holding the intention to forgive or to learn to forgive, and with the spiritual assistance you are receiving you will succeed.  Then you will demonstrate forgiveness, and by doing so, teach it to others.
That lesson is the major one that all are in the process of learning and putting into effect.  And the best teachers are those who are closest to their own experiences of personal pain and suffering, because they can relate the most compassionately to those who are suffering, while at the same time being open to the awareness in themselves of the pain that those inflicting suffering are undergoing.  They can see and understand both perspectives.  No one who is not in pain imposes pain intentionally on anyone else.
Accidents occur through thoughtlessness or unawareness, and pain is inflicted. But those who cause those situations are filled with as much or sometimes more grief than those who got hurt.  It could well be that a person’s first lesson in forgiveness happens when they get involved in a situation where an accident occurs and they are given the opportunity to offer compassion and forgiveness to the one who caused the injury, as well as to those who were injured.
Rushing to blame and judgment only inflames a situation that is already causing much pain to all involved.  In your quiet times, your times that you set aside to be alone, dwell on forgiveness, remember instances when you were unexpectedly forgiven, and set the intention to be ready to forgive should something occur to upset, offend, or cause injury – physical or psychological – to you or to a loved one.  Your awakening process involves opening to love and forgiveness, and an essential part of that process is to set the intention to do so every day. Remember that to forgive and to be forgiven brings acceptance and love in a most disarming fashion.  Practice it, demonstrate it, and be the fine teachers that you truly are.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman.

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