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Thank you Pleiadian High Council and Lauren!
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Duality to Triality:

Divine Will Made Manifest

So we finally, Finally, FINALLY made it out of reverse, and can start moving forward again…altho forward seems slightly subjective in this new territory because, for all intents and purposes, we are without a compass and with no linear marker points to hint at what direction is. But this whole new reality is pretty slick if you ask me because without linearity, without progressing sequentially, we literally have no choice but to think with our hearts. Pretty sneaky. Literally wipes the logic right out of us.
Having said all that, it doesn’t exactly feel like a running start. :( More like a crawling start….or whatever the word is for slightly faster than sitting. Either way, I’m in. I’ll take anything over going backwards and rummaging thru my insidey parts. Again. And again. And again. And…
(Begin rant) Hands down tho, that was THE l o n g e s t and most torturous Mercury retrograde in the history of retrogrades…and yes, it’s likely I say that every retrograde, but…s.e.r.i.o.u.s.l.y. I am running out of adjectives to describe the insanity of it all. (End rant)
So even tho we were being held underwater for what felt like 3 or 4 eternities, in the bigger picture, we were undergoing an intensive “sacrament of initiation into the priest(ess)hood”…what the unseens refer to as a right of passage to reclaiming the power and authority of God. I don’t really know what any of that means yet, but I do know that we are changed humans because of it.
Sardonic sillies aside, it does feel a lot like this first week out of the (black) hole will be a bit of balancing act as we try to find our bearings, assess our lives and settle into unity. I am hoping the new moon will initiate the jump start we so desperately need, but the real magic seems to be coming from the new balance point we are teetering over. If you are still enuf…as if that were an option…you may be able to discern this pulsing central axis point within. Its a quiet, disciplined emptiness that is also supremely intelligent and certain of itself. It brings balance to the heart and mind, but also gives the heart a much bigger voice…makes ascertaining truth easier and more discernable with so much peace mitigating our once-polarized thoughts.
Make no mistake, this balance point IS our new beginning. No bells, no whistles, just peace. It is the fertile space of non-attachment, of pure potentiality, thru which all is born anew. The unification of spirit and matter, feminine and masculine, right brain and left, body and soul, etc…this is the merger between heaven and earth, and it begins with us.
The unseens say that this space is where we come from and return to, and it is the essence of which will radically transform our lives and bodies. This is the energy we have been waiting for and it is the energy we will be creating from. Whatever you are desiring is contained within this energy…whatever you have the courage to imagine, is in this energy. If you are not yet in touch with it, you will be. Tune into the center of your brain and notice the expansive silence in there. It’s subtle, but it’s there. If you still don’t feel it, wait until the intensity of the moon subsides…I give it the 3 day rule.
This energy is alive and its non-moving at the same time. It’s not a thought and it’s not a feeling, it’s outside of both those things….deeper and more profound. It’s not blissful, but it could be. In fact, it can be anything. It feels, for lack of a better word, like the space where possibility meets capability. The divine clay I suppose.
This is the stuff our new worlds are made of. It is simultaneously our new home and our new playground…and this is just the tipping point, the infancy, the beginning of the upward spiral of a whole new world to explore within.

The REAL Human BEing
For the first group of souls who successfully completed the long, dedicated journey thru causality (duality consciousness) the train to unity (triality consciousness) has arrived at the station. The doors are open and we are rushing the exits… frantically searching for the platform where the new high speed rail (upcoming eclipses) will arrive to take us to our new world.
When we switch trains, we will have officially switched templates from the slow moving 3d dimensional human DOing (effort) who is bound by gravity (karmic creation), to the warp speed creation of the 5th dimensional human BEing (effortlessness) who is unbound and free from dross. This shift is everything, if not all of the rest of our learning/PLAY/experience as new-humans…long as we choose to remain in a body, here on this planet.
The Pleiadians called the last 8 weeks of our lives “the most transformational portal of all our earthly existence”…and they assure us that the portal ahead is nothing compared to what’s behind us now. If we survived this passage…and truthfully, some people didn’t…what’s ahead of us will be like riding the wind.
You are turning the corner from living as what we would call a human DOing to a true human BEing, as you were originally designed and intended to BE. This switch in dynamic is the basis for your new reality system and one that requires the feminine principal of receiving to BE in first place…that you consciously BE first.
We know that this requirement, this learning, has been the bulk of the journey to arrive here…meaning, it is less complicated to be a human BEing when you are stripped of the energy, the desire, the will to DO…but it is a different thing to consciously put those principals in motion when the energy, the desire and the will returns. Now things will change in that you will need to put this concept into practice.
This moment in time IS that turning point…what we would call “the redirecting of the energy of DO”. -Pleiadian High Council

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Just Up Ahead
Personally, I can’t even see a foot in front of my face yet…we are still assimilating so much BIGness…but the PHC have been giving me glimpses of whats just up ahead, more specifically they have been talking about the upcoming eclipses (beginning 4/25), that which they call a period of “physical creation made manifest”.
We all know, but sometimes dread, those lengthy eclipse cycles that are ultimately “here to serve us”…of course they are, all of life was created to serve us….but not always in delightful ways. 8O
Though there is historically great fear around eclipses, the fear I am told, came from the great mysticism that was generated thru the power of eclipses, not the eclipse itself. Excitingly, the council says that this power is here to not only serve us, but for us to take hold of now, to alchemically transform our lives with.
I am being shown the image of The Magician in the Tarot deck with the understanding that these eclipses are granting those coming-of-age-new-human-leaders the ability to wield divine will…to tap into the physical arm of the cosmic forces of creation that will enable us to go beyond the physical laws, to transcend them. The Magician is the 1st major arcana card, which carries the numeric vibration of ONE, the number of beginnings, and represents the alignment of unity on all levels of existence… the bridge between spirit and matter. (Interestingly, April is also vibrationally a ONE month)
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Unbuckle your seat belts, we’re about to remember how to fly!

by Lauren Gorgo
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