Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank you Christ and John!
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As amazing changes keep occurring all over the world the mainstream media is becoming less and less able to ignore reporting on them, and that is an excellent sign. Most people rely on the mainstream to keep themselves abreast of the latest news, and now the really important news is beginning to go mainstream which means that everyone will be looped into what is happening.  Information is the key to worldly power.  If you can sequester it you have control; if it escapes, control is lost.  And control is being lost by those who would control humanity, and this will enormously benefit all on Earth.
This explosion in the reporting of corruption and dishonesty in high places is bringing into everyone’s awareness the realization that the old hierarchical methods of running organizations of any kind are latently corrupt and dishonest, and need to be discontinued.  New and transparent methods are urgently required and are being, or will soon be, introduced on a wide front.  They are essential and inevitable aspects of the New Age which arrived rather quietly and discreetly late last year, and this is now beginning to be recognized as many ongoing and essential changes are seen to be taking place in so many areas of human activity.
The era of the old and dishonest ways is over.  Transparency in all relationships at every level of social interaction is the new norm, and, as you can see from the news reports, everywhere that corruption and deceit has been endemic people are rising up, pointing it out, and demanding change.  Their voices are being heard, and their righteous demands for change will be honored.  New leaders of unshakable honesty and integrity are replacing those who have misled and deceived you for so long. Help them by positively offering them your support, because the essential changes that are occurring and that still need to be brought into being require your cooperation.  You do this by supplying and building the inviolable foundations that are to underpin these new and incorruptible systems of civilized interaction which will operate through networks of local communities right through to the international global ones.
Your whole world is changing right before your eyes, so make sure you keep them open, otherwise you might miss the wonders that are being revealed as harmonious cooperation worldwide replaces the activities of committees meeting in secret to make deals that disenfranchise the populace at large.  Secret deals are passé. Undoubtedly they are still happening, but the intention of humanity to become a fully open society in which transparency is the norm will ensure that organizations are no longer able to hide or disguise their plans and activities in order to achieve ends that are not in the highest interests of everyone affected by them.
Many of you are still asking when the New Age will arrive, and I would like to reaffirm for you that it is already here.  The changes occurring all across the planet and the explosion in published information about large-scale corrupt practices in high places demonstrate this most clearly.  Many in positions of authority who had been held in high esteem, and whose corrupt practices and activities have now been exposed, are fighting a rearguard action to justify their behavior and to maintain those positions, but to no avail.  Their lack of integrity has been far too manifestly shown, and retirement is their only option.
It is likely in these initial stages of stunning disclosures, demonstrating the worldwide culture of endemic corruption in which so many have been entangled (which many have suspected but have had difficulty proving), that indictments will be issued and people will be brought to trial.
But, you have entered a New Age, a spiritual age in which Love and Truth have become the guiding principles underlying all planning and all activities.  As more and more of you embrace those principles it will become apparent that although the activities of those indicted were indeed unconscionable, they had been subject, like so many experiencing life in the illusion, to great fear, and threats to their personal safety or that of their loved ones had been made.  They had been deluded into believing that their actions were, in the long run, for the betterment of all.  When feeling severely threatened – of being shamed, rejected, abused, or destroyed – it is very difficult to think clearly let alone reason logically, and so great compassion is essential in dealing with these wrongdoers.
You have all had Earth lives in which you have behaved abominably, even though you cannot recall them – out of great compassion those memories have been effaced – so embrace the new principles enthusiastically, and allow any sense of resentment, blame, or judgment to fall away.  Some of those indicted who are in great pain – demonstrated through their intense anger, their apparent lack of regret, and their continuing insistence that they have done nothing wrong – may need to be restrained in quarters that will provide the peace, quiet, time, and seclusion that will allow them to go within and address the issues that have led them down this unhappy path.
Very compassionate and understanding listeners will need to be available so that they can discuss their issues, their pain, their experiences, and come to understand what they have done, accept their responsibility, and come to forgive those who, in the first place, they believe have abused and mistreated them. Then they will be ready to see clearly, and perhaps very painfully how badly they have also behaved, and after the shock that this recognition delivers, they will be ready to forgive themselves and fully embrace the Love that has been constantly offered to them.  And that will be true rehabilitation.
You are all in a process of rehabilitation; it is an essential part of your awakening process, so do not allow yourselves to fall back into the trap of judging others, however badly they appear to have behaved.  Love, compassion, forgiveness, and reconciliation light your path forwards to awakening.  Make sure to follow it, and so find your way Home.
Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman2.

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