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A Conversation With Archangel Michael Regarding Disclosure

Here is a transcript of part of my reading with Archangel Michael today (June 16, 2011), through Linda Dillon by Steve Beckow.

This is the portion that deals with the various considerations around Disclosure. AAM is very careful to distinguish Disclosure from Decloaking and from First Contact. He gives the considerations that the spiritual hierarchy and the galactics have before them over issues relating to Disclosure.

It isn’t often that we have the opportunity to ask questions and get a matter thoroughly discussed. Usually we have to accept what is said and not said. So this opportunity to go over matters in detail is one I very much appreciated.

You’ll note that it wasn’t AAM that was reluctant to cite the date. I’m afraid it’s me. But it is coming very soon.

Archangel Michael: Greetings. I am Michael.

Steve: Greetings, Lord. Thank you for coming.

AAM: It is my pleasure. It is my pleasure to be invited. And it is my pleasure, dear heart, to join with many [meaning my guides] this day and speak to your heart, to our mind, and to your very core and being.

Yes, it is a time of dissembling and there are those who are still choosing the chaos. [Probably referring to my conversation with Linda Dillon, prior to starting, about hockey fans rioting in Vancouver.] But there are many more, dear one, who are choosing the light, who are choosing the path of love and oneness and of opening.

Very often they do not know what this choice of opening entails. But they only know that they must do it,that they are tired of the old way of being, that they yearn for deeper love, and that they yearn for a deeper way of being in their lives than what they see on a day-to-day basis.

There are very few people within the collective and upon the planet who simply feel that they are here for no apparent reason, that they are here simply as an energetic accident.

Most of them yearn to know what that reason is and to be able to contribute in a way that is meaningful to them, to that collective energy, so that, at the end of their life, whether that is tomorrow or ten thousand years from now, they can reflect and know that they made a difference.

Now not everyone gets to feel that difference at the end of their life, but they come to know it once they are here [spirit plane or Fifth Dimension], once they are on a different plane and dimension.

Now you, dear friend, have been shaking your head and part of you is shaking your head saying, “Lord, what is going on?”

S: Yes indeed.

AAM: And part of you has been shaking your head as in up and down, as a “Yes, we are ready to go.” We know your feelings, and when I say your feelings, I mean your intellect as well as what you emotionally perceive. It can go either way. And that is something that we have not truly been prepared to discuss in detail for it is not an issue that we want people to grab on to.

S: What do you mean, Lord, that it can go either way. What is “it”?

AAM: We don’t mean that the shift or the Ascension or the arrival of your star brothers and sisters will not occur. That is tied down, if you will.

But the promise and the agreement with the star beings and the councils is that it will be done in a peaceful manner because otherwise it simply is adding to the old paradigm. So we are diligently working and attempting to keep everything on schedule – our schedule not yours – for the bringing forth of what is necessary for humanity to make this leap.

So what I mean is not if it will happen but the question of the timing – human timing.

S: So it’s possible that [the date given] will not see a Disclosure. Is that the case?

AAM: It is possible. It is not our decision. We have already passed the go-point.

S: The divine deadline, Lord? Is that what you mean?

AAM: The divine deadline in terms of everything being in place for the star brothers and sisters to arrive.

S: Do you mean Disclosure, the Decloaking or First Contact, Lord?

AAM: We mean First Contact and Disclosure.

S: So we’ve already passed the divine deadline. Alright.

AAM: Disclosure is something that is coming. I know what you are meaning by this. But I also want you to think of Disclosure as coming in stages. Now there has been Disclosure for a long time.

S: Yes.

AAM: So what you are thinking of is public Disclosure, and that is to be hand in hand, very closely, because of the shrinking margins with Decloaking.

S: I don’t understand what you just said, Lord.

AAM: For the powers that be to simply come forward and say, “We have contact and communication and in fact relationship with your star brothers and sisters” – that is Disclosure.

S: Thank you.

AAM: It is the beginning of what we feel is an ongoing human conversation with your star brothers and sisters but certainly among yourselves about what that means.

