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5 Tools to Help us Reclaim Our Rights by Wes Annac

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This week, I’d like to outline 5 things we can do to peacefully reclaim our rights.
We’re living in a time when corruption’s allowed to thrive unchecked, but our situation isn’t all bad. People are standing up every day and reclaiming the rights we’re supposed to have, and I’d like to offer somewhat of a guide on how we can go about this.
I’m not saying I’m the best person to offer this guide, but we can all contribute to our conscious revolution by talking about the things that need done before we can regain our rights and live in a society that treats everyone equally.
We certainly aren’t treated equally yet, and the richest 1% are given more rights and freedoms than the rest of us. Depending on your social status and the amount of money or power you have, you’re either given free reign or you’re oppressed by a system that works for the few and not the many.
A lot needs done to transform our defunct society, but none of it can happen until we’ve come together, risen up and shown the people in power that we mean business. We won’t stand for any more violations of our rights, and the inequality that ravages our society will have to come to an end.
It’s time for peace, justice and every other necessity that’ll help us create a positive future, and hopefully, the suggestions offered here will help those of you who are wondering what can be done to reclaim this planet in the name of a workable society.
#1: Unity
It might go without saying that unity’s the most important thing for people who want to reclaim their rights. We can’t do anything significant if we remain divided, and I think every person of every race will need to come together for our efforts to be effective.
Instead of focusing on our differences, let’s focus on the things we have in common and unite with love and respect for our similarities. If we were united, we could all work together to show the people in power that we’re ready for the fair and just society we were supposed to have all along, and we’d take a huge evolutionary leap as one people.
If there are socially and spiritually advanced civilizations beyond our world (I think there are somewhere), it stands to reason that their various races have long united and run their planets in harmony. A civilization can’t prosper if its people are divided, and our society has displayed this tenfold.
Our society seems to be prospering at first glance, but if you look around with open eyes, you’ll see that there are a lot of things wrong with how we run it. It isn’t nearly as balanced as it seems, and things are happening everywhere that would horrify the general public if we knew about them.
We have changes to make and authoritarian governments to collapse, but whatever we build in the wake of their destruction won’t last very long if we can’t come together. More authoritarian regimes would quickly take their place, and all we’d be able to do is protest again because we wouldn’t have come together and strengthened our movement.
If you think about it, we won’t be organized enough to bring any governments to their knees until we’ve come together, and the sooner we can unite, the sooner we can finally start to change things.
#2: Peaceful Protest
This is probably a given, but I list it here to point out that what we need is peaceful protest, not violent protest or rioting. The most famous example of this right now is Ferguson, MO, where peaceful protests and violent riots are both taking place.
I won’t say the rioters don’t have their reasons for doing what they’re doing, but divisive violence won’t solve any of our problems – it’ll only make them worse. We don’t want to burn down civilization or give the powers incentive to send in their military men against us.
We want to do what they despise the most – passively and peacefully (yet directly and powerfully) protest. If the people don’t shoot any guns, set fire to any buildings, or fight any police officers, the powers have no reason to stop our protests.
They have no reason to stop us from staging massive sit-ins and getting the mainstream media’s attention if we aren’t disturbing the peace or doing anything inherently violent. We’ll want to disturb the peace just enough to get the rest of the world’s attention, but our ultimate goals are peace, justice and equality – not anarchy.
Peaceful protest obviously won’t stop the powers from fighting back, but they’ll expose their own corruption and alignment against the people by fighting peace, which could cause them to lose the support of people who weren’t protesting.
Peaceful protests will alert and aggravate the existing power structures more than violent rioting, and we could use them to bring a lot of different issues to the public’s attention. The powers want us to cause havoc and destruction, so let’s refuse to give them what they want while subsequently dismantling their web of oppression with peaceful protest.
#3: Healthy, Balanced Rebellion
This goes hand-in-hand with peaceful protest, and we’ll want a little bit of fire under our bellies if our goal is to get the world’s attention. We’ll want a little bit of rebellion, but we won’t want it to get out of hand.
Complete passivity solves as little as violent rioting, and as ego-driven it might sound to some spiritual seekers, we’ll want to assert ourselves. The powers have thrived from our ignorance and complacency, and the last thing we want is for others to use our own passivity to control us.
Strength and direct assertion will be necessary, but again, our ultimate goal is peace and we won’t want to take it too far. Just like we don’t want protests to turn into riots, we don’t want rebellion to turn into anarchy. I think there’s a difference between the two, and one’s healthy for us while the other could hurt us in the long run.
