Thursday, March 21, 2013

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The pace of change in attitude across the world is gathering momentum

In that wondrous state, Love is the engine, the creative energy, the divine power grid that maintains, supports, and makes possible all that exists.  It is totally clean, infinitely abundant, fulfilling, and available, and from It all of creation receives everything it could ever need or conceive of to maintain infinite quantities of live, loving, intelligent consciousness, creating further abundance in perfect beauty and harmony, eternally.
The most practical form of allegory I can use to give you some tiny comprehension of Love is to compare It to electricity.  Electricity flows easily and powerfully in many strengths and intensities to bring to life many systems, appliances, and convenience items that you nowadays consider absolutely essential to maintain an acceptable standard of living.  However, unlike Love, the downsides of mere electricity are numerous: it can burn or kill you if incorrectly handled; it can destroy the item it is driving; it uses up vast quantities of non-renewable energy sources in its manufacture, which pollute your environment in their harvesting and burning; and of course without it, modern life, as you have become accustomed to living it, comes to a standstill.  Your situation without it is not comfortable, but you would most definitely survive – and remember, many billions still live successfully without it.
However, without Love – an absolute and utter impossibility – there is nothing!
Love is the Oneness of the divine Source of infinite and eternal (just to be absolutely clear: no beginning and no end), loving, intelligent consciousness, creating harmonious and stunningly beautiful abundance just for the pure joy of it.
To awaken from the illusion is to re-enter that blissful state, and that is the process that humanity is undergoing, has been undergoing since the moment of apparent separation from the Godhead.  The illusory world you built was very cleverly constructed because you wanted to be separate, independent, free to ignore your Source of Life and Consciousness.  And it does seem that you achieved what you set out to do, except that existence separated from that Source is eternally impossible.  You built an illusion that depends completely and utterly upon your collective belief in it, and while you maintain that belief the illusion is well-supported and enables you to play the games that you have been playing within it since you built it.
But it has brought you much suffering because you were created out of that Oneness for an eternal life of joy in the harmonious Oneness that is All That Exists – the Supreme Intelligence, the divine Source, God. One could allegorize again and suggest that life in the illusion is what life would be like for a human body devoid of its own working systems of the fluids and air essential for it to have a living conscious existence – permanently on artificial life-support in the intensive care unit of a large hospital – totally unaware of the intense hive of activity going on all around it.
Life like that has to be only temporary.  Machines cannot keep a human body alive.  They may give an impression of aliveness, but without the life-force it most definitely is not alive.  It is being maintained.  Some of you have had, or know someone who has had, an NDE (near death experience), and those artificial life support systems at the hospital enabled you to return the life-force to your bodies and continue life in the illusion.  But the choice to return was a difficult one, because while you were out of your body you experienced a tantalizing glimpse of what life could and should be like.  Others have been in that state but have returned with no memory of a heavenly experience, and that has always been their personal choice, as they decided that to return to the illusion with memories of heaven would be too crushing to endure.
Just remember that everyone on Earth at this time is here to assist in the awakening process, no matter how unaware they may appear to be of life in any form other than one embodied as a human being.  You are all spiritual beings of vast knowledge and intelligence, created from and eternally one with the divine field of Love, of eternal existence, and you are going to be free to discard those artificial and inadequate forms, should you choose to do so, that you presently confine yourselves within and return Home to Reality.
Daily relaxation in your inner place of peace is essential to the awakening process that you are undergoing, because it is there that you are most receptive to and best able to hear the guidance and intuitive insights that you need to maintain awareness of, in order to awaken from the illusion.  Those messages of guidance, those insights are as oxygen to a spark, inflaming the Light of Love that is within each of you and enabling you to bear it on high for all to share and enjoy.  Love demonstrated is an energy of incredible power, and each one of you has that power within you in infinite abundance.  Don’t hoard It, share It, and help to bring humanity Home.
With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman.

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