Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Agarthans Have a Video Introduction for Us Followed by An Explanation of Our True Origins & History Once We Acknowledge Their Inner Earth Realm

Do you remember the late '70s sitcom called Soap, and a character named Burt Campbell was kidnapped by aliens? Of course, no one in his family believed him and all thought he was legitimately off-the-wall crazy! The studio audience and the home viewers were all privy to the secret and all knew he was telling the truth there REALLY WERE ALIENS as we watched the aliens introduce themselves to Burt ON their spaceship! This is exactly how we LightWorkers feel right now: Seated in the studio audience are the Ascended Masters and Galactic Federation. While the home viewers are our angels & spirit guides who know there REALLY ARE ALIENS ready to reveal themselves and transform our world --literally-- over night, and we keep getting the exhausted roll of the eyes from our family & friends, and the resounding snickers and worries of concern behind our backs of how crazy they think we are.... Fortunately, millions of LightWorkers and I can soundly go to sleep each night being privy to the secret from which their reality excludes them... very SOON they will discover and REMEMBER we are all ONE.

Where ...how... do I even begin to express my extraordinary jubilation? Those in the know and with Divine faith feel the calm in the air, feel the sensations tingling throughout our bodies, feel the incredible change about to manifest in our world ...any day now. "All that is left is for the divine right moment to occur" ...is it the lunar eclipse on June 15th? or the summer solstice six days later? or maybe right in the middle on the 18th? What's your guess? :^D

My wife, myself and other LightWorkers we've spoken to all agree and sense this is the calm before the storm. Of course, this is simply a storm of radical change: Global announcements of new governments, new monetary system, new technology, and Full Disclosure ...a brand new reality for all of us! Oh, the joy I feel in my heart of hearts. Thank you Sheldan, Galactic Federation and Spiritual Hierarchy for the work you've done, and thank you, fellow humanity, for the work you've done as all of us are actualizing this monumental task of transmuting the dark into Light... Amunra!
*** gavin

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation
(emphasis added)

Selamat Jarin! We return once again! Everywhere, our Earth allies are making progress. The Ascended Masters assure us the new financial system is in place and the new monies are ready for distribution. We are busily assisting them in setting up the final pieces needed before the new governments make their first announcements. This operation runs parallel to the process that is manifesting the new central banks. Indeed, several of your major financial institutions are now no more than fa├žades for the institutions slated to succeed them. In addition, the globe's secret gold depositories have already allocated the funds that support the world's new hard currency system; and the mass printing of new bills and the minting of new coinage is also complete. This money is being held in well-guarded, undisclosed facilities around the globe, and the people selected to distribute these funds are at present waiting for the final 'go' codes. The same applies to most of the new-government personnel. All that is left is for the divine right moment to occur.

As we await this magic moment, our fleet personnel are carrying out the next steps in our disclosure scenario, one of which concerns our first post-disclosure broadcasts. Our communications team is revising what we intend to convey to you. You now want to know more about us, and so we are completing the presentation which will set the stage for our massive first contact with you. One of the main items will be to display the various technologies we intend to share with you, and another will be to give you a video introduction to your Inner Earth cousins, the Agarthans. The Agarthans intend to follow this introduction with a full explanation of who they are and to ask you for a formal recognition of their Inner Earth realm. They desire to teach you about your true origins and your true history. This knowledge is very different to what you now generally believe and hence, needs a clear and formal recognition of the Agarthans before it can be given to you. These events are only the first part of our initial interaction with you.

The Agarthans are setting up a grand tour for the leaders of the various caretaker governments, which includes a demonstration of a comprehensive tableau of Earth's early history (from Lemuria to the fall of Atlantis) and an explanation to each leader of the scenario envisioned for the initial cooperation between the Agarthans and each new surface government. It is important for the two parts of Gaia to be reunited. During the nearly 13 millennia that the two realms were apart, the dark reigned supreme over the surface. But with the return of the Light to the surface world, a grand reunion can take place, which is why we are giving the Agarthans this vital role in the first contact mission. On another front, the numerous secret societies that serve the Light are in a position to execute the final government transitions; indeed, these governments have begun to issue the orders that initiate the new global financial and currency system. This establishes the system's formal legitimacy and permits our Earth allies to remove the dark cabal from power.

Blessings! We are the Ascended Masters! In our last message, we described a means for you to regain full use of your Soul Force during this June solstice. This ceremony begins with your standard practice for reaching inside and communicating with your I AM Presence, which can be meditation, prayer, or even just creating a special time of peace that silences for a time the constant drone of your waking mind. Once this special connection is obtained, each person makes a personalized decree, evoking the return of this long-lost sovereign right. This process reclaims your Soul Force. Fully conscious, sovereign Beings have easy access to their manifesting powers, such as the ability to determine the type of society they live in. You are taking back this particular ability prior to your return to full consciousness, and this initial exercising of your sovereignty will be a big contributing factor in transforming the base conditions of your present world. Your collective action can anchor in peace, universal prosperity, and above all, full consciousness.

Our primary mission is to raise the Earth plane to the Light. This task implies, by its very nature, that all of you can now manifest a fifth-dimensional reality. This new reality includes the realm of Agartha and reunion with the endless Orders, Administrations, and Life streams of Heaven. In short, the full breadth and wonder of Heaven are to be revealed to you, and in the process, you will discover who you truly are, spiritually, including your role in unfolding the divine plan. The present time is the transition period decreed long ago by the Creator, and we are reaching that miraculous point when the new reality manifests. So take this time of rising chaos in your stride, knowing that the immensity of spiritual and galactic humanity is fully behind you and in support of your endeavors. Go within and merge with Spirit. Recognize the journey you have so valiantly made and know deeply that your destination is in sight. You are very, very far from alone!

This moment is filled with anticipation! Our associates have taken the tasks we gave them and are finishing them on time. Now we await the divine release given to us by Heaven. This is when your world suddenly veers toward the Light. We have alerted our associates that this time is at hand. Then, we require that a set of specific instructions presented to us by Heaven be publicly read out. These words may be shocking to many, yet their purpose is to prepare you for what is to come next. We intend to begin a series of special appearances and teachings, as we feel you need to know about what we collectively call the "first truths." These teachings concern Love, true compassion, and the unity between all the diverse branches of humanity. The time has come for you to connect to each other and to your fellow humans across the vastness of physicality.

This brings us to first contact and your return to full consciousness. We, your Ascended Masters, are completing a work that has taken thousands of us over 12.5 millennia to complete. This sacred mission is to transform the dark to Light, and hatred and division into Love and cooperation. What is transpiring on your world is marvelous to watch! Inspired groups are coming together to form both virtual and real networks that are transforming your societies. These little-reported activities are the grassroots beginnings on which our larger programs are based. You have shown us these small beginnings can swiftly grow into the foundation for a galactic society. Our associates and we bless you for what you are doing and what you are about to do!

Today, we talked about how you are speeding toward your great victory over the dark. We rejoice in the profound significance of what is happening around us. The dark realm is morphing by spewing out its great wheel of chaos, while your response has been to hold rock-steady in the Light. Now your well-deserved time of jubilation arrives! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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  1. I am sure I did live in Agartha. I have many dreams as a child, I did go inside the Earth and it was very peaceful friendly place. I did travel by kind of light elevator and it was activated by my hand or kind of DNA code. I was just a child when I have many many times this dreams. But off course I was told that it is just imagination and after that I do not talk with anybody about it. If somebody have same experiences please send me E-mail: rivana4@hotmail.com . I miss my family and friends.