Rebellion’s a great thing when it comes to rebelling against forces who’ve curtailed our rights and generally kept us down. The very energy of rebellion is an energy of resistance that we won’t want to incorporate into our spiritual quests, but its use is necessary to dethrone our self-serving governments and the corporations who secretly run them.
Rebellion’s healthy as long as we don’t take it too far, and if practiced in a balanced way, it can be used positively and progressively. Without rebellion, the powers would’ve long dominated us into submission, so let’s keep this in mind when the time comes to show our rebellious side.
#4: Social Media
It’s obvious that social media is one of the best tools to raise awareness, coordinate protests, etc.
Popular uprisings like Occupy Wall Street started out with social media, and this platform provides us the ability to directly communicate – in large groups in some cases – and coordinate events that we’ll use to display our people power.
We can plan protests; sit-ins; concerts that are designed to raise awareness and raise our vibration a little. I’m not trying to sound as much like a hippie as I’m probably starting to, but no matter what kind of event we plan, social media will help us with it.
If there’s something specific we all plan to do as a large, united group, we can coordinate it with social media. We can use social media to record live streams of various events we’ll plan in the name of taking back our rights, or we can use it to spread any videos, etc. we make for the same purpose.
No matter what we do, social media will help us with it. This is partly why the powers are scrambling to ‘regulate’ the internet – they want to stop the spread of social and spiritual awareness that various things like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc. have enabled us to spread.
They want to keep us from achieving our goal in dethroning them and building something new, but they won’t ultimately be successful. The will of the people will always trump the will of the elite, and in time, more people will become active and social media will play a huge role.
#5: Perseverance
Second to unity, this might be the most important recommendation. As we go about protesting or doing whatever else we do to gain national attention and begin reclaiming our rights, we’ll need perseverance. Those among us who participate the most will probably face the hand of corruption and oppression many times throughout their journeys.
The more we stand up and protest, the more the authorities will try to keep us down and stifle what we’re doing. Some people might be pepper sprayed; some might be hit with batons; some might even be jailed or shot. We’ll want to get through everything we experience and stay true to our goal of collective peace and the diminishment of corruption.
The powers will pull out all the stops to keep us from doing what we’re here to do, but we’ll have to answer to their attempted oppression with even stronger, more dedicated attempts to reclaim our rights. The best way we can persevere is to refuse to descend into anarchy or rioting, and I’m sure we’ll be baited into it plenty of times.
Like I said earlier, the elite wants us to riot so they can deploy the big guns, but we don’t have to give them what they want. The hardest part of persevering will probably be the refusal to go crazy and burn everything down. I know that sounds harsh, but if we’re hurt and baited enough by police, there’s no telling what could run through our minds.
As we go about our protests and keep the importance of persevering in mind, we’ll want to consistently remember not to descend into violence, no matter how badly the corruption hurts. We’ll want to stay as organized and united as possible, and we won’t want to let anything or anyone break the unitive bonds we’ll have started to forge.
The powers have used the tactic of ‘divide and conquer’ to rule over us for centuries, but with unity and perseverance, we’ll show them that we really can answer to their unjust reign without falling into division and fighting among each other.
With all of the crazy things that are happening right now (especially in Ferguson), we have a great opportunity to finally start speaking out against the people who continue to keep us down. Our freedom’s only as restricted as we let it be, and realizing that we’re already free is the first step to making our realization a reality.
Those of us who’ve become spiritually aware know that we’re free regardless of what any government or authority figure tells us or does to us, but the final step is to solidify these freedoms on the world stage, for everyone to enjoy.
Everyone will have to find freedom within before we can liberate ourselves from the oppression of our governments, and once we find inner freedom, the next step is to help it spread to everyone else who’s been too passive, complacent and generally unaware to understand what freedom actually is.
Freedom isn’t complacently listening to our governments as we indulge in a consumeristic society – freedom is recognizing that we’ve come to this planet with sacred, inalienable rights and protesting until a) our governments recognize and honor those rights, or b) our governments are rendered irrelevant because they’ve failed to honor them.
These are the first steps to freedom, so let’s take them as a united, collective unit that’s capable of using peace and organized protest to change the world.
This concludes this week’s planetary healing.
Written by Wes Annac, 
The Culture of Awareness, November 30, 2014 – 

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