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Being a Self-Reliant Independent Thinker
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ May 10 – 17, 2013

Dearest Children of God, as you learn to rely on yourself you discover you are able to bring forth the strength needed to stamp out any of your day-to-day challenges. At a young age, as children the teachings many of you have received surround learning how to problem solve, discovering a workable resolution that is filled with positive energy. As young children, learning to be self-reliant helps to develop Inner Strength and to create Self-Reliance as a productive personal trait and skill. Even as a child who has been learning to rely on themselves for simple problem solving, they are nurturing themselves and creating at the same time great coping skills and enhancing healthy confidence that will lead them to fine-tuning their survival skills for daily life and challenges as they mature and grow into adults. 
The era which you are now maneuvering in is filled with instant satisfaction, and quick fixes to solve challenges. We have observed many dear souls quickly and readily medicating themselves and their families to fix certain vulnerabilities that 10 or 20 years ago didn’t require so much pharmaceutical fixing. Yes we do see many dear souls being more aware of themselves and the global world around them, but we also witness many have become less able to rely on themselves and more extrinsically dependent. 
Relying on yourself dear ones permits your Self to fight any crisis that may cross your path with the heart and courage of a lion. One that is Self-Reliant, even when facing discouraging obstacles will reach down and bring forth more power, more courage and strength that will enable them to continue the battle until all is complete. Rarely dear ones, an individual that is self-reliant will use medications or drugs of any kind to enhance their own coping skills. What these people do is inspire themselves, reaffirm to themselves the importance of the current challenge, and sometimes with their head held high they seek non-judgemental people for support, and many times Divine Guidance for peace building resolutions. 
The more you become self-reliant, you will discover and learn more about who you are. You will see before you with little digging, what your strengths and weaknesses are. After a little self-exploration you will come to know yourself better and learn how to strengthen any weaknesses and make the most of your strengths. A dear soul that demonstrates Self-Reliance is silently telling those that recognize this trait that they are an Independent Thinker – they are confident to make their own decision without input coming from another. 
Independent Thinkers are always mature and have the ability to create more happiness through self-satisfaction and from their own efforts they will feel freer as they have not conformed to someone else’s perception or way of thinking. Over time each of you have conformed to one person or another beginning as a young child when you Mother or Father told you to do something. Even though you are all grown adults, many of you are still under some form of control; we see this daily from the clothes you purposely choose, how you decorate your home, the books you read, etc., has helped form your way of thinking and being. 
Dear ones, we ask you to be honest with yourself, “How often do you seek another person’s suggestion instead of trusting your own initiative?” or “Can you only make a decision after you read something clever written in a book or viewed in your media source?” As Independent Thinkers, you are well informed, mature and educated enough to make clear, concise and rational choices on your own. Self-Reliant individuals instantly understands the responsibility of their decisions and of their actions – they have learned to trust themselves and in the Love they receive from God that has supported each step they have taken. 
It is crucial to begin learning self-reliance early in your life journey. As children, those not taught to be more self-reliant have lower self-esteem and because they are not supported to hone this necessary skill, these beautiful children are less confident and their success rate to become a higher achiever is dramatically lowered. Providing children with luxuries doesn’t teach them how to be self-reliant. It is vitally important to motivate and inspire young minds, instead of fostering laziness and the idea everything will be given to them. 
Even as mature adults there are always ways to bring in more positive change that will influence your own ability to be self-reliant and more capable of handling your own issues and dilemmas. On the road to strengthening this skill you will discover where you need to make necessary adjustments and re-strengthen your Faith and build up your courage because the dear soul that is self-reliant understands what it means to face fears – they do this head on and there is little to no procrastination. 
As you progress more into being an Independent Thinker, you will learn to pay less attention to what others are thinking and more attention to what is important to you, what your heart is drawing you to. Explore yourself dear ones and truly know what your fundamental values are, restructure them if necessary and begin to trust your intuition more. The more you trust yourself and become more confident you will see yourself being able to make better decisions without the need of other people’s influence. You are doing the work, applying the effort to learn what is needed and from what you discover you make your decision and you trust what you find through your gift of intuition. The more apt you become at relying on yourself and being an independent thinker the higher your confidence goes and this dear ones removes yourself from being dependent on others to think for you. 
When you are more Self-Reliant you will recognize a new you beginning to emerge – one who is more emotionally strong and capable. Good emotional strength dear ones will develop strong independence that will carry you through many tough storms. If a dear soul tends to be emotionally insecure, they often will withdraw themselves from being accountable for their efforts and actions. It is understood the more emotional energy a dear soul has, a higher and more optimistic attitude is revealed. 
This is your journey dear ones. Each part of it you are accountable for. We encourage you to be in control of your life and journey. Realize the importance to build and maintain the energy required to meet all your needs as well as within your new Self-Reliant skill. As you are able to see your growth and development from all the hard work you have applied on your own, a great feeling of peace and self-satisfaction will fill your entire being with a profound calmness that was never there before. Give yourself the essential tools to further your journey’s growth and development. You have what you need already; it’s all right there inside of you. 
When you know how to be Self-Reliant dear ones you will know true freedom as you become your own Person. 
And so it is…
I AM Ascended Master, 

Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

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