Wednesday, August 13, 2014

You Were Created Perfect to Live in Joy for All Eternity BY John Smallman

Thank you Christ and John!

Jesus postingThe pace of the awakening process continues to accelerate, as more and more of you make a point of meditating daily with the intent that the Tsunami of Love penetrates every heart and brings peace to mankind.
You are ready for peace, you have been for a number of decades, but the old order, which grew up in strife and conflict, was not willing to give up the power with which conflict provided it. However, the number of members of that old order remaining on Earth is greatly reduced, as is their influence, and as ever more of their secrets are revealed their support among the populace continues to fall away.
They will either allow Love into their hearts or move on because their warlike intentions can no longer fit with humanity’s collective intention for world peace. Humanity has finally realized that force of arms, war, cannot lead to peace, and will not therefore countenance any more wars.
You know that you are presently enveloped in the Tsunami of Love, but you have absolutely no idea of Its immense power! Do not be swayed into hopelessness or depression by the horrifying news of conflicts worldwide, because the Love field, in which all is contained, is steadily and irreversibly calming the minds and hearts of those who would engage in further conflict.
The time for conflict is past! The New Golden Age, which was initiated on Earth on December 21st/22nd 2012, is now most firmly and incontrovertibly established, consequently no new major conflicts can arise anywhere on Earth purely because the collective will of humanity has moved from fear to Love, and as a result peace will ensue.
You can all assist this move into peace, harmony, acceptance, forgiveness, and LOVE by intensifying your will to peace whenever you meditate. And, do not forget to participate in the Peace Meditation on Friday August 15th, the date on which the Roman Catholic Church commemorates my mother Mary’s bodily assumption into Heaven. Because that date is so widely known and honored the collective power of your intent for peace is vastly magnified on that day.
Make it a further tipping point in bringing peace to all nations, cultures, political organizations, religious organizations, families, and one on one relationships. Let everyone of you embrace unconditional acceptance and forgiveness as you meditate, because it is up to each human to change him or herself and that change will encourage and enable the world to change to reflect that intention.
Refusing to forgive, holding on to resentment and a desire for restitution, drains your individual energy fields, builds a fortress of defenses around you through which your essential needs are unable to approach you, because you are closing yourselves off from Love, the Source of life.
Love offers you infinite abundance, but you have to allow It to suffuse and possess you by releasing from yourselves anything that is not in alignment with It. You can do this because deep within yourselves you do know that resentment and a desire to see others punished for the pain and suffering you believe that they have caused you only intensifies your own suffering. Listen to your hearts, they will guide you Home!
Love never condemns or punishes, It cannot because to do so is totally alien to It’s nature, God’s Nature! You are, each and every sentient being, an aspect of God, and so those drives to judge, condemn, or punish are in truth utterly alien to you. When you cling to them peace and happiness desert you, because, as you engage with and encourage fear and hate into your lives to pursue those unloving ends, you drive out Love.
While pursuing those ends, you have to maintain your focus on how wrong those who have hurt you are, and how much they need to be punished for you to find peace. But, even if your desires for restitution are delivered, you do not find peace because you are still left with endless resentment for what you see and experience in the present as suffering unjustly and unfairly inflicted upon you in the past.
To focus on memories of suffering that you have undergone prevents you from enjoying the present moment, the only moment that exists, and just prolongs your suffering. Let them go and enjoy the peace and relief from stress that doing so provides.
Most of you, as you grew from childhood into adulthood, grew up in a world where God was believed to watch over your every thought, word, and deed. You were frequently taught to fear this powerful Being from whom you could hide nothing, and who could and would condemn you to eternal suffering in hell unless you took great care to follow incomprehensible rules and regulations that your parents, priests, and teachers informed you were God’s Will for you.
That upbringing has scarred all who experienced it, no matter which religion they were born into, and the residue of that tender scar tissue is where those rules and regulations abide ingrained, still retaining the power to fill you with a sense of guilt and unworthiness.
When you meditate bring your guilt and unworthiness to your holy altar and release them into God’s loving embrace which will utterly dissolve them. You were created perfect to live in joy for all eternity because all that God creates is created in Love, where all of creation has its eternal and ever-present existence.
That is where each one of you has always existed and will forever exist. The guilt, pain, suffering, and fear that presently plague your lives are unreal as you will see with astonishing clarity when you awaken once more into your natural and fully conscious state.
God LOVES you in a manner that is incomprehensible to you as you sleep your way through the illusion, experiencing all these sensations that are anathema to Love. It is only a dream or nightmare, however painful and frightening it may seem to be, and you will awaken from it.
Ask for a Love squeeze every time you enter your quiet place of inner peace, that sacred sanctuary where the inextinguishable flame of God’s Love was placed at the moment of your creation, and relax into the Divine embrace that awaits you there.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
BY JohnSmallman2.

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