Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Heavenletter #5007: New Life Dawning

Thank you Heavenletter!

Just as there is no end to life, there is no end to you. There is only the present, and this means that you are in process. Something that happens on Earth may leave you feeling bereft, as if your life is at an end, all over, the meaning of your life all over, and yet you are not at the end of your life. Life does not stay the same, yet life doesn’t vanquish you.
Because something in life is against your will does not mean that you have failed. Because you go bankrupt, doesn’t mean you have failed. It means you have moved on. And if it is your heart that has gone bankrupt, you have not failed. You have just turned down a different road.
Sense of failure is a hardship that you add to your life on Earth. You cannot fail. That something important to you in your life goes kaput, does not mean you have failed. Beloveds, you are never kicked out of the Kingdom of Heaven. It may seem so to you because the world doesn’t hand you what you want, or it takes away what it has given. You are an illusionist. You make something of life that isn’t there. You read more into it than there is. It is only life.
I do not make light of your feelings at any given moment. I do not say that whatever you are going through is nothing at all. When you go through a desert, I recognize that you are thirsty. When you go through a jungle, I recognize the humidity that encompasses you. This is what I am trying to say. A desert is. A jungle is. You are not the desert. You are not the jungle. They are not you. I say that you make too much of deserts and jungles. You make too much of them because you are attached.
You have greater to rely on than your circumstances. If someone lets you down, if someone is unkind, that is his problem, not yours.
“Whoa,” you say to Me, “Whoa! I’m the one who is hurting.”
I am saying that you have to get on a different train of thought. I am saying, if someone has stolen your diamond, what the theft means to you is what the theft means to you. You are you with or without your diamond. If someone steals your heart and then abandons you, no one has broken your heart. You have broken your own heart.
I am saying that you are your own responsibility. What you see as tragedy comes down to another junction in your life. If the sweetness of love is over, you are at a turning-point. And, so, now you turn in another direction. Of necessity, you must lift yourself higher. You gain, even if imposed by force, a new way for your thoughts to travel.
No matter what has happened or not happened, you have drawn conclusions about it. You made something of it. You told yourself a story, and you wrote the ending as despair.
Now write a beginning where you are no longer captive of your thoughts. New thinking, and you are anew. Free yourself. If a situation in your life is done with, be done with it. Rise from the ashes, beloved. You are your own Sovereign Being. Your life, as it unrolls, is not the extent of you. Look up. Stand up. You do not need to wait for the count of ten and so proclaim yourself as done with. Be your own Rising Star, and rise in the East as a new dawn ever brighter than the one before, ever new, life ever dawning on you.

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