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Thank  you Ascended Masters and Wes!
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The Ascended Masters: Your Power Goes Beyond Any Description We Could Give

Humanity continues to make great strides along your ongoing ascension process, and we like many others will continue to remind you of this progress so that you can receive the necessary motivation and support you require along difficult ventures such as this one.
The Earthly ventures you have all made have been noble indeed, and you have helped raise the overall consciousness level to unprecedented proportions as you worked diligently from your corners of perception on anchoring the natural Creator Light you have always felt within, that so many of you are finally beginning to awaken to your ability to access.
The hidden-away abilities humanity has always carried within will be fully understood and known for what they are as souls all across your world who have found an awakening to the latent multidimensional abilities they hold within, work to enlighten the rest of the souls around them and help them to understand these abilities for themselves.

Increased Metaphysical Perceptions

The heightened and intensified abilities we speak of that you will begin to find yourselves able to access are those of telepathy, an increased inner perception and a strengthened ability to perceive of future events and receive impressions about such events, among so many other things. These abilities are and have always been yours to unlock and understand, and we implore each of you who are reading this communication to understand that you are much more powerful beings than you have been led to accept.
Your power goes beyond any description that we could give, and this is why we ask you to realize such power so that you can begin using it for good rather than continuing to Create unneeded events in your Lives that manifest as a result of your unawareness of your strong and natural Creation abilities.
The Creations so many of you have manifested for yourselves have been out of balance because you have not understood the power behind your voices, words and actions, and what you have allowed to be Created upon the surface of your Earth has reflected this on a massive, widespread level.

Unawareness Feeding Density

The density and pollution manifested and fed on dearest Gaia at present is being fed partially because the unawareness of the human collective who is indeed beginning to wake up to it, has allowed for it and while we do understand that many of you recognize and do not accept the way your world runs and has continued to run for so very long; the general collective vibrations have determined what is manifested and unfortunately, density and lower dimensionality have been the rule of the day on the Earth to the extent that Creations on the surface of your Earth are reflected by what has been put out on a massive level.
We do not exaggerate the number you who are on the Earth to anchor and bring forth genuine, positive and Lighted change, but even your number has not previously been a match for the number of unaware humans feeding and perpetuating density upon the surface of your world.
You are great in number and you have come here to assist in a planned evolution that is commencing according to plan perfectly, and the Light you have been able to anchor has been grand indeed and while the collective vibrations have for so very long been geared toward the negative, the power your little heroic group has been able to utilize is seeing the energetic influence continually shifted toward that of the Light.
In small numbers, you have truly been able to accomplish this grand feat and while so much of the rest of your world remains unaware and continues to employ the barriers and limitations of their fading physical experience, we hope you can trust when we say that the Light you are increasingly feeling within you is growing not just in yourselves in terms of your abilities to pick up on it an decode it, but on the world stage as well.

Growing Into Your Roles

More and more, your small collective of conscious Lightworkers and starseeds is growing as so many others begin to realize and grow into the roles they have planned out for themselves.
Everywhere, all across your beautiful blue world souls are being activated for their greater missions and as you can see, so many souls have already been activated so we hope that you can understand when we say how truly influential the Light has become. The Light has moved back into a strong position of influence upon your world and again, this has been because of the actions of you the awakening Lightworker public, and the positivity you can find and spread within yourselves at present is crucial to be manifested and fed if you wish to build upon the wonderful foundation that has already been established.
Gaia’s grid of Light is flourishing more than ever with the beautiful Source energies you are, at times, unknowingly pumping into Her core for Her and your entire collective consciousness to benefit from. Gaia previously experienced difficulty in relation to Her grid of Light, as the seemingly-favored grid of darkness was being fed by so many unaware souls as they have been taught to believe in and feed negativity and density for so very long.
Now, not only is dearest Gaia’s grid of Light rebuilt and strengthened more than it ever was; the grid of darkness that has been fed and employed for so long is no longer established in the manner it once was.

