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Often You Blame Others For Your Moods & Focus Your Attention on What You Judge To Be Unreasonable or Unfair, Even Though The Event is Already Over

Thank you, Christ and John, for reminding me when I'm in a crappy mood, it is ME who put me there through my own judgments and my ego feeling hurt, AND IT IS ONLY ME who can change my grumpiness into joy.
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You can change your moods to bring you peace and contentment
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Many of you are feeling disturbed and upset as you see the seemingly increasing worldwide pain and suffering, but truly there is much good news as well that is far less widely reported. God’s plan for humanity’s awakening is progressing just as He intends and is precisely on schedule. How could it not be? It is only humanity that is anxious and even skeptical about the outcome, and that is because the unreal state in which you appear to have your existence does not make sense; it only makes confusion. It is just as well that you intend to awaken, allowing it to dissolve.

As you await your awakening in eager anticipation, pay close attention to your moods. Notice they can swing quite rapidly from excited expectation to anxious skepticism. Notice your awareness of your moods, and notice that they are not you, they are just energy flows that you experience. You have the ability to extricate yourselves from them if you choose to do so, but you are so accustomed to accepting them as something imposed on you, and over which you think you have no control, that you rarely do. This is patently not the case. You have all experienced sudden and extreme mood swings apparently caused by events outside yourselves. You do have the ability to alter your moods – without drugs or alcohol – but you mostly accept them as inevitable and unalterable.

Acceptance of what is – the weather, another person’s behavior, an expected or unexpected event – enables you to cope with life in the illusion, and is a very necessary skill to have there. But it is equally helpful to use your ability to change your moods. Bad moods – depression, irritability – are frequently the result of judgment of what is: it is raining and you had planned a barbecue; you were meeting someone, and you or they were late; someone failed to deliver as promised, etc. And if instead of judging you accepted the situation, the bad moods would be far less intense and would dissipate more quickly. But often you choose to blame people or events for your moods – it is part of your need to be right and make others wrong, and it seems to give you a sense of satisfaction, but it is rather a bitter satisfaction!

So be aware of your moods, and be aware you can change them to bring you peace and contentment, or you can remain in them sulking and being irritable. How you deal with your moods are choices you make moment to moment, and when they are bad, then you have made the wrong choice – and you can change it! Obviously, when you are tired or sick and your energy level is lower, it is much harder, and in that case just embrace the tiredness or sickness and the limits they place on you, thus allowing these moods to pass more rapidly.

Moods are part of the illusion. You make them, and therefore you can change them. It is very easy to become embroiled in a bad mood by focusing your attention on something you judge to be unreasonable or unfair, even though that “something” is already over. By focusing your attention on it and being upset you are trying to keep it in the present, and are thus preventing yourselves from enjoying the now moment in which that “something” is no longer happening. Taking satisfaction in being wronged, offended, or taken advantage of only hurts you. So let it go, and live now!

Living in the now moment, accepting what occurs without judgment, is as close as you can get to experiencing something real while still embracing the illusion, because when you awaken you will find that there is only the eternal now – no past, no future – and I can assure you that it is in no way a dull or boring existence! Nevertheless, within the illusion, it is practically impossible to imagine life without linear time because it is one of its supporting pillars, rebuilding it in every new moment, and in each new moment you can choose to experience a new mood. So do not hold on to worn-out ones. Instead, keep building new and happy ones. They will lead you towards your awakening. To be awake is an extremely fulfilling and happy state – your natural state – and you truly are stirring in your deep slumber as wakefulness and the brilliant Light of the divine eternal day approach.

Your loving brother, Jesus.
by John Smallman

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