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We Must First Admit We Don't Know Everything, If We Want to Learn: Listening w/o Judgments We'll See We CREATED the Veil

Thank you Laarkmaa, Rebecca and Steve for these humbling words reminding me to release my ego, and to open my heart to other worlds and dimensions ready and willing to teach us once we stop scoffing at their existence!
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We have reached Level 7 of the 9th Wave of Unity Consciousness, the level where the veil between our third dimensional world and multi-dimensionality is the thinnest humanity has ever experienced. We might look around us, as we move through the wondrous changes, and begin to ask, "What Veil?" For truly, as we begin to know in our hearts that we are one with EVERYTHING, we can see that the veil has never really been there at all. It has only been our perception and illusory beliefs that have separated us from each other and the truth of universal love and abundance.

Laarkmaa has said the confusion over our experienced reality comes from the fact we are spanning Duality and Multidimensionality, not living completely in either just yet. Our minds and bodies do not always work in the way in which we are accustomed. We forget a thought as soon as we have it. We may feel as though we have the flu, are dizzy, have headaches, or have no energy. Our sleep is disrupted. Our appetites have changed. Overall it may seem as though our bodies are spinning into something different. And in fact, they are. Our emotions make us pay attention to our experiences more intensely, perhaps, than we ever have before, calling us to continually rebalance ourselves with the new dynamics that present themselves. As we release familiar old patterns, we are stepping towards a fuller existence. Is the veil really thinner now, or is it only that WE are changing and are now more able to see and hear what has always been there?

Part of what we must honor now is the wisdom of our bodies, which have always known how to resonate with Nature because we ARE Nature! Laarkmaa tells us that we can accomplish much in our human bodies at this time, and we must learn to listen to and respect the wisdom of our bodies in order to move towards ascension with our bodies. An unfamiliar concept, no doubt, for a species that has believed death is the only form of ascension!

The changing environment of the earth is a recent theme in Laarkmaa's conversations. As we are part of the earth, we are also experiencing changes in our inner environment as well. External geomagnetic changes, solar flares, and earth shifts reflect our own quaking shifts as we move into being who we truly are. The Shift of the Ages has become a popular term to encompass all of these changes, plus many others that lead us towards being the new humans. Laarkmaa defines the REAL shift that is taking place as a movement from head to heart, giving us tips for how to adjust to the changes as they occur.

As the interior and exterior shifts occur with increasing speed and intensity, we may ask ourselves, what does living into Level 7 of the 9th Wave mean to us?

What WILL we see and hear that is beyond our normal realm of understanding? WORLD PUJA NETWORK hosts Rebecca and Cullen's show VOICES FROM LOVE AND LIGHT, and on the 27th of June the show will share many of the voices who are beginning to openly communicate with humanity as we become more willing to listen.

The more we open our hearts and begin to deeply listen to all of life, the more we will understand that the veil has only been in place because WE PUT IT THERE! It is our human disrespect for the wisdom and ways of other kingdoms (ie, Pan, Little People, Fairy, Star Brothers and Sisters, Angelic) that have caused those others to withdraw from participating with us. It is through our human arrogance and our belief systems about what is or is not possible that we have separated ourselves from the other voices who are now willing to communicate with us once again. They are inviting us; it is time to exercise our curiosity and surrender into a wider view of possibilities than we have previously allowed, being willing to accept that if we want to learn, we must first admit that we don't know everything. It is from this place of listening without judgment and with an open heart, that the veil will truly disappear.

Laarkmaa has said that we may see dragons this summer as well as other previously considered "mystical" creatures. Perhaps as we raise our vibrations through surrendering to love and light, we will incorporate more mystery into our own existence, opening the portals for communication to all the other realms. In that moment, we may be able to say, "What veil??"

With love and light,
Cullen and Rebecca

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