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Transcript of Archangel Michael on Persistent Questions Relating to Ascension and a Roundtable – Part 1/2

2012 November 22
Posted by Steve Beckow
We started this interview with a few questions about the number of views of I Know My Galactic Family is Here. Do You? [4.5 million overall, 3 million on Youtube. Youtube own's count? 209, 773] and on the nearness of the Iraqi dinar re-evaluation and the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocol implementation.

Then we moved on to some of the persistent Ascension-related questions such as will we ascend on Dec. 21 or not? Will the sick be healed? What will be the fate of those who stay behind for parents or patients? Will all children ascend? Can one ascend later than Dec. 21? Why would people want to meet in conferences after Dec. 21? and more.

Archangel Michael needed to make some difficult distinctions such as that there is allowance for people who are ready to ascend in most ways but still possess anger or other negative emotions. They will exist for a short time on a 3D hologram until they are ready to ascend. And he said that sick patients will be healed and will ascend so doctors do not need to remain with them. Etc.

In addition to his talk the hosts and Linda held a roundtable discussion of many Ascension-related matters and that part of the hour and a half with an angel will be posted tomorrow. Thank you to Ellen who labored mightily through difficulties to get the transcript done.

An Hour with an Angel with Archangel Michael and a Roundtable, November 19, 2012

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and Steve Beckow of the 2012 Scenario. It’s a pleasure to be with you. I’m Graham Dewyea.

Our guest today is Archangel Michael. And Steve will interview him for 45 minutes, and then we’ll follow with a roundtable discussion on what was shared, and Steve, Linda, Geoff and myself will be participating in that.

So with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And I’m looking forward to our show tonight. And welcome, Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: And welcome to you, dear friend, for I am Michael, warrior of peace, archangel of love, bringer of news, bringer of the new dawn in so many ways. And yes, there is a great deal for us to discuss this night, not only about your process of Ascension but of course about the collective process, and about some of the hindrances that appear on the horizon, which we of course will get into.

But first I ask you as we begin, as I often do, to ignite your blue flame of peace, to ignite the knowing of peace within your being, to ignite the love within your heart. Let the bright blue flame burn brightly, not only for you to see and to feel, but for all to see and feel, not only upon your plane of Gaia, not only within your dimensions, but throughout the galaxies and throughout the realms.

So dear friend, where do you wish to begin this day?

SB: Thank you, Lord. And I actually do wish to begin with three very quick questions, two of which are probably going to find their way into Cosmic Vision News.

The first question is, can you give us an update, please, on the number of views of I Know Our Galactic Family Is Here on YouTube, and then the total number, please?

AAM: Oh, it is several million now. It is over 3 million in terms of the YouTube, and it is about 4,500,000 in terms of total views.

SB: Okay. Well, thank you very much. We can only get that information from you.
Now, two questions from Geoffrey. Again, short answers are fine. Several news articles received on Sunday have indicated that a re-evaluation of the Iraqi Dinar is now underway and could be announced today, and perhaps even by the time this program airs.

Some sources have indicated that this is a scam, and others feel that it is a vehicle by which some of the Prosperity Funds may make it into the hands of good people.

Has a re-evaluation taken place? And if So is this also a tool for getting funds backed by precious metals out to people?

AAM: The re-evaluation of the Iraq Dinar as you well know has been underway for some time in terms of what you would think of as back-room discussions. The official re-evaluation has not taken place quite yet, but there are some very, can we say, high-level discussions about that going forth very quickly.

Yes, it is a way in which to have money into the hands of many who have trusted and who have undertaken this investment in order to have help for the lightwork and the lightholder community.

This situation is being pushed and being okayed by the highest levels of government, and is occurring at this time because of the re-election of Barack Obama. Now, also understand, though, there are many that are still involved in the economic controls and, can we say, terrorism, of the United States in particular, but international monetary [terrorism?] as well, against the Middle East. The heating up of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is also having an effect on delaying that ree-valuation being announced. But you can anticipate it very shortly.

SB: Thank you, Lord. There are some rumors circulating at this time about a series of financial protocols that have been called the Wanta-Reagan-Mitterand Protocols. At least one source is indicating that these Protocols are now being implemented and this will help to release global Prosperity Funds. Is there truth to the rumor that the Protocols are going to be implemented, and is there truth to the rumor that it will help with the Global Prosperity Funds?

AAM: Well, certainly the implementation of these Protocols would result in a lessening of financial stress, and the implementation of financial security for many. But think of those protocols in many ways as being akin to the discussions about the Dinar. Yes, we understand that they are completely different participants and principles, but it is actually part and parcel of the same undertaking.

So these principles and these Protocols are being discussed, but they have not yet been implemented.

SB: Thank you, Lord. Turning now to Ascension, which is really the topic of our interview today, the first question I wanted to ask you is it’s been asked before, but the question persists in the lightworker community. And I’d like a really clear and unequivocal answer to the question. And that is, will we ascend as a planet with all its inhabitants to the 5th dimension on December 21st, 2012, or will we not? Will something else happen?

AAM: Yes, you would like a very clear, unequivocal answer, would you not?

SB: I would, yes.

AAM: But as you know, I have been very hesitant not only in this forum but in other forums to give this answer. Let me put it this way. And I am not trying to avoid your question, but it is not as clear-cut as you are presenting.

Many are already ascending, and that floodgate, that portal is already open, and many, many, many are taking advantage of it. Hundreds of thousands now have taken advantage of it.

What you are doing and what many, particularly of the lightworker and lightholder community, have been stuck on is the event of December 21st, 2012. But Ascension, and the Ascension of Gaia with all upon her, is not simply a singular, one-day, one-minute, one second event.

Is this a benchmark? Is this a time when there is alignment, both cosmically, energetically, and in terms of Divine Plan where things are coming together, where spirit, being, form, matter, molecules, essence, Mother/Father One, humans, elementals and planet are coming together in order to shift from one reality to another? The answer is yes.

But — and I must add this but, even though many of you do not like to hear this word, and I certainly do not like or enjoy using it — you are thinking of this as an immediate snap for everybody concerned. As we have said, all are welcome, all are included in the plan; Gaia has not discounted any kingdom or any person, any human, hybrid, starseed, Earth-keeper; but not all are prepared to reset the clock, as it were, in that moment.

So is there the opportunity for others to take a slower route, to engage in a process that is more attuned to their own time schedule and what they consider reality? The question is open for discussion, and the answer is yes.

SB: Well, let me put it another way, Lord. I imagine that if people wake up on December 22nd and find that the Earth is still here in 3D, there will be a tremendous hue and cry, a lot of questioning saying, well, did it happen, or did it not? So is the Earth going to be here in 3D after December 21st?

AAM: Let me say this. The Earth is already not very well anchored in 3D. And so will it be anchored in 3D on December 21st, 2012? The answer is no. It will be anchored firmly and completely in the heart of the 5th dimension. Will it brush lightly in the fourth, not the third? Will it brush lightly into the 7th? The answer is yes. The anchoring of the planet at that time will be in the 5th dimension.

SB: If I was on planet Earth on December 22nd, and I asked this —

AAM: Which you will be!

SB: [laugh] Yes, of course. But would I see the 3rd dimension? Is there going to be anything to see in the 3rd dimension of Gaia on December 22nd?

AAM: This is a very important discussion. And I am excited and thrilled that you and all of you who are listening or listening after the fact, are prepared to have this discussion. So I want to be very clear. So let me back up.

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