Friday, June 10, 2011

What is Ascension? Government Propaganda vs. Ascended Master Fact

So many people are finally awakening to the fact we are much more than the only Beings in the entire universe. We have been led to believe we are the ONLY life in all of existence, and any other life form ANYWHERE in the universe simply does not exist. Yet, in our heart of hearts, we KNOW this to be preposterous! Humans are the ONLY life form ANYWHERE?'s quite laughable.

But time and time again, society has forced us to swallow theory after theory to support this absurdity only we exist. Darwin's theory of evolution tells us we came from apes. The Big Bang theory says there was ONE instant in time when the necessary elements collided, and "boom" ALL of life was created. We roll our eyes, scoff, and are scared to death of the thought --the mere possibility-- of extra-terrestrial life. We laugh at, ridicule and belittle the idea of someone talking to Angels. We hold onto these untruths as if we still believed the earth was flat!

WE ARE MUCH MORE than being the only life is existence. By definition, LightWorkers who believe in and communicate with Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters are privy to much more information than the rest of the world who doesn't. That doesn't make us "special"; It simply doesn't limit our reality to what only can be seen, tasted, smelled, touched or heard. WE ARE NOT RESTRICTED by this 3-dimensional physical world.

When you come to terms there exists a spirit world, then your heart & world will EXPAND! When you believe in a higher power greater than yourself, your heart & world will EXPAND! When you accept Angels and Spirit Guides are ready and waiting for you to ask them for help, then your heart & world will EXPAND!

The media has INCREDIBLE CONTROL over what we think and believe. Specifically, those forces, factions and organizations in which we have given the power (rather those with money who TOOK the power over those who didn't have money) have INCREDIBLE CONTROL over what we think and believe. This includes the daily news, Hollywood, popular athletes, doctors, lawyers, corporations, governments, organized crime, and even our own religions ...have INCREDIBLE CONTROL over what we think and believe.

For example, my wife and I were at the movies watching X-men: First Class, and we could CLEARLY SEE all the propaganda we are being forced to ingest regarding Ascension, both in this movie and in all the many previews of other movies. Riddled throughout so many fictional movies --our time to relax, unwind and get our minds OFF the struggles of day-to-day life-- is blatant fears of being taking over by aliens, being genetically altered by mutants, being enslaved by extra-terrestrials, and being exterminated by other life forms in the universe! Need I mention the reality of subliminal messages??

Ascension has NOTHING to do with any of these man-made fears, which has INCREDIBLE CONTROL over what we think and believe.

The Ascended Masters are those who have lived on our earth over the millenia. They have incarnated in human form lifetime after lifetime just like we have, and they have experienced first-hand what it's like being here on planet earth. They have walked our deserts, tended our meadowlands, tamed our animals, grown our plants, climbed our trees, descended our valleys, hiked our mountains, swam our oceans, prepared our food, and drank our water. They have experienced ALL the beauty Lady Gaia has to offer, AND all her challenges of drought, storms, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods, infestations, disease, bureaucracy, deceit, greed, theft, rape and murder. They have lived here on our planet BEFORE US. And by definition, have ASCENDED by becoming ONE with all those elements previously listed --the good and the bad-- and now it's OUR TURN!

The Ascended Masters have taken this journey before us so we may follow their lead! In order to Ascend, one must come to terms with the illusion and accept the hardships by learning the lessons they bring into our consciousness. Each one of us must do the emotional work to release the heavy dense vibrations of our anger, judgments, resentments, grudges, blame, envy, jealousy, and sadness, in order to rise with and be carried by the higher frequencies of Lightness. In other words, our frequency must resonate, or match, the frequency of the Heavens (5th Dimension or above) in order to reside there. Expand our awareness and return to our Creator is our ONLY mission in life... easier said than done when living in the illusion of our world: Yet, it's our turn to persevere, our turn to learn our lessons, our turn to literally LIGHTEN our load for our spiritual graduation called Acension!

We must embark upon the SAME PATH & PROCESS they accomplished when they Ascended. They already did it, and part of their commitment, obligation, purpose and "rules" of Ascension is to assist the rest of humanity in doing the same. By definition, they are here to help us Ascend. Reach out to them, listen to their wisdom, take their advice, and reclaim your ultimate destiny sooner rather than later. Why would you want to experience more amnesia-filled reincarnated human lives in 3-dimensional physicality of incredible hardships, emotional exhaustion, and mental illusion? ...when you can EMBRACE this chance now and join the mass Ascension of 2012.

The choice is yours: REMEMBER you are a divine Child of God/dess and feel the joy you were meant to live EVERYDAY.
by Gavin Anthony Harrill, MA

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