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Getting Smart About Your Choices: Third Uranus/Pluto Square—May 20, 2013.
During the first two Uranus/Pluto squares many people woke up, actually intensely feeling their real connections to others. This is the awakening of the human heart. Of course, with so many people lighting up, chaos is rampant in the world. Sometimes I wonder if we are right in the middle of the Second Coming! One by one, people sense that the fabled return is not Jesus coming again: the Second Coming is about awakening love in our hearts. I actually think this is what’s going on. No wonder everything is so intense.

Pluto turned retrograde April 12th, so the third square is quickly closing in now. At this point, many people realize that our species is in extreme crisis. If we want to survive, we have to balance human needs with planetary resources, only the very first step back into balance. Also, each person must remember what it feels like to be a sensitive and happy human. This is feasible because so many are integrating the negative side—befriending the dark. This involves seeing things that have always gone on in our world instead of just being nice. Some are responding very courageously to this polarity expansion, while others drop out because they just don’t want to see ugly side of life. I understand; I take a total break from it at least once a week.

The covers for evil acts—such as rampant sexual abuse of children, governments orchestrating mass trauma events like 9/11, and bankers fleecing the public—have been stripped off! The only difference between now and the past is that a majority knows what’s going on, for example publicizing that women get raped in India. They always have been! The condition of our sacred world is depressing, overwhelming, and sometimes seems hopeless, but it is changing. When enough people face cold hard reality, it changes. And, this is it!

If you will recall my reading for the previous Uranus/Pluto square on September 19, 2012, I suggested that we all need to make some very clear intentions because our reality—3D—is governed by quantum principles, such as Entanglement. We are all tangled up together amidstconstantly changing probable outcomes, so the changes in the collective
 are horrendous, yet magnificent! Since everybody has free will, some choose to kill people, such as little children in a New England school or shooting Malala Yusafzai on a bus in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the majority is now realizing the murderers are those who get power and profit from weapons. Soon after the second Saturn/Pluto square, violent acts against Western powers that occupy far distant countries became a dominant theme. The Libyan US Ambassador was murdered in the Benghazi Embassy; Afghan and Pakistani soldiers and policeman ambushed their American trainers; and a second Korean war may be in the making. As we come to the end zone of the second square, North Korea is screaming at the US over its 60-year occupation of South Korea. If this does not happen, then the US will end its expensive commitment to South Korea. Regardless of all that, many beautiful intentions were carried out by each one of you. In the quantum, the dark shares equally with the light so with so many people opening their hearts, ugly truths seep out like sewage in the basement.

What am I talking about when I say we live in quantum reality now, the experience that many call the ascension? As a result of the great cataclysm around 12,000 years ago, our species got locked in 3D—solid world—because we were overwhelmed by terror. We lost our multidimensionality. Now that we are facing the demons—encapsulated evil beings and events trapped in 3D—we are liberating these forces. They need this final choice, and I will discuss the liberation of evil more in the upcoming readings. As this is happening, those who are assiduously committed to love and ethical behavior are learning about the 4D chessboard, where the demons play their games. So, what are we to do? First, we must remember everyday that we are not locked in 3D anymore. We cannot negotiate our path according to 3D techniques, such as getting money and power. Those who still pursue 3D gains are playing chess with the demons, a very dangerous game. It is just a choice. Secondly, we must remember how to utilize probable realities, that is, functioning by synchronicity, parallel events, and detecting other-dimensional parts of ourselves that lovingly entangle us. We do this by surrendering to love, our guide to higher realities.

Since the previous Uranus square Pluto, many of you have been struggling with serious health issues, horrific family madness, financial breakdown, and searing shock over the violence in your communities and in the world. Since September 2012, especially since December 21, 2012, we have been in massive overwhelm, such as the searing pain most people feel about the Newtown massacre of the innocent. Anybody who isn’t in pain about the death of loving little children is a demon, and we all know who they are. The ascension through the fourth dimension is madness, which can be so easily seen by the blindness of the NRA president, as well as the killer of the children who started first with his mother. These great squares are the most difficult in places around the world that are militarized and heavily armed, the places where the demons are shockingly active. Not forever!

Thankfully, this third square is going to be very different! As the square sets up on May 20th just a few hours after the Sun moves into Gemini, the collective will quicken. Many of you will be getting very smart about how your personal world is a freedom zone in the quantum field, an island of opportunity as defined by Chaos Theory. These islands are nine-dimensional nodes that attract people in the heart, just like lily pads attract frogs in the summer. The massive collective wave of understanding about what’s wrong with our world offers each one of us the hope that we can do something about it together.

Certainly we were never going to get anywhere as long as people remained ignorant. Considering the dire straits in the collective, more people spontaneously intend what they need with everyone else in mind. Working on how we really want our life to be—personally and collectively—creates a flow that will grow and grow and draw people together. Eventually, the lily pads will cover the water’s surface. The overblown and callous elite has over played its hand, such as the National Rifle Association in the US. Outrageous! From May 20 to the fourth square on November 1 of this year, you will feel the importance of your own role in the drama. This will feel good and improve the collective as you take action.

Since September 19, 2012 many have felt stuck, used, abused, sick, and hopeless, but now we will travel on unique Gemini tracks. Greedy bankers, warmongers, murderers, and cheats will still be in control of the chessboard, but they will be making very bad moves. They probably will run the world through 2015, but will not be held for consideration anymore in the collective heart. Once the frequency of the heart dominates the field by 2016, their hiding places will be gone.

