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The Storm of Disclosure is About to Hit...

The disclosure of a DNA-tested extraterrestrial humanoid became the #1 Most Popular story on Huffington Post for four full days. The film SIRIUS premiered Monday -- and may be a critical tipping-point for Disclosure.
Our story begins with a seemingly prophetic dream I had on Friday, April 19th.
If this seems to be foolish or irrelevant, bear in mind that I have been recording my dreams for over 20 years -- almost every morning -- since September 23, 1992.
I have had many hundreds of accurate prophecies of future events appear during this time. Some of them have been posted on this website in advance.
The most notable example was when, in "Bouncing Back from Hack Attack," I predicted "some kind of major disaster" involving a huge explosion and tidal waves was about to happen -- right before Fukushima.
This was on February 23, 2011. Fukushima was on March 11, 2011 -- just 16 days later.
Here is a quote, from that article, of a dream that directly predicted a tsunami -- with some boldface added in for emphasis:
Just three days ago, I had a dream of an absolutely colossal-sized ocean area made of rippling, broken, brownish-gray ice. It all looked like the Arctic. I can't even describe how huge and how intense the ripples were.
The entire surface of this vast area of ice was constantly undulating -- like a vast body of water that was really churning. It was as if I was seeing a vast, frozen ocean, covered with broken ice, that was now experiencing incredibly huge waves.
One undulation could easily move up and down as much as 1000 feet. There was no way to predict exactly what parts would undulate -- and obviously anything of this scale was extremely dangerous....
This morning's dream is predicting something that could shake things up, for a while, as much as the Gulf oil volcano once did.
It's very unusual for me to pass data like this along in advance, but in another case I had a massive dream that Michael Jackson died in my arms of a heart attack -- and a short time later, he did die of a heart attack.
Today I am again ready to publish a prophetic dream. My data is strong enough that I am willing to stick my neck out -- and make another bold prognostication.
This dream, from 6:59 am on Friday, April 19, 2013, is one of a series I have had that suggest a very major cluster of events is about to occur.
I was specifically asked to do as much as I could to prepare for it -- before the event cluster itself actually hits.
The event cluster was depicted as lightning -- in the form of an onrushing storm.
There was so much lightning that I could see about 17 different lightning bolts at any one moment at the edge of this storm. It was constant.
In real life, I have never seen this much lightning all at once. It was crazy. The only comparable visual would be a very active electrical device creating many arcs simultaneously.
The above photo is somewhat similar to what I saw, except it was already twilight in the dream -- and there were even more lightning bolts than this at any one moment.
This was all happening over on the far-right-hand side of the approaching, dark thunderclouds. I was seeing this come across a large plain with mountains in the distance.
I knew I only had about 30 minutes before this mega-storm would hit.
I was being asked to solve a mystery, and prepare as much as possible, before the storm arrived.
Do I think this is predicting another mega-disaster? No. Do I think this is predicting a very significant series of socio-political events? Absolutely yes.
Lightning is associated with "the fall of kings" in the symbolic language of dreams -- such as we find in the Tarot card deck.
It represents the Dark Night of the Soul -- the point where it appears that "all is lost", and you get the "whiff of death". Real death of certain characters in the story may also occur.
In the Tarot, this is called The Lightning-Struck Tower or The Tower for short. It represents the fall of corrupt kings -- and the restoration of peace and freedom.
This process, however, often comes about with sudden upheaval -- creating momentary crisis and chaos as it arrives.
In the dream, this storm was so massive I knew that once it hit, you couldn't possibly be safe if you were outside. You would have to remain indoors and secure.
I was given a mystery to solve -- and I had very little time to do it. The mystery seemed impossible to solve in the time I had available -- but I had to try.
Here are some of the notes I wrote from when this dream first came in, about the quest I was being asked to take on to solve the mystery.
