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Cosmic-Human Hybrid: Becoming Gods & Goddesses by Lauren Gorgo

Thank you PHC and Lauren!

5DAfter so many years consciously on the voyage to Godhood, we are well enuf experienced at eclipse passages to realize that when we are deeply immersed in such major transformation, we are mostly unable to interpret any of it.
In walks the Pleiadian perspective. The starbeings take great delight in witnessing the extraordinary changes that are taking place within us…AS they are taking place…just prior to our integration and understanding of said transformations. This cycle of change is no exception.
Part of the reason why they allow us to go thru most of the process before they report on our collective happenings is so that we have the opportunity to flesh out these realizations on our own first, to witness our own inner-guidance system as it is validated by their confirmations.
RIght now there are many of you reading this who are finalizing some very important details from your 3d dimensional experience of life…what the Pleiadian High Council calls our “past life in the present incarnation experience”.  You may not completely comprehend the full purpose behind the sudden myriad of surfacing events yet, but that part doesn’t really matter…what matters is that you keep your sight on yourself and know that the details that we are all facing in one way or another are those that must be dealt with so that we are free to fly, post eclipse season.
If you are feeling severely derailed, it’s likely that you are in the midst of a major initiation, a “testing phase” if you will, to see just how prepared you are for 5th dimensional life.  And by prepared I mean: non-reactive.  Detachment is key right now and thru this solar eclipse in particular…if you allow everything that arrives its purpose, without resistance, you will be able to let go of your old fear-based responses and sail on thru to the other side with just a gentle breeze.  If you hold up the process by attaching to it…be-lie-ving in the illusions presented…you won’t fail, but you will make the already-decided-destiny much more uncomfortable.
We are all being taken for quite a ride to our own freedom, twists & turns abound…we take a step forward, then suddenly a new, unexpected route appears.  We think we are going in this direction, and then WHOOSH, the rug gets pulled out from under us and we need to rebalance and go in THAT direction.  This is common erratic eclipse behavior and we have to be super flexible to survive it, but depending on the level of clearing work you’ve done, the so called less-ons really less-en in density until we become so detached from outcomes and anchored so deeply in trust, that we are unfazed by all the intensified uncertainty.
Regardless of where you find yourself on that frequency scale…and you will know based on how fastened you are to neutrality and how much effort is still required on your behalf to command positive change in your life…the formula is always the same: allow what-is to be. If you do that successfully, you will find that the road powerfully rises up to meet your every next step and that you are wholly supported in the direction of your highest good. That said, and this much is certain, you will not be permitted to ignore, suppress or avoid what you need to resolve thru this gateway. There is just too much light on the planet to stand in the shadows any longer so don’t delay the inevitable…use this unprecedented opportunity to step up and out of any remaining darkness in your life.
Major endings are here…and not just any endings, we’re talking endings of epic-proportion, those that will inevitably change the entire course of human history…which also means massive new beginnings are about to burst forth, to be born from the wreckage.
For me personally, this is showing up very literally as closing a major chapter in my life…ironically, Chapter “13”…no accident there.  The 5 year bankruptcy journey that I embarked upon in October of 2009 is (synchronistically) being finalized and discharged during this very powerful week of endings and simultaneous new beginnings. Some of you know that back then I was in foreclosure and facing the loss of my home at a time when I was being called to really step up and walk thru some deep fears around security and self value.
When I look back at who I was then, prior to the overhaul and resurrection of my financial well being, I am humbled and completely amazed by the transformation. For any of you who may be currently facing similar scenarios, I am happy to report that this restructuring process, when used consciously as a tool for inner expansion and growth, is beyond powerful.  My new life, post-bankruptcy, is unrecognizable in comparison.
Our paths are all different but what remains the same in this moment is our ability to stand in our fully realized God power, to release the struggle for good…even bless it’s divine purpose in aiding us to arrive here…so that we can resurrect our lives and world to match this newly possible state of being.
Realize that all of the closure we seek is not only serving us to move more fully into our true state of being, it also carries with it the potential to cauterize our past to a point of absolute amnesia. We have already expanded so far beyond our 3D perception of self…and the hologram that houses it…that, once we let go, it is becoming nearly impossible to tap into those outdated parts of us that have honored limitation for so very long. Yes, we are currently reviewing many scenarios of the past, but if you pay close enuf attention you’ll notice there is a safety net that wasn’t there before…a buffer of protection from the depths of 3D that prevents us from slipping all the way back, from falling to the bottom of that bottomless rabbit hole that we have called ‘home’ for a dozen years or more.
In fact, if you stay riveted to the higher mind & heart, you might notice that moving into this new reality system can be felt like some kind of bewildering disappearing act…like suddenly centuries of suffering just never happened. POOF! gone.  It is one of the strangest, most freeing experiences to witness…one that I imagine will eventually normalize (whatever that means) but for now, this push-pull dynamic of the past and future coming into our present borders heavily on the psychedelic side….like in an angel dust way. (That’s PCP, for any woo’s in the audience who are at risk of taking that literally.)
And this merging is exactly what I am told is happening thru this very gateway.  For those who have been forging ahead at warp transmutation speed, we are moving into an “integrated dimension” of past AND future experience, one that will accurately reflect our burgeoning God-realized state.
Translation: we are becoming not only aware of, but absolutely and literally capable of creating our reality as GOD(s).
This has a very different meaning and connotation from a 3d dimensional perspective where separation is the name of the game, but from a unified perspective you simply cannot create as anything but GOD…for when you bask in the resonance of your souls truth, you create via the Source of not only who you are, but of ALL of creation. 
This means so many things vast and incomprehensible to you at this point, but what IS comprehensible is your feelings associated with this new level of existence.  Because of that, we would like to take this opportunity to discuss these new feelings with you in detail…
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