Sunday, August 10, 2014

Montague Keen - August 10, 2014

Thank you Monty and Veronica!

So much is being orchestrated to try to bring you down and to prevent your work. They will not be allowed to succeed. In their desperation to find a way to start World War III, they are lashing out at everyone they perceive to be in their way. All they can do now is to buy time, as their inevitable demise is written in stone: they cannot, and will not, survive.

It will take time and patience to remove all they [the Cabal] have set in place in order to keep humanity down and controlled. They cannot believe their carefully thought out plans (the plans they spent years putting into place) will not be successful. As the Great Awakening progresses, each day you absorb the new energy which will sustain you as you progress on the difficult path to full consciousness and enlightenment. The Cabal has many plans up its sleeve to try to slow down your awakening. Do not buy into them. This "ebola threat" is one such diversion. They just want to cause FEAR and PANIC. Foolish people fall for it every time, and create panic. This is just what it is designed to do. Their tools of control - your TVs and newspapers - will fill your minds with fear of ebola, convincing some that they actually have it, even though there is no outbreak. This is total MIND CONTROL IN ACTION. Although it has always worked in the past, surely you are sufficiently awake now, to see through it, and not fall for it again?

Open your eyes to your own power, and see yourselves as powerful Beings of Light who are awakening from a deep slumber. Recognise your power to say "no":  "We are the 99%, who do not want this to continue. We will not support your unjust wars!"

All have a divine right to live in peace. When one is attacked, it affects all of you, for you are humanity. It is those who were expelled from Mars who descended on Earth. They descended in the East and they took control of humanity. They then insisted that life began in the East; though in fact, the demise of humanity began with them in the East. They took control of your planet through education, banking, religion, etc. Look to the West for the TRUTH and you will find it. All that you were taught was totally wrong. This was done in order to keep under control. Everything will become clear when your true history is revealed and understood. That, my friends, will be your real awakening.

I have pointed out, many times, that those who may look like you are not necessarily just like you. Those who descended and took control are in no way like you, only in outward appearances. Their agenda is to wipe you out, keeping only enough of you to act as slaves for them. Up to now, they have succeeded. Look around you: the evidence is staring you in the face, but until now, you have been blinded to it.

Their species was never meant to be on Earth. They do not belong here. Open your eyes: they poison the air you breathe, your crops, your water, and still you do nothing. They remove those "in power" who speak up and question what is happening. The Vatican has used FEAR to keep the masses down and in control, obedient only to them. THIS IS MIND CONTROL AT ITS MOST EVIL.

Again, I say to you, your work on the ley lines and places of power is producing the desired results. Please keep it up. May I ask you to also send your love and light to someone who is being held by the Cabal in an effort to prevent him carrying out his mission. Mind control, sleep deprivation, chemicals in the food: these are all being used on an innocent being of light whose only purpose in life is to enable humanity to live in peace and harmony. Together, we can ensure his release, and proceed with our work on Earth. Together, we can move mountains. Together, we will remove all that is EVIL and CORRUPT from the face of the Earth. Then humanity will live in peace and the New Age will begin.

Yes, I know it is hard work now, as a lot is being asked of you. The rewards of your struggles will live forever in the history and in the minds of Man. You, my friends, are the people chosen to carry out this work. This is why you have come together on Earth at this time. You will lead the way. 2014 will be remembered as the year in which the Light won the battle, and the Dark Ones were defeated; removed forever from the face of the Earth.

Many of them will choose to leave the planet. Many will be deactivated, so that never again will they be able, through death and destruction, to harm any other planet in your solar system. They must never again be allowed to infect any species with their evil way of life. The truth, my friends, must be faced and lessons need to be learned. Never again will you allow the takeover of your planet.

Veronica is having computer problems. Some of her emails are not allowed to be sent. She needs to contact MAT W, as his work is of interest. Also F S S, who visited Ireland recently. Would these people please make contact?

Both sides of life wish to thank those who have kindly donated for the purchase of the Centre in Ireland. Please continue to help, if possible. The Centres around the world will be provided by the people, for the people. These are the steps that need to be taken in order to set yourselves free. They will provide a stage for information to be shared, and for the guidance and help that will be needed as you enter the New Age of Enlightenment. You have to UNLEARN all that the Cabal ensured you learned, step out of 3D thinking and living. Together, go forward in truth and light, in a world where peace and love are not just talked about, THEY ARE LIVED. This is our purpose. Are you with us on this?

My dear, all these problems are sent to try you. They do, but you can and will rise above them. Your friends are there for you. They were chosen. Go forward in the sure knowledge that you will walk your path with dignity in light and love.

Always at your side. Your adoring, Monty.

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

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