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Taking Time Out From Your Hectic Day is NOT a Sign of Insanity; Insanity Occurs When You Do Not Allow Yourselves That Quiet Time

Thank you Saul and John for your words encouraging me to SLOW DOWN & MEDITATE if only for 5 minutes regularly throughout my day ...in preparation for my new awareness!
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Take time out daily for serious and extreme inactivity
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Waiting is also part of the illusion –-a focusing on some future time or expected event-– and it distracts you from this now instant in which life is happening. Everything that happens always happens now; you may expect it tomorrow or next year, but when it happens it is now. If you focus on the past or the future, as you often do, you miss what is happening – NOW! Frequently, it seems to you that nothing of note is going on right now, so you think about past events or future expectations as a relief from boredom –-nothing of interest stimulating you to participate in this moment-– and miss the moment and all the wonders it contains because they occur below the level of your conscious awareness.

In the illusion, this unawareness of the now moment can be very useful because your ability to take in information is severely restricted by the limitations imposed on you by a physical body, and therefore you have to make choices about where to focus your attention. The downside is you find it difficult to quieten or reduce the activity of your brain sufficiently to enable you to have clear moments during which you can access your innate intuitive spirituality.

There are some humans who live very much in the now during their working day --drivers of racing cars, pilots of military aircraft, foreign currency and hedge-fund traders, doctors and surgeons in emergency situations-– but that awareness of the moment they experience is extremely narrowly focused, as it needs to be. Living in the now moment is being aware of everything happening in your vicinity without focusing on any specific occurrence while maintaining the ability to do so should you choose to, and while maintaining awareness of everything else as well.

In your fully-conscious and natural divine state, you have infinite awareness in every moment of everything in creation. Nothing escapes you, and you have the freedom to participate, or not, in as many happenings as you choose. In the illusion, living in the now is an extremely beneficial practice that enables constant access to your spiritual guidance, helping you to make wholly appropriate choices about whether or not to speak or act, regardless of the situations in which you find yourselves. It prepares you for your awakening. To move from severely restricted awareness to the infinite-awareness experience of living in full consciousness would overwhelm you, which is why quiet periods of relaxation, contemplation, and meditation practice daily are so essential for you.

As you move towards awakening, you will find yourselves drawn more and more, intuitively, to taking time out daily for serious and extreme inactivity. Honor those feelings. Take time out, because you really do need it. It is not a sign of insanity; insanity occurs when you do not allow yourselves that quiet time.

By giving yourselves permission to be quiet, and then taking the time to do so, you are in fact asking your angels and guides to help you to awaken. They are with you, loving and honoring you in every moment, and they are always ready to assist you when you ask them to. They want you to ask because they love to help you; it is their reason for being with you. And if you will listen, they have an infinite fount of divine wisdom they would delight in sharing with you. Take time out, invite them in, and enjoy the peace and love their presence brings you. They will lead you Home to Reality by the shortest route. So welcome them wholeheartedly, as you accept and follow their wise and loving guidance.

With so very much love, Saul.
by John Smallman

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