  • The quest involved tracing a path through this large house
  • It had corporate elements and was almost more like a warehouse in some ways
  • I was brought into a room that had multiple doors, stacked from floor to ceiling
  • I was told that only one of them would open
I found myself in a very large square room, with a very high ceiling. All the walls were lined with brown wooden doors that looked like garage doors.
There were about seven horizontal levels of these doors, lining all four walls of the huge room I was in.
There was no way to climb up to the higher levels of doors -- no stairs, ladders or otherwise. It was quite towering and imposing-looking from where I stood.
There were probably 20 doors per row on each wall -- for a total of about 560 doors in all seven levels of the room.
It was literally just a huge matrix of doors. And -- I knew that only one door would open, and that was the one I needed to find. With very little time to spare.
I had no idea which door would open. It was also clear to me that I did not have enough time to try to open them all one-by-one.
As I meditated deeply on what to do about this, I found out that I was levitating:
  • I was somehow able to levitate up through the room
  • Now I was able to access any door I wanted to reach
  • As I went up, I noticed that each door had a different title on it
  • Many of the titles were words that didn't seem to make much, if any sense to me
  • I somehow intuitively drifted right up to a certain door while I was thinking deeply about what to do
  • The door said “Front” with an arrow pointing forward, and “Back” with an arrow pointing backward
  • I decided to try this door -- just in case it was the right one
  • The door just opened right up as soon as I tried it
Once the door opened up, I found myself looking at a new scene -- outside the building I had been placed into.
  • This door fed me out into the front area of the building
  • I now could walk directly onto one of the rooftops
  • I hadn’t had access to this area before -- it was all strictly off-limits
  • Originally I had to get in through a hidden entrance in the back
  • Everything out there was castle-like and seemed to be a fortified Illuminati facility
  • The building itself had cream-colored stucco walls and reddish tile rooftops
  • There were guards armed with machine guns on the turrets
Once we see the rest of the dream, it appears this detail indicates that this mission involved exposing the Cabal or "Illuminati" in some way.
I would only play one part of this. The greater story was that something big was about to happen either way.
Everything in this area was in the direct path of the lightning storm. The lightning was going to utterly wipe out the whole complex.
The men with the guns, everything that was there, had no defense against this. It was already too late for them.
I was being given a brief window of time to look at it, and solve the mystery, before it got leveled by the lightning -- in less than a half-hour.
Additional clues were given in the dream as well.
  • There was a central courtyard area in the castle that looked very medieval
  • All the walls and gunners seemed to be guarding this central area
  • Strangely, it was just a farm -- complete with livestock and a big pile of hay
  • There was a man out there tending the hay with a three-tined Devil's pitchfork
  • He looked English and had gray hair and a pot belly
  • He looked like the pedophile Jimmy Savile
  • Once I saw him, the dream suddenly ended
Immediately after I woke up from this and wrote it down, I went to Daily Mail, since they've covered the Jimmy Savile story all along.
Jimmy Savile worked for four decades at the BBC as a television personality -- and yet was molesting hundreds of children the entire time.
It seems almost impossible to believe that the BBC didn't know what he was doing. It is far more likely that they did -- and covered it up.
Sure enough, I immediately found the following story on the Daily Mail. It was just announced that Savile's victims may be three times more than currently estimated -- at a sickening total of 1,350.
That's an average of one new victim every 10.8 days -- over a 40-year period.
Jimmy Savile Victims May Have Been 1,350 in Number
Jimmy Savile could have sexually abused up to 1,350 victims, treble the number who have come forward so far, the police officer that exposed him said today.
Operation Yewtree, which is looking into allegations of sex crimes against the former DJ and presenter, as well as a host of other celebrities, has recorded 450 complaints against him.
But former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Peter Spindler, who led Yewtree until earlier this year, told an NSPCC conference that as well as those who came forward there were 'probably double, treble who haven't'.
The Savile connection was very highly flagged in this dream. He was shown with the Devil's pitchfork.
Clearly this seems to be predicting the full exposure and break-down of the Cabal.
The media, government, military, corporate and financial worlds are all being covertly run by the same small clique of elite families.
