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Many are already ascending, and that floodgate, that portal is already open, and many, many, many are taking advantage of it. Hundreds of thousands now have taken advantage of it

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What Do We Need to Keep in Mind about Dec. 21, 2012?

This being Nov. 22, we are now within the one-month corridor leading up to Dec. 21, 2012.

Today is said to be an important day unto itself – the activation of the Eleventh Gate “at the turning point of the second Window of Opportunity.” (1)  A worldwide meditation was held, here on the West Coast of North America at 3:11 a.m. and whatever time that corresponded to in other time zones.

It is also a master number day generally – 11/22. And there isn’t a person of my generation that will not remember it as the day that John Kennedy was assassinated.

You heard Archangel Michael on Monday’s An Hour with an Angel, explain what will and will not happen around Dec. 21, 2012.  And that’s really what I want to talk about here.

I tried to pin him down on the matter of Dec. 21, 2012.

Steve Beckow: I’d like a really clear and unequivocal answer to the question. And that is, will we ascend as a planet with all its inhabitants to the 5th dimension on December 21st, 2012, or will we not? Will something else happen?
Archangel Michael: Yes, you would like a very clear, unequivocal answer, would you not?
SB: I would, yes.
AAM: But as you know, I have been very hesitant not only in this forum but in other forums to give this answer. Let me put it this way. And I am not trying to avoid your question, but it is not as clear-cut as you are presenting.  (2)

Why was it not as clear-cut as I was presenting? He went over the matters that make him reticent to emphasize the date too much or that make it difficult to represent it as a “one-size-fits-all” situation.  In the first place, he said some time ago that he did not want us fixating on that date and not doing our preparations beforehand.
Archangel Michael: When you are talking about a specific date, the reason that I am avoiding it is because too many people in your collective become fixated on a date and time.  Is this [i.e., Dec. 21] a moment in time that is highly significant in terms of the shift? Yes. Do I suggest that you wait until December 19th to get ready? No. Do I suggest that if you arrive on December 22nd that you have missed the boat? No.

So what you are doing is you are focusing on one point rather than getting on with the process. (3)

So on the one hand we need to refrain from postponing our work of clearing ourselves of our negative attitudes and vasanas (4) until Dec. 19. And on the other hand, if we don’t ascend on Dec. 21, we need to refrain from lapsing into thinking we won’t ascend at all. But I’ll leave this latter point to a fuller explanation later in this article.

In the second place, he did not want to focus on Dec. 21 over all other dates because many lightworkers and lightholders will be ascending before Dec. 21. He said this past Monday: “Many are already ascending, and that floodgate, that portal is already open, and many, many, many are taking advantage of it. Hundreds of thousands now have taken advantage of it.” (5)

He had previously reported this development on An Hour with an Angel on Nov. 12, 2012:

Steve Beckow: Well, I think one question that is on many listeners’ minds, and it may be primarily on my own, is: Did many lightworkers ascend and did they return as gatekeepers?
AAM: Yes, yes. And it is not a coincidence that many, many went through the portal. And what we are suggesting is that it is about a 24-hour portal and so many are anchoring, re-anchoring today back in what they feel is some physical form. So yes, many ascended. Well over a hundred thousand. (6)

If we can keep the sense of people ascending at different times in mind, then we can understand why, when I asked him if Ascension would be sudden or gradual, he replied that it would be “incremental.” It will be sudden for people when it happens and they will disappear from 3D. But they will ascend at different times. Here he explains the point in detail:
Steve Beckow: Is ascension sudden or is it gradual?

Archangel Michael: It is incremental. But let us be very clear, people will disappear. Now, in conjunction with that, they will also become a dim memory. You’ve had situations like this where you have had a pain or a bad habit or something that used to bother you very deeply, and you let it go. And then a year or two later, this situation will arise again and in a very vague way, you will say, “Oh, … yeah, that used to bother me,” and then you will continue with your day.

The shifting can be incremental. [Depending] on the readiness of the population, what we are seeing right now is that it will be in shifts. And there will be steps and doorways where some will simply go through and anchor for the whole, and then more will go through and anchor for the whole, until the entire process is completed.