The plan has always been, or had been, to have a Disclosure time and then a period of adjustment and then what we call “Decloaking” which would be visible sightings and presence of ships and beings. The reason that we had planned this timing, has been, and has always been, that your brothers and sisters do not wish to come in a situation of panic, or upheaval, fear, and certainly not one that would be creating what would be attempts at prevention or retaliation. Now this you are aware of.

S: Yes.

AAM: So it has always been anticipated that there would be Disclosure and then a period for the populace to adjust to it.

S: Now there are messages from Sheldan Nidle, a message from Sananda on Lightworkers, [XX] in [YY] is saying that, Suzanne Spooner has given that date, do you know why everyone is talking about [date]?

AAM: Because that is the plan.

S: That is the plan. OK.

AAM: That is the plan.

S: And how likely is it that that plan will go ahead?

AAM: As we speak today, it is on target.

S: Alright.

AAM: Now what I had started to say to you was that normally we had thought there would be Disclosure and then give it a couple of months or even weeks and then there would be Decloaking.

S: Yes.

AAM: What we are suggesting to you today is that the time frame between Disclosure and Decloaking – in other words, the visibility of ships – is very likely to be much closer together because we have delayed some efforts for Disclosure. Not that there has not been a lot of conversation, because there has been, but there has not been the green light or the choice to allow the entire populace to know.

S: Alright.

AAM: Now there has been a, shall we say, an integration process of many of your star brothers and sisters – more than normal, let us put it that way – that has begun at the end of May. So there are many who are already on the ground and in position. And that will help. That will help an awful lot.

It is not a question of sabotage. It is not a question of spying, or anything that could possibly be interpreted that way. Think of them as the people who go in and calm people down after there has been a bank robbery. They’re a therapeutic team whose purpose is to keep people calm, encouraged, excited and open.

S: So this is a team of galactics, is that correct?

AAM: That is correct.

S: Who is the green light coming from, Lord? I know that’s a difficult question to answer because there are levels and levels of hierarchy. But is it Sanat Kumara who will give the green light or Sananda?

AAM: No, it is a combination but primarily it is the final decision of Sanat Kumara.

S: Alright. Thank you.

AAM: And he has waited an awfully long time.

S: Ha ha ha. I’m sure he has.

AAM: And so we are all very anxious this bringing of peace. That is the entire purpose. It is the expansion of the human realm, yes, and hand in hand with the shifting of dimensions and consciousness but it is truly a bringing of peace, a restoration of peace. And that is why we have been so reticent to do anything that could be interpreted in any other way.

S: I see.

AAM: But insofar as the [date] marker is concerned, yes, you are correct and so are many in feeling that this is the opening day.

S: And if things don’t happen on [date], what kind of…. You remember when they didn’t happen in Oct. 2008 or in Nov./Dec 2009, we then needed to wait a long. Will that be the case here?

AAM: No.

S: Alright, so if it doesn’t happen [date], it will happen soon after that. Is that correct?

AAM: It is going to happen before the end of the year, regardless.

S: Well, I’m not sure that a lot of people will be comforted by the thought of waiting another six months. That will be a difficult….

AAM: It is highly unlikely that it will be six months.

S: Right.

AAM: Not because of what is happening as we observe and get ready, but because we see that the human populace, in their inner being, and even in their consciousness, they are ready. They are very ready. And when they see…. You have mentioned to this channel this day that there are many who are disheartened [referring to my conversation with Linda about the reasons behind the riots in Vancouver June 15, after the Stanley Cup final game] and feel the yoke of being burdened, whether it is by finance or circumstance of what they are doing for work, work that does not feel meaningful in any way.

When they begin to understand the openings that are being created by this landing, by this opening and coalition, by the full participation of Earth in the galactic forum,. Then they will buy in with their hearts, their souls, and their bodies. So the level of information is going to be managed in a very positive way and that is what we have been truly working with humans so that the fear triggers are simply not present.

S: Alright.

AAM: That is why there are the intervention teams. That is why many who have been placed in their lifetimes on Earth, awaiting for this, such as your beloved self….

S: Yes.

AAM: So if it is not [date], which is our date, it will be very quickly thereafter, So do not worry about it.

S: Alright.

AAM: It is not a question of if but when.

S: Alright. Thank you, Lord.

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