Darkness is Fading

Rather, as has been spoken of by other sources, every negative action, thought, intention and emotion given out by your collective is being fed into a hologram wherein it is all transmuted and turned to Lighted energies that will further restore Gaia’s grid of Light. And so you see, your lower dimensional Earth experience is quite literally fading in every moment.
In your sleep realms and in realms beyond your conscious understanding, you have helped to bring this about and the bringing-down of the gird of darkness and the establishing of the temporary hologram that humanity is feeding all of their density into, is acting in accordance with the ongoing “containment” process of the cabal heads, which is assuring that they are unable to Create disastrous or devastating things.
Their perspectives are also worked with in their sleep realms, and we along with many others are working with these individuals to bring the Light back more fully into their conscious perspective and to (build upon) the spark within that nobody can lose.
We are working on helping to change the perspectives of the cabal heads on your world because energetically, these individuals have held much power and influence as primary enforcers of the negativity holding Gaia’s surface and each of you back.

Instated Negativity

These souls, while remaining behind the scenes in a physical or political sense on your world, have themselves been instruments or “puppets” if you wish to use that terminology, for lower astral beings to fashion and keep humanity feeding darkness, density and extreme negativity.
Warfare, poverty, depression and instated religious and racial tension have all been purposely manifested in an attempt to feed negativity on a massive level into a grid of darkness that would strengthen the cabal heads and the lower astral beings who were in charge of it. Now, those very beings are finding their lower dimensional spaces of extreme density and negativity transmuted, and the grid of darkness they had worked so hard to establish and keep fed has now been replaced with something much, much better.
If you dare to look around you at your fellow awakening collective, you will see that nearly everybody is flourishing with their own projects and agendas in relation to restoring your Earth and building something that is in the best interests of every soul. So many awakening souls have been able to find their roles and purposes for being on your dear Earth and are working accordingly, and you too can discover the specific piece of the puzzle you have come to the Earth to diligently fill, and begin to get active just as so many souls are.
Of course, it is not in the script of every soul on your Earth to initially get active in the manner that so many are, but no soul will go unutilized in restoring your world and the actions of every single person on Earth will be needed and appreciated. This will be because of the sheer size of the task at hand, and if you can begin to organize yourselves into groups now and work on various different facets as a collective on the immediate aspects of your world needing addressed and repaired, than you will strengthen this overall movement indeed.
The overall New Age movement as seen from the perspective of the higher dimensions, has been instated as a means to open humanity up to realms and perceptions beyond (what you experience consciously), and as well to help you work toward getting motivated and helping your Earth become the ascended Eden you are growing toward.
No cycle of evolution can go unrealized, and the awareness that is always spread on any given lower dimensional world will always help initiate an evolution; be it on a collective or individual level.
Indeed, collective ascensions do not happen very often and what is happening on the Earth is quite unique, which makes your jobs and missions that much more crucial to be completed. Of course, we do not wish to put you dear souls under any pressure but at the same time, the importance of addressing and beginning some of the most difficult work is stronger than ever as so very many aspects of your world continue not to reflect the sovereign future you are heading into, nor the sovereign society you are becoming.

Turning Away from the Fading Darkness

Indeed, there is much that could be said concerning the continual feeding and manifestation of density on your world, but we wish for you dear souls to turn your attention away from anything that could put you in a state of disillusionment or negativity for while there is so much for you to know and be exposed to in the avenues of corruption, conspiracy and tyranny, there is so much more for you to learn in the way of harmony, spirituality and collective unity and we so very dearly wish for you to focus yourselves upon the latter aspects; again, while understanding the need for exposure of what has been done on your world.
As the ongoing negativity of much of humanity is now being fed into a disintegrating illusory reality, we wish to stress that this does not mean you will not experience karmic repercussions for the actions or intentions you give out.
Indeed you will, and you will find that as the karmic contracts of each of you are now drawing to a close as you find yourselves exiting the lower dimensions and everything that has helped to keep the lower dimensional experience in place, every reaction you garner for yourselves that comes in the form of a manifestation in your personal Lives will be more intense than the last, and this means that if you manifest negativity for yourselves to experience, you may experience it in a much more intensified manner than you previously did or otherwise would.