We all have the divine right to happiness, not just a few! Keep moving with your intentions firmly in mind. Visualize how you want the world to be every day. We are getting somewhere, so the trick is to trust the unique importance of who you are and what you give to the world. It’s time to identify what’s possible and then to make it happen. The intentions you chose after the second square are all part of the awakening of the collective field; quicken this like bees pollinating spring flowers. There are so many potentially wonderful things, yet there is a corresponding dark side to everything. When you see dark things, go deep inside to find your participation in it, and change yourself.

I know how confusing this is because it’s about changing probabilities and outcomes. Your intentions never cancel out the intentions of others. Only they can choose to stop doing these hideous things. What is manifesting during these great squares is directly proportional to each person’s clarity, will power, and trust. In my analysis of the third Uranus/Pluto square [May 20, 2013, 7:02 PM EDT, Washington, DC] I’m looking for ways that we can utilize the remarkable genius in its chart. It is going to trigger a massive waking up in smart people living in a very difficult collective field.

You will be experiencing shifts in the collective mood, rather like the moment when a prison riot starts because people can’t take it any more; they organize to fight oppression together. The dark issues that tug at your heart will reward you with joy if you take action to change them. From September 2012 until now, we’ve seen just how bad things can get, yet most of us know that the vast majority is sickened by what’s going on. Remember to be shocked by these great events, not just dulled! So few agree with how things are that they will start to change things. We already see this with the great movement being led by the grieving parents of Newtown, Conn. against arming everybody. These changes will accelerate during the third square, so let’s go for the reading!

The Sun goes into Gemini right during the most intense phase of the great square, so Gemini’s intelligence and flexibility take over the planet until November 1, 2013. Our feelings are aligned and harmonized because the Moon in Libra closely trines the Sun in Gemini. The Moon in Libra’s love of beauty and grace dances with the Sun in Gemini’s lucidity
and brilliance. This singing resonance makes all humans into dancers in the great global ballet. And, the Sun moving into Gemini is exactly conjunct the Pleiades, which means the human heart is profoundly activated.

Gemini rules Mercury, so next we look to Mercury to see how we can move this exquisite energy into the ugly, locked up mess on our planet. Well, Mercury is in his own sign, Gemini, which doubles his genius for changing everything. Mercury is exactly sextile Uranus in Aries, which is, of course, in exact square to Pluto: Therefore, Mercury quincunxes (150 degrees) Pluto. The quincunx of Mercury to Pluto pushes the dark forces out into the open, like guilty lovers caught en flagrante. This potent configuration is the strongest influence in this Uranus/Pluto square: Smart Mercury in Gemini simultaneously activates transformation by Uranus and deep cleansing by Pluto.

This is a hot sextile and quincunx, so I will speculate a bit about some things that could happen in the coming months: Bashar Assad of Syria might find himself in a back alley running for his life; the Americans will probably be hastily pulling out of more of their occupation zones; and who’s at the top of the global sexual abuse pyramid could be revealed. Mercury sextile Uranus in Aries quincunx Pluto in Capricorn screams to all of us, do it! You can do it! Many people are going to very inspired at this point, which can force the Blue Meanies to run with their tails between their legs, especially the bankers in expensive suits.

Saturn retrograde in 7 Scorpio trines Neptune in 5 Pisces. Spiritual strength (Neptune in Pisces) is ours if we pursue truth and allow no compromises (Saturn in Scorpio). These truly are the times that try men and women’s souls, the moment when the strongest begin to shine. Expect to see some truly remarkable acts of truth and courage from the least expected places and people, especially when Saturn goes direct at 5 Scorpio on July 8. Meanwhile, as you take difficult steps, it will be uncomfortable because Venus in 14 Gemini exactly squares Chiron in 14 Pisces.

Chiron in Pisces has triggered a massive wave of pain in the collective since May 2010. Chiron’s exact square to Venus in Gemini suggests that human suffering will overwhelming for many this summer. This square does not bode well regarding the possibility of an Avian flu pandemic which may be spreading now. Whatever goes on,
there will be great awareness of the suffering and limitations of women. Great compassion will arise for women and children living with distress. Yet, Chiron trines the lunar North Node in 17 Scorpio, so these great events are healing our species, the great wave of compassion that makes us all one.

Putting Saturn trine Neptune together with Chiron square Venus, we may experience astonishing weather changes, such as the breakdown of the North Atlantic current and a really intense El Nino. Already everybody knows the seas are rising and threatening coastal areas. Great events blast people hearts open to offer the experience of surrender, the joy of being a human that can assist others in need. We are so slow to change, but now we’re forced. Astonishing events are likely this summer; I’d be shocked if things are tranquil.

Putting all these aspects together, firm attention to what you’ve chosen to create is a must! Don’t let up on your visualizations. My collective visualization for months has been that the rats that created 9/11 would be publicly exposed. Stay on track with your intentions no matter what’s going on “out there” because this is going to be a wild and fascinating summer. This phase will be the long-awaited transition on our beautiful planet, the melding of humankind so we can return to caring for each other and the world. And, for those who have not heard, our grand daughter, Luciana Orsini Clow was born when the Sun rose on December 21, 2012.

by Barbara Hand Clow

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