One of the biggest media conglomerates in the world knowingly covered up the worst abuse imaginable -- for four decades. This story has huge ramifications.
More and more people are now realizing this is true. Those who are not willing to see it are usually too afraid to look, nothing more.
I have been very distracted with finishing my vital new book -- the copy edits are due next Friday -- so I haven't really been watching current events as much.
This dream got me paying attention -- and I found there were many very strong indicators I could look at.
In fact, so many things are happening all at once that I could easily write a small book just trying to list them off.
Nonetheless, I wanted clarification about what, exactly, this dream was telling me. I "incubated" the request for more information -- and went back to sleep.
Here is what I remembered after waking up from the next round of dreams.
  • I had visited a house with a family gathering in it more than once
  • There was a lot of wealth there
  • It was an elaborate dinner party
  • I was talking to people and trying to get them interested in greater realities
  • This transitioned into my getting a direct meeting with Vladimir Putin
  • He had been fully briefed about my intuitive talents
  • As a result, he now believed that my abilities were genuine and worth considering
  • I started telling him I had a dream that warned about a nuclear threat against Russia
  • This was something that could still happen
I do not believe that Russia is genuinely going to get hit with a nuclear attack of some kind, even by a small device.
However, it is entirely possible that such a plan is in the works -- and is actively being thwarted through a variety of means.
The defeat of the Cabal is a dangerous process, with global stakes.
That is precisely why it has taken so long for the Alliance of 160-plus countries, which we have extensively written about on this site, to make their final moves.
Everything has been slowly, steadily building up to a major series of events -- which we have not yet seen.
Things could get pretty rough for a little while once this all comes out -- including economic upheaval, political upheaval, natural disasters and terrorism -- but in the process we will see radical improvements in many, many different ways.
The time for this mega-event to occur may now be very close.
If the minutes in my first dream represent days -- which they may or may not -- this event cluster could be less than a month away.
At this point, Putin took immediate action when I gave him the warning.
  • Putin immediately grabbed a traditional-looking rotary phone and handed it to me
  • In fact, it was a red phone like you would see in the movies for nuclear emergencies
  • Apparently his top military advisor was on the other line
  • I now had the phone in my hand and Putin said "Tell him what you just told me"
  • I felt awkward but just introduced myself
  • I then said “Vladimir wanted me to tell you that…” et cetera
  • Everyone in the room seemed to be hanging on every word I said
  • They were all staring at me, unblinkingly, as I spoke
  • The man on the phone was listening intensely as well
  • This part of the dream soon shifted after I delivered the message
In real life, I have had no contact with heads of state -- only insiders who work for various classified programs. However, this dream was very realistic and serious.
This "clarification dream" suggested that the Cabal is indeed going to be defeated -- but that dangers and some degree of upheaval will occur as it happens.
It does appear that the Boston Marathon and Texas fertilizer plant explosions are two examples of this -- but there could still be others before it resolves peacefully.
This dream went on into another scene -- after I again met with the investors and financial planners, who were not negative.
  • Later on the dream had another shift
  • Now I was meeting with Saddam Hussein, who was still alive in this case
  • I started giving all sorts of insider information about UFO-related things
  • I explained that there were stargates in Iraq that still functioned
  • That was one of the reasons why they had been invaded
  • There were also working, super-high-tech ET gadgets buried there as well
  • I gave him Earth’s stargate address – which I couldn’t correctly remember in the dream
Saddam Hussein was certainly a very negative dictator. I am not disputing that in any way.
He was also framed by the Cabal after having secretly worked with them in the past, based on many insider reports.
This section of the dream clearly seemed to indicate that Disclosure will be a major part of what happens as this whole transformation process takes place.
Iraq, stargates and super-high-tech gadgetry were all directly mentioned. This may not be clear until after the event cluster takes place.
I have learned how to tell the difference between ordinary dreams and urgent, prophetic dreams. These were urgent and prophetic.