Be Easy

For this and plenty of other reasons, we ask you all to be gentle with yourselves and those around you in these times. There is so very much happening to your evolving minds, bodies and spirits at this time and much of it can indeed be disconcerting, but we ask you to let yourselves and others float through your experience of ascension with the ease and joy you all deserve to float through it with.
While much is happening within you at present, there is also much positivity for you to feel and experience and those of you who make the effort to attune to your personal etheric realms and make travels within such realms, are beginning to notice the ease and clarity in which their impressions are coming to you.
You are noticing and picking up on your inner-held realities which you can Create within effortlessly, and along with this will come a completely new way of interacting with your inner realms than many of you have thus far.
Channelled through Wes Annac – March 19, 2013

Continued in Part 2 below

Continued from Part 1 above
What we mean by this is that upon realizing and gaining a very clear access to your personal etheric planes of Creation, you will understand the need to begin working upon such planes to help them match the levels of consciousness you are feeling within yourselves.
As the chakras of so many of you have been blocked up for a plethora of past Lives before the ones in which you began to find an awakening, your personal-held etheric planes have reflected that and you are now tasked with repairing any density manifested or fed in such realities, just as many of you are tasked with clearing the third dimensional dross away from the collective energies.

Affecting the Collective & Repairing Your Inner Realms

As has been said for some time now, everything you are doing affects the collective and forms an imprint upon the collective energies that determines what is to be manifested next on the world stage, and the actions, intentions and energies of each of you are fed into your collective consciousness in a manner that Creates based on the general vibrations being given out in any and every moment.
This is why the positivity that is essential for you to feel at this time can be felt and radiated on a massive level, and the positivity of just one of you can be felt and picked up on by every soul within your beautiful collective consciousness.
Of course, not every soul will yet be able to attune to and radiate the positivity and the Light that so many of you have to give but in time, every soul will open up to this Light and to their own inner-held etheric planes which they too will realize are in need of repair.
The sooner you can repair your inner realms and surface the emotions and feelings so many Earth souls have allowed to remain under their surface, the sooner the Earth can reflect these actions and individually, you are all going about your surfacing processes at different intervals and in your own ways.
Some of you are surfacing things about your childhood or about past Lives that you are seeing-off as you transmute the negativity behind such things. Others are working to see-off outdated mindsets or ways of being and Living that trace back to the paradigm that was instilled within them since childhood and gradually, every soul is finding a generally lightened perspective in every moment even if their actions or emotions do not always reflect this.
Truly it is so, and each of you can feed your personal positivity into the collective energies so that those experiencing and undergoing surfacing processes can be aided tremendously and go about their surfacing in an easier manner.
If you remain constricted and employ the resulting negativity, you will not find yourselves opened up to your inner-realms and will only find yourselves met with a continual wall of the very negativity and constriction you would be feeling. If allowing stress and frustration to fall by the wayside and if truly seeing and feeling that everything is ok in every moment, the flow of energies of the higher realms will be able to come through you marvelously and you will unlock new perspectives and understandings that will far exceed what you have understood for so very long.
We wish for you dear souls to understand when we say that your Earth is truly now yours for the Creating.
What has been a fixed lower dimensional reality for so long is no longer, and you are able to Create an entirely new place and support an entirely new collective frame of mind by supporting such a frame of mind within yourselves. Again, every soul will gradually find their inner-realms and in doing so, will realize that positivity and Light are and have always been essential; not only for a higher dimensional experience, but for a happy and satisfying lower dimensional experience.

Evolving Souls are Flourishing

There are plenty of souls on your world who do not see their experience as lower dimensional, dull or limiting in any way. There are souls on your world at present who are quite well off, and we do not refer to your evolved Galactic brethren existing within your Earth and underneath your surface in their bases.
We speak of evolving souls on your world who find and feel positivity, happiness and wholeness in every single moment.
We speak of souls who have found their role in Life, even if it is one that does not require actively working to motivate others to repair the Earth, and they are enjoying the roles they have come to the Earth to play while doing and finding things personal to them that garner and feed the wholeness and happiness that is seeing their experience so enjoyable.
Yes, every soul experiences and feeds negativity or density at some point or another during their Earth experience; it is a necessary part of the lower dimensions but what has been neglected to be noticed or pointed out is that there are some souls already Living a full and pure higher dimensional existence or at the very least, an unfolding higher dimensional experience that they are feeding and garnering for themselves increasingly, with each day they enjoy upon your dear Earth.
They may not yet perceive of the glittering vibrations of the fifth dimension but make no mistake, they are Living an ascended lifestyle as they have found and employed a sheer enjoyment of Life and the reality around them that is so strong, that nothing can bring them or their perspectives down.
When each of you can tap into and really find this happiness, this wholeness in every moment; you will know even more than you already do that you have made it. Indeed, we can feel in the minds and hearts of so many of you who are beginning to access the very perspective we just outlined, that negativity and density often creep up and make it difficult for you to maintain the never-ending positivity that will see you onward to the higher realms, and we say that for many of you, this continual meeting with energies and events is related to your aforementioned surfacing processes.
We again reiterate the importance of being easy with yourselves during these times, and if you could find a neutral perspective at the very least when negativity or depletion creep up and seem to rule your perspectives, you will actually be able to meet back up with positivity as you understand that you are experiencing not only your own personal density, but that of the entire collective.

