Monday, April 11, 2011

Man-made Religion and God-made Spirituality: What's the Difference?

Dare I swim into these ever-so sensitive waters of religion? As the Light continues to envelope beautiful Gaia and Her inhabitants manifesting our Ascension and shedding Light on every corner and crevice leaving nothing in the dark (especially our own shadow selves), the time has come to have a better understanding about religion and its contributions to our world.

People have spent their entire lives dedicated to "God" --millions of people actually giving their life; Others giving their choice of celibacy, or their money, food and time crusading, evangelizing and in missionaries throughout the world... generation after generation; From Christians and Mormons to Buddhists and Tibetan monks to Middle Eastern and Muslim extremists to Orthodox Jews and every religion betwixt. Over thousands of years, man-made religion after man-made religion people sacrificed their ideas, behaviors and ways of life that which their religion taught them was the way to redemption. And to ALL OF YOU throughout history, I declare "Bravissimo, for upholding your ideals and for living a life which (I hope) brought you peace of mind and joy in your heart."

Yet, before we continue let's be VERY CLEAR: "Religion" was created by man-- conceived, drafted and hand-written, literally, by man. Man lives in this world of duality. He lives amongst good v. evil, Heaven & hell, right and wrong, black & white. He lives in a world where he can be influenced, deceived, bribed, and coerced. He lives in world where he's still operating by his ego, and without proper guidance and protection, his mind leads the way instead of his heart. Religion --not God-- brought countless wars killing millions of people (claiming to be "in the name of God"), and those wars are still being fought today STILL SENDING HOME DEAD LIFELESS BODIES to their mourning families.

Being raised Roman Catholic and having all of my family still strongly Christian, this next part is hard for me to say, yet needs to be said in order to increase awareness. Do you remember the "telephone" game we played in school or at parties, where the first kid makes a statement to the one sitting next to her in a circle, and by the time the statement returns to the original kid (some-20 kids later), the statement has changed so drastically that it is unrecognizable by the 1st kid who started the game and gave the original statement? Similarly, the Bible, Quran, and Tanach (and all written scripture past down over the centuries) also written by fallible influenceable man was modified by every culture, by every generation, by every religion, by every publisher ...the Tanach, Quran and Bible too are drastically NOT THE SAME as first written millenia ago (2000+ years-- much much more than a mere 20 kids). Connecting with Christ Jesus intimately and personally as an intuitive, He shared with me and numerous LightWorkers currently working within the Golden White Light of Christ's Consciousness that His message then is not that taught by modern Christianity today.

On the contrary, Spirit or spirituality was designed and CREATED by God... without written rules to be edited and manipulated, without limits and boundaries, without segregation, without prejudice. Spirituality is something we possess WITHIN US-- we feel it. When we are aligned with God, WE LIVE IT. Spirit, our inherent God-given Divinity, CANNOT be coerced, CANNOT be deceived, CANNOT be compromised ...when our talk is in alignment with our walk ...when our mind is in alignment with our heart ...when our lower self is in alignment with our Highest Self! When living with integrity, our own Spirituality is available to ALL PEOPLE regardless of your religion, or lack thereof!

In fact, God doesn't mind WHAT religion you are. You can be Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, Jehovah's Witness, Krishna, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Kwanzaan, Hinduist, Indigenous, Bahá'íst, Zoroastrianist, Atheist, Agnostic, Pagan, Sikhist, Taoist, Confucianist, Jainist, Spiritist etc. You can be ANY religion you desire and STILL discover and manifest God's greatest gift for all people: Your return back to God... your Ascension. Based upon the old adage: If you love someone, then set them free. If they come back, you were always meant to be... true love for all eternity (poet, didn't know it... teeheehee). As is with God: He sent us free (will), and it's our job to live a life to honor Ourself (and in doing so honoring God) and return eternally --without the necessity of incarnating again in physical form to learn more life lessons and repay karma on planet earth.

Virginia Essene and Sheldan Nidle wrote a book entitled, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human (Santa Clara, California: S.E.E. Publishing, 1994), which has a wonderful format within each chapter. The first part of a chapter is written by them, and the second part is a dialogue between Virginia and Washta, Sheldan's Spirit Guide who speaks through Sheldan's voice. One question Virginia asks is quite apropos for this blog entry. Please let me share it to increase awareness, for all of us to get a bigger picture of our future role as guardians of Gaia, and to better understand "religion" and "churches" from God's perspective --not from man's perspective. Virginia asks Washta, "Could you comment on churches? Many church [-going] people would say... they are spiritual, they serve, and they are liaison to the world in spiritual matters and through good works. So how do you see that a church person who belongs to one of the usual temples, churches or organizations is different than a planetary advocate [or different than a LightWorker living in integrity]?"

the following from You Are Becoming a Galactic Human (pgs. 198-200):
What we would say to those in the churches is that the clue to this whole process is the energy of love. If they are truly coming from the aspect of love and not just doing service to make a good appearance, then they can be a prototype for a true [planetary] advocate group. If their core is not based upon this pure spiritual and loving energy, however, they cannot perceive Earth's needy situation in a totally non-dogmatic, non-judgmental and open way, then they are involved in a dogma and are limiting their purposes. Religion is not meant to ignore present circumstances or prohibit change. It must be a helpmate for all times and all experiences, allowing an ever-increasing consciousness [and awareness]. In or out of churches, humanity is challenged to understand [outer] space and your upcoming role as a civilization of galactic humans.

For example, one group may proclaim itself to be a top environmental group, but it is only going through the motions. Whereas another group is a genuine environmental group because it is committed to the true energies of the spirit in an open, non-dogmatic way. Those humans who are willing to accept everyone's part in this mission of becoming galactic humans [and NOT judge others for their beliefs] are truly planetary advocates.

Many churches are now beginning to understand they must address modern circumstances and expand their energy patterns so they move out of their old dogma and into a more open Light. Those who do so are prime resources in the transformation your planet will experience and they are, or can choose to become, the advocates we describe.

Virginia: Yes, thank you. Then how important is it that people believe in extraterrestrials and understand the cosmic roots of humanity in order to serve as planetary advocates, whether they are in a church or not?

Washta: We would hope that you can understand how the true spiritual concepts of all religions and the seeding of all Earth humans, are dependent on the great cooperation between the Galactic Federation and the Spiritual Hierarchies that make up all creation. We would hope that you comprehend and believe in this cooperative endeavor. However, if you wish to maintain yourselves as part of a spiritual group only (and not believe in extraterrestrials), then we would ask that you listen to the energies of the Spiritual Hierarchies themselves [without listening to those of the Galactic Federation at this time]. These various angels, archangels and ascended masters [of this galaxy's Spiritual Hierarchy] will be leading spiritual groups toward unifying with planetary advocate groups. This is the purpose of allowing your spiritual groups (that are already One with the Spiritual Hierarchy) to become amalgamated with those planetary advocate groups that have been created in service to the Galactic Federation's great mission. Both spirit and matter work hand in hand. In this combination, lies an exciting future for yourselves and planet Earth if you can but understand [let go of your pre-conceived notions] and welcome the opportunity [to Ascend].

Dare I swim into these ever-so sensitive waters of religion? As a LightWorker honoring my inherent God-given Divinity and Spirituality standing in my own Light to be seen by all... yes, I must. Raising awareness is one goal of a LightWorker.

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