Are these two dreams really true? Could such a major event be about to happen -- involving the exposure and downfall of the Cabal?
The more I dug into the investigation, the more evidence I found.
One very significant new development is the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, or ICIJ.
This is a combined group of 38 different media companies -- involving 86 journalists from 46 different countries -- all working together for the first time.
This includes top media networks in the UK, the US, France, Germany and Canada. It is very telling that their own networks haven't reported much about their work yet -- if anything.
Nonetheless, the alliance is very real -- and there is a ton of material to read on their website,
They have hacked into over 2.5 million secret files -- and are systematically identifying each and every secret haven where the Cabal has been hiding the money it is stealing from the people.
This includes shadowy "off-ledger" accounts that were based on stealing from the Global Collateral Accounts, as we have reported in Financial Tyranny.
This excerpt from April 3, 2013 reveals the nature of this new, worldwide alliance of journalists -- and the 2.5 million documents they uncovered to help solve our problems.
Secret Files Expose Global Impact of Offshore Accounts
A cache of 2.5 million files has cracked open the secrets of more than 120,000 offshore companies and trusts, exposing hidden dealings of politicians, con men and the mega-rich the world over.
The secret records obtained by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists lay bare the names behind covert companies and private trusts in the British Virgin Islands, the Cook Islands and other offshore hideaways....
The leaked files provide facts and figures — cash transfers, incorporation dates, links between companies and individuals — that illustrate how offshore financial secrecy has spread aggressively around the globe, allowing the wealthy and the well-connected to dodge taxes and fueling corruption and economic woes in rich and poor nations alike.
The records detail the offshore holdings of people and companies in more than 170 countries and territories.
As the article continues, we find that this is the biggest, most elaborate exposure of inside info in the history of the media -- 160 times bigger than Wikileaks.
The hoard of documents represents the biggest stockpile of inside information about the offshore system ever obtained by a media organization.
The total size of the files, measured in gigabytes, is more than 160 times larger than the leak of U.S. State Department documents by Wikileaks in 2010.
To analyze the documents, ICIJ collaborated with reporters from The Guardian and the BBC in the U.K., Le Monde in France, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Norddeutscher Rundfunk in Germany, The Washington Post, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and 31 other media partners around the world.
Eighty-six journalists from 46 countries used high-tech data crunching and shoe-leather reporting to sift through emails, account ledgers and other files covering nearly 30 years.
“I’ve never seen anything like this. This secret world has finally been revealed,” said Arthur Cockfield, a law professor and tax expert at Queen’s University in Canada, who reviewed some of the documents during an interview with the CBC.
He said the documents remind him of the scene in the movie classic The Wizard of Oz in which “they pull back the curtain and you see the wizard operating this secret machine.”
Yesterday's update from this Alliance of journalists, on April 25, 2013, reveals solid data points, worldwide, of how quickly the Cabal is being isolated and shut down.
Release of Offshore Records Draws Worldwide Response
ICIJ’s investigative series on offshore secrecy – which draws from a cache of 2.5 million secret records – has ignited reactions around the globe.
Since the initial release of stories by the ICIJ and its media partners across the world, public officials have issued statements, governments have launched investigations, and politicians and journalists have been debating the implications of the records and the reporting.
From here, a list of 43 different news items related to this stunning release of 2.5 million incriminating documents follows.
The list is so long, complex and international in scope that I recommend you go read it for yourself, rather than having me attempt to re-post it here.
This is the most tangible, practical sign yet that the Alliance we have been speaking about, all this time, really does exist -- and is working to defeat the Cabal.
The day before this new list came out, another piece of very powerful news emerged -- showing that we are indeed heading into some very major changes.
There is a new scandal emerging that is just as big as LIBOR -- as Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine just reported on Wednesday, April 24, 2013.
Rolling Stone seems to be a rock-and-roll magazine only -- when in fact Taibbi and others have been doing marvelous investigative journalism for some time now.