Now there still will be those unfortunately, (or fortunately for they are doing what they wish, although it is not my desire), that will choose to continue on in this type of a reality, of the Third as you could think of it as … and they will be shifted to an alternate situation. The people, say, who are sitting there, may blink and not even remember … or have dim sense, ‘I wonder where so and so went?’

People will disappear. It will not be cause for trauma or mayhem. It will not be the same grieving as someone in the physical realm dying. It will just be a slight shift in the case of friends. But, in the case of husbands and wives, parents and children, there would be a knowing. (7)

In the third place, he did not want us to think that Ascension would be an all or nothing affair on Dec. 21, 2012 because some people who were not quite ready would remain behind in a temporary 3D holographic world and ascend a little later when they are fully ready, as he explained this past Monday:
Archangel Michael: If you are determined that you still are requiring [a 3D experience] in terms of your own soul journey, for a very brief period of time, there will be a window open — and this has been a part of our work – if you are choosing to still have partial, and I do mean partial, experiences of what you consider to be the 3rd dimension, then you can do so. But the reality is not going to be there. You will experience a hologram.

Now, I am talking about the portion of the human race — not those who absolutely refuse to go and therefore have chosen reassignment — that is ready to go, holding love, but still clinging to some false belief systems. Now, I do not mean the false belief systems that are of the lower vibration, such as control, greed, death, destruction, despair.

So there will be some who find themselves in an intermediary position. But for the majority of those who have said yes, you will find yourself in very rapid transition into the 5th dimension. And perhaps even higher, for some of you. (8)

He said that “by and large, that is not the people who are listening to this program tonight.” (9) The people who are not quite ready include these people who, for instance, would be furious if nothing happened for them on Dec. 21. He asked them to let go of their fury because it will stand in the way of their ascending.

Archangel Michael: There are also those who are still clinging — and we do include the lightholder, loveholder community who are still clinging to some fear, to some anger, to some reticence.

You need to let go of this, my friends. This is the last push. We have been flooding you with energy, but we cannot do this completely to you. This is a joint undertaking. This is the creative partnership.

When you have said, for example, if you wake up on the 22nd of December and it seems like you are in the same old same old, then you will be angry – then you WILL be angry, because you are holding onto anger. It has no place! It cannot exist, within your heart, within your being, within your essence, and it cannot exist in the air you breathe and the vibration of New Gaia, of Nova Earth.

So if you are holding on to it, if you are sitting there with your arms folded and saying, “If this doesn’t happen I am going to be furious,” I am begging you, let go of the fury. Let go of the fear. Let go of the reticence. This is a co-creation with you. It is the only reason you came to Earth at this time. (10)

In the fourth place, there is another group who will not ascend in a “snap,” as he says. As a group, they’re not familiar with Ascension and if they suddenly woke up in a Fifth-Dimensional world, they might have a psychotic break, wondering what had happened to them and feeling alarmed. I’m reminded of people in the Sixties who took too much LSD, took adulterated acid, or did not know what to expect and for one of these reasons had a “bad trip.”
These potentially-unnerved ascenders would have a period of rest and adjustment that he called “incubation.”
Archangel Michael: Now I have said that this is a process and not quite a snap. And what do we mean in terms of divine understanding when we say that? Because when we say [it is not quite a] snap, we mean that it is not completely instantaneous. So for example, there are many, many, many upon your planet who have no idea about such a shift occurring. We are not trying, nor do we wish to set up a situation where people wake up and feel that they are psychotic. So for them, there will be a transition, somewhat of an incubation, while they attune themselves to the new reality. (11)

So will Gaia and her inhabitants ascend on Dec. 21, 2012? The answer is yes. But will there be others who do not ascend on Dec. 21 but ascend either earlier or later? The answer is also yes. And will there be those who ascend and are not made conscious of their ascent until they have adjusted, acclimatized or become aware of what has happened? Again, yes.  Moreover, would he prefer that people not focus on Dec. 21 and do their work now? Decidedly yes.

So these are the extenuating circumstances that prevent Archangel Michael from simply saying that we ascend on Dec. 21, 2012 (period). Most of us who intend to ascend and are ready for it will do so, but, for one reason or another, others will ascend but either not on that day or else will not be conscious that they have ascended on that day.
by Steve Beckow


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