Thursday, June 16, 2011

You Made an Illusion Here on Earth to Play Out, But Because of Its Severe Limitations Imposed Upon You, You've Been Unable to Find Joy & Life Purpose

Once again, I bring to you most inspiring information from Christ Jesus discussing our vain attempt to separate ourselves from our Creator!
Thank you Christ. Thank you John.
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Now that passion is about to break through into your awareness.
(emphasis added)

Humanity is approaching a very important moment in its evolution. You made an illusion in which to play and experiment, and a very large proportion of your experiences have been most unsatisfactory. Nevertheless, you have learnt many things, and are now ready to put what you have learnt into regular practice. Over the eons, you have sought Love and you have sought your Creator, but because of the severe limitations the illusion has imposed on you, your abilities have not been sufficient unto the task you set yourselves. However, you have never been alone nor bereft of unlimited assistance when you chose to ask for it; you just have not asked enough. You are free, you have free will, so assistance cannot be imposed upon you as it would show a lack of respect, and would be a dishonoring of your divine sovereignty.

Over the last five or six decades, a great willingness to seek assistance with your spiritual task has developed as a result of the lessons you have been learning over the eons, and consequently, you have been asking for and receiving abundant spiritual assistance. The results of this can be seen in the amazing changes in attitude the vast majority of humans are enthusiastically embracing and aligning themselves with. It is no accident this is occurring. You have been seeking the way home to Reality since the moment the separation from God took place, and your persistence is paying off.

To use an analogy: It is as though God was the center of the universal gravity field. At the moment of separation you blew yourselves, with all the force available to you, as far from that center as possible, and since then He has been drawing you irrevocably and lovingly back towards that center. Gravity – divine Love – is eternal and you could never, even if you truly wanted to, escape Its loving hold on you. It is impossible for you to get lost in the seemingly vast spaces of your illusion when that divine energy field is always leading you, guiding you, and drawing you Home.

The divine energy of God’s Love for you is infinitely powerful and completely irresistible. And beneath the level of conscious awareness that you are capable of experiencing while you reside in the illusion lies an intense passion, an insatiable hunger, to return to the arms of your Father, your Source and your Home. Now that passion, the eternal divine Flame within you, is about to break through into your awareness. You are already receiving intimations of this as you look around you and observe the chaos and confusion in which the illusion has enshrouded you, and you are saying to yourselves, “This is truly insane! There has to be something far, far better than this, for which we are yearning.”

And of course there is. It is God’s divine Reality, where you belong, where you yearn to be, and where you will discover in joy and wonder that that is where you have always had your eternal existence. Open your hearts, the channels through which your Father’s Love for you longs to flow, and experience the ecstasy that is your heritage and in which it enfolds you.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman2. Wordpress. com

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