Taibbi has already captured several key stories before they really spread widely -- and LIBOR was one of them. So were the exposures of Goldman Sachs and "Muppetgate."
Here are the key beginning and ending excerpts from this new article you can read at Rolling Stone's website.
Remember -- this has just emerged in the aftermath of the epic, prophetic dream I had, during the first chance I had to write this all up for the website:
The Biggest Price-Fixing Scandal Ever
Conspiracy theorists of the world, believers in the hidden hands of the Rothschilds and the Masons and the Illuminati, we skeptics owe you an apology. You were right.
The players may be a little different, but your basic premise is correct: The world is a rigged game.
We found this out in recent months, when a series of related corruption stories spilled out of the financial sector, suggesting the world's largest banks may be fixing the prices of, well, just about everything.
As it turns out, LIBOR has a "twin brother" -- the boring-sounding ISDAfix -- which is a market that controls a whopping $379 Trillion dollars of assets. 
This market is ALSO being manipulated -- by the same big banks. It's really ugly -- and beyond most people's ability to understand -- but the investigation is very real, and is just now breaking through.
You may have heard of the Libor scandal, in which at least three – and perhaps as many as 16 – of the name-brand too-big-to-fail banks have been manipulating global interest rates, in the process messing around with the prices of upward of $500 trillion (that's trillion, with a "t") worth of financial instruments.
When that sprawling con burst into public view last year, it was easily the biggest financial scandal in history – MIT professor Andrew Lo even said it "dwarfs by orders of magnitude any financial scam in the history of markets."
That was bad enough, but now Libor may have a twin brother.
Word has leaked out that the London-based firm ICAP, the world's largest broker of interest-rate swaps, is being investigated by American authorities for behavior that sounds eerily reminiscent of the Libor mess.
Regulators are looking into whether or not a small group of brokers at ICAP may have worked with up to 15 of the world's largest banks to manipulate ISDAfix, a benchmark number used around the world to calculate the prices of interest-rate swaps.
Interest-rate swaps are a tool used by big cities, major corporations and sovereign governments to manage their debt, and the scale of their use is almost unimaginably massive.
It's about a $379 trillion market, meaning that any manipulation would affect a pile of assets about 100 times the size of the United States federal budget.
As Taibbi's article goes on, we find out that the same mega-banks as before are implicated in this mess.
It should surprise no one that among the players implicated in this scheme to fix the prices of interest-rate swaps are the same megabanks – including Barclays, UBS, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and the Royal Bank of Scotland – that serve on the Libor panel that sets global interest rates.
In fact, in recent years many of these banks have already paid multimillion-dollar settlements for anti-competitive manipulation of one form or another (in addition to Libor, some were caught up in an anti-competitive scheme, detailed in Rolling Stone last year, to rig municipal-debt service auctions).
Though the jumble of financial acronyms sounds like gibberish to the layperson, the fact that there may now be price-fixing scandals involving both Libor and ISDAfix suggests a single, giant mushrooming conspiracy of collusion and price-fixing hovering under the ostensibly competitive veneer of Wall Street culture....
As we head into the fourth and final page of the article, we find out that Justice Department and international investigators are leaving no stone unturned as they pursue the truth:
After scandals involving libor and, perhaps, ISDAfix, the question that should have everyone freaked out is this: What other markets out there carry the same potential for manipulation?
The answer to that question is far from reassuring, because the potential is almost everywhere.
From gold to gas to swaps to interest rates, prices all over the world are dependent upon little private cabals of cigar-chomping insiders we're forced to trust.
"In all the over-the-counter markets, you don't really have pricing except by a bunch of guys getting together," Masters notes glumly.
That includes the markets for gold (where prices are set by five banks in a Libor-ish teleconferencing process that, ironically, was created in part by N M Rothschild & Sons) and silver (whose price is set by just three banks), as well as benchmark rates in numerous other commodities – jet fuel, diesel, electric power, coal, you name it.
All investors are relying on the honesty of people who have now been proven to be completely corrupt.