The Personal Cost of Transmuting Density

Indeed, so many of you have come to the Earth to take on and transmute the collective negative, dense and twisted-up energies to extents that your own emotional states can be affected, sometimes harshly. We wish for you to know that this all proceeds according to plan and while some of you tend to feel as if you are being given too much to handle; you are never given more than you know and can feel subconsciously that you can take on and we wish to remind you not only of your choice to inhabit the lower dimensions and play the roles you are playing gracefully and diligently at this time, but of your excitement in doing so.
Oh, dearest children, you were absolutely overjoyed to assist the Earth and help Her collective find the higher states of consciousness you were enjoying when making the decision to incarnate upon the Earth, and while you did have a grasp of how difficult your experience would be, you also knew and convinced many of us in these realms that you would be able to anchor and shine your Creator Light upon this Earth and we are always proud to proclaim that you were absolutely right.
You were able to do it, and you have done it. Congratulate yourselves, dearest souls, for you have brought about the Light on the surface of the Earth and anchored it in exponential ways that are seeing the aforementioned influence of the Light increase to the needed levels.
The Light quotient upon your planet is stronger than ever because of your actions, as the Light you have brought through even just by existing upon your Earth has garnered far more positive consequences than you would imagine or even accept. Indeed, there are quite a few truths we have withheld because we don’t (yet) feel as if you would be ready to believe them; as the necessary sharpened sense of discernment you as a collective have developed could likely dismiss such truths because of the “too good to be true” mindset that has been employed and fed in so many for so very long.

The Unique Beliefs of Everybody

There are souls on your world who do not choose to believe in the legitimacy of our communications, because they don’t see it as palpable that an ascended group of beings, some of whom have incarnated upon your Earth and spread the Light ourselves, would actively communicate with or through humanity, nor do they believe that humans would be able to pick up on impressions of higher dimensional beings or of any being existing outside of your physical reality, which you’ve been taught is the only prevalent reality where consciousness can be experienced.
The core belief surrounding the disbelief of the validity of so much that is discussed and understood by the awakening collective, is that you are limited or finite human beings and as your entire world will discover and as so many of you have already discovered, to the extent that this may sound repetitive when we say it; this is simply not so.
When it is discovered just how much you are able to do and find within yourselves, the mindset of the higher realms being a joke or something not based in reality will be changed as it is understood that they are very real and have been accessed by a plethora of souls throughout your Earthly history. Indeed, individual awakenings and ascensions have been occurring on your world for every bit of your history, and souls all across your world are evolving every single day.

Spiritual Enlightenment Breeds Physical Evolution

Evolution is a natural and ongoing process and while the mindset has been bred in some that evolution can only be physical or can only be associated with rigid beliefs in physicality and in nothing else, we say that the physical evolution you are experiencing is a component of the ongoing spiritual evolution of each of you.
What you experience physically during your evolution comes as a result of the evolution of spirit or rather, your greater awakening into a deeper understanding of who you are. Your physical bodies are upgrading along with the metaphysical realms and perceptions you’re unlocking for yourselves, and the resulting experiences you will find are purer and more enjoyable than the experiences you’ve had in your dense physical body and in your dense physical reality.
As we make our final impressions for this communication, we say that your greater Light is recognized and seen in the higher dimensions and as you increasingly open up to the mechanics and perspectives driving the higher dimensions you are entering at this time, you find that every last bit of negativity you experience seems to dissolve away much more quickly than it once did.
This is a result of the aforementioned establishment of the illusory hologram of disintegrating darkness and density and again, this entire ascension event could not have been possible were it not for each one of you absorbing this message.
You are thanked, Loved and respected endlessly for your valor and strength.
Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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