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What St. Germaine Confirms

Thank you St Germaine, ArchAngel Michael, and the Hour with an Angel crew!

St. Germaine 90I’m astounded by the synchronicity between what I’ve been writing and what St. Germaine said in the Hour with an Angel pre-recorded Nov. 11, 2014.
I hadn’t really digested his comments until I edited Ellen’s transcript on Nov. 14.  Consequently I’d written most of my articles on lightwork prior to assimilating his remarks.
But there we were, saying the same thing.  I can only guess that (1) I’m being guided towards the same subject by the higher ups and (2) this subject is obviously one they want us to look at.
In his talk, St. Germaine reminded us that we’re part of the Company of Heaven and that they’re extending their hand to us.
“You are already part of one of the most important companies in the universe, the Company of Heaven. You are not excluded from the Company of Heaven. You just forgot you were because you came on Earth and you got caught in this riptide, which is different than the Mother’s tsunami — so, you believe that there is limitation still. …
“The invitation that Archangel Michael, Gabrielle, the Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey, all of us have been extending is to come and hold our hands.” (1)
There should be no doubt left that the higher dimensionals have issued the invitation to partner with them.
“We have been speaking, we have been asking, we have been extending the invitation in many forms and formats to enter into our sacred partnership.
“Yes, the partnership of love, the partnership of creation, the partnership of what this channel has called ‘can do.’”
For now, probably because the economic structure of the Illuminati is being deconstructed, there’s not golden flow of abundance we expected by now. Probably until the Illuminati structure is brought completely down, we “can do” warriors will have to make do with what we can. Pun intended.
He therefore urged us to start small.  “Part of breaking … this practical belief in limitation is creating small,” he said.
“Start small with what you have. When you join a company, by and large they do not say ‘Let me make you a captain of industry’ when you have no experience or no knowledge of that particular industry.
“You may feel — and it is a feeling — that you are being placed in the stockroom or stocking shelves, and really what you want to be is the manager of a string of stores. But promotion — if you can think of it in these practical terms — can be so rapid, daily, as to make your head spin.”
Starting small had not occurred to me, although I did say do what you can.
He tells us that we’re putting the finishing touches on a dream we dreamt together in Atlantis, of a new and peaceful Earth. What he says here does resonate with me. No, more than that. It strikes a deep cord.
“We have sat, long ago, many different incarnations, but even if we just bring you back to the time of Atlantis, to the temple of my violet flame, and we think of how we sat and talked, and planned and dreamed, and worked and created a society of such beauty, of such kindness, of healing, of consideration, of wonder and awe, a society where we were in harmony above and below, where we were in harmony with our star brothers and sisters. …
“In that time, you and I, each of you who listens this night, for many of you traveled from afar, and some of you lived there, but each of us planned, in depth, in detail, the structure, the organization, and the spirit of what Gaia was and was to be. …
“The dream and the promises that we make one another, even as the island sank – we knew the time would come again when we would gather. When the time was right, we would gather and we would create, once again, the dream.
“And the dream was not something ephemeral or wispy or pie in the sky. It was a promise made to each other, made by the Mother, made by the ascended ones way back then as well as our star family that we would return. We would not err in the same way, and that we would come together in heart consciousness, in unity and community and joy, and complete what we started so long ago.”
So two matters influence us at this time.
First, the Company of Heaven wants us to enter into partnership with them in building Nova Earth.  However the part of the Company of Heaven that is not in form is not going to do the job of reconstruction for us. We have a certain debt to Gaia to expunge and rebuilding her surface allows us to repay that debt in part.
Moreover, it’s our world and the folks above are giving us the say in what it should look and be like.
Furthermore, there’s much to be learned from building the New World and I think the Divine Mother wants us to learn as much as we can from this experience. There’ll be much to imparted to other civilizations on what worked in this first mass, physical Ascension.
But at the same time, the folks upstairs are also deconstructing the Illuminati’s bastions of financial control and cannot bring in the golden flows of abundance just yet.  So there won’t be for some time the plentiful resources we’d need to do really large lightworker projects. We’re encouraged to find areas for our service that are within our reach.
If we look closely at what St. Germaine had to say, we can see some of the ways that the side of the Company of Heaven beyond the veil works. We have to read between the lines and realize that they are communicating to the whole world and have to stay within a range that the majority of readers can follow.   Moreover they cannot violate our freewill.
Once we make allowance for what they can and cannot do, we can then see very definite guidance. Start in on the task of building Nova Earth, they say. Join us and actually lead the way. Start small and watch how fast your efforts grow. Why? Because once we start, I think, the Company of Heaven is the enabled to step in. But, even so, until the flow of abundance starts, I think they’re not allowed to step in in big ways yet.
These are my speculations, based on what St. Germaine, Archangel Michael and others say. They want us to begin. They won’t supply abundance now. But they want us to start small and grow big.
(1) All quotes are from “St. Germaine: You are Ready to Go Through the Ascension Portal – Part 2/2″ at

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