This is what we find out as our excerpt goes on. Once this is globally exposed, it could be a very significant change -- as the Cabal uses violence and terrorism to defend itself.
The problem in each of these markets is the same: We all have to rely upon the honesty of companies like Barclays (already caught and fined $453 million for rigging Libor) or JPMorgan Chase (paid a $228 million settlement for rigging municipal-bond auctions) or UBS (fined a collective $1.66 billion for both muni-bond rigging and Libor manipulation) to faithfully report the real prices of things like interest rates, swaps, currencies and commodities.
All of these benchmarks based on voluntary reporting are now being looked at by regulators around the world, and God knows what they'll find....
The only reason this problem has not received the attention it deserves is because the scale of it is so enormous that ordinary people simply cannot see it.
It's not just stealing by reaching a hand into your pocket and taking out money, but stealing in which banks can hit a few keystrokes and magically make whatever's in your pocket worth less.
This is corruption at the molecular level of the economy, Space Age stealing – and it's only just coming into view.
Before LIBOR came out, we had insiders telling us that the Alliance's plan was to slowly, steadily defeat the Cabal -- not all at once.
That is exactly what has happened so far. Gradually, more and more, the noose has been tightening.
The Cabal can manipulate a major crisis with their control of the media. Many of these journalists seem to have rebelled against it, as we are now seeing with the ICIJ.
Instead of the Mass Arrests scenario I had originally heard would occur, a slower, more gradual and systematic approach has been going on.
Nonetheless, at some point it will not be gradual. It will strike as hard and fast as a massive lightning-storm -- just like my dream predicted.
Disclosure will be a major element of this process -- as many different dreams have indicated.
This event, once it occurs, will have such a huge effect on us that it will easily be considered the biggest event in recorded human history on earth.
I am not sure what it will be called once it happens -- that is probably something that will only be determined after it happens.
Nonetheless, I do believe that the reality of the extraterrestrial presence, and the technologies derived from it, will be a key element of this process.
On April 7, 2013, Lee Speigel wrote a pivotal piece on Huffington Post. He became the first to destroy a total media blackout on an incredible, world-changing story.
Skeptics have endlessly claimed there is "no evidence" to support the existence of extraterrestrial life -- despite incredible volumes of easily-available data, including hundreds of credible, high-level whistleblowers.
The Cabal does appear to have used the manipulated media to craft this phony story.
In the process, ordinary people have been taught to deny what is right in front of them -- and write it off as ridiculous, laughable and irrelevant.
Now the evidence in favor of the reality of extraterrestrial life has grown far more compelling.
The movie SIRIUS premiered this past Monday, April 22, 2013, at the Regal Cinemas Live theatre in downtown Los Angeles. Many top film premieres occur in this massive venue.
I was one of about 800 people who were there in the theater for this exciting spectacle -- which could prove to be one of the final tipping-points in the Disclosure process.
My big lightning dream did occur before the premiere. This film does appear to be one part of the process I was being shown.
A follow-up dream, the morning of the premiere, suggested that this one event -- the full revealing and DNA testing of an ET humanoid -- could change the entire world.
It was admittedly a trip-out to be there with a huge audience at the premiere -- particularly since I was featured in about five different scenes in the movie.
The cinematography was beautiful; every scene looked terrific; the score was meditative and luminous; and the little ET was definitely the star of the show.
Early along in SIRIUS, after a gripping warning against the military-industrial complex from President Eisenhower, we are given a compelling reason for why the UFO subject may have been kept secret.
Ron Paul is prominently quoted, in a video where he faces down Ben Bernanke -- describing how the Federal Reserve's monetary policy has destroyed the middle class, and ruined the value of the dollar.
These same insider families are manipulating LIBOR, ISDAfix, and the offshore accounts being tracked and shut down by the ICIJ. 
As you see here, 1% of America now controls 40% of the wealth -- while 80 percent of the nation only possesses a cumulative total of 7 percent....
 by David Wilcock

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