Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When Choosing To Live Through Your Heart, Giving Unconditional Love and Selfless Service, You Are Agreeing To Remove All Judgments and Assumptions

Thank you Ascended Master Sananda (Christ Jesus as known in the Inner Realms) and Channeler Julie!

And so it is.
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Allow Your Christ-Self to Shine: A Message from Sananda

Greetings and Blessings to all Children! I ask of you to take a moment and allow me to embrace you with my limitless love and light to each of you.

There are so many beautiful souls asking about their own enlightenment and how to bring forth more growth. The best way dear ones is to commit to loving all beings unconditionally, no matter who they may be and to be always selfless. That is what real love is, to give without the expectation of receiving. You do not require monetary rewards, as the spiritual and personal rewards will far outweigh any payment. When you commit yourself selflessly, you do this as unconditional as the love that pours from your heart. There is no half way with this. The act of giving of yourself to others when they are in need of comfort, guidance and support will bring in bigger transformations from mere studying alone.

Learn what it is for you to know, and apply it willingly and lovingly to those that ask for your guidance. They do not have to be light workers like yourself. Helping an elderly person reach for an object higher on a shelf, volunteering as often as you can in any kind of agency that is in your community, are only examples of what you can be doing dear children. Your selfless acts will not go unnoticed by any of us. And you will see your efforts from the smiling faces that greet you. Loving and giving of yourself unconditionally is one of the most beautiful Divine acts you can do. You will be showing your compassion, kindness and mercy to all beings, regardless of education, handicap, race, level of understanding, culture, etc. Your Chris self will shine through loudly.

Do not hesitate dearest children to call upon my assistance to help accelerate your forward steps into enlightenment. This is no easy path as you have already noticed. I and the angels that accompany me will stand with you in support of your loving efforts to serve selfless in your community and around the world in whatever means you are able. I will help you feel within yourself your own limitless light and grace that is a stem from my father and of course from me. I am able to anchor you during this transformation until you build a higher confidence on what it is you are aiming to achieve. The path you have chosen to follow, to become one with the Father, God, the Source or the Creator to some is commendable. Remain focused, even through the rough times, as those rough times do iron out.

When choosing to live through your heart, giving unconditional love and selfless service, you are agreeing to remove all judgments and assumptions on all beings of this Earth and accepting all as who they are and not what should be. Each of you walk on the same path, but each of you walk in different shoes and have different experiences, and different levels of understanding and growth. None of which is to be judged or made feel less if you are truly living through your heart as a being that is living through their Christ self is.

By adopting a more loving attitude in all you do dearest children, you in turn are allowing more light into your inner-self. This light along with all you have learned and accomplished will reflect outwardly as a radiantly charged, beautiful being of LIGHT that you have always been. You simply are evolving yourself even further. It is time to evolve, to remove outdated teachings and adopt newer, fresher ideas. I have comforted many on this part of their journey, held many hands as they walked into their past, working on clearing what is hurting them there. And I will continue to comfort to those that seek for me.

The newer you that will evolve from removing old attachments, will be a being with a deeper connection to their own Divine oneness and to being more Christ-like every time. I aim to help you find perfect balance with your masculine and your feminine selves as your journey requires perfect balance. There will be times when you will not be this way. During times of imbalance, is when you reflect, and sort out where the issues are that brought on the imbalance of your male/female polarities. For those of you who can meditate, you will find this a wonderful escape and a way of bringing back peace into your light body being until your female/male energies are working in sync again.

Your hearts will open wider and your souls even deeper as you take on a more loving approach to your life everyday. Allowing your Christ-Self shine through the energies of your spiritual growth is profound dearest children. A feeling like you are being embraced from the inside out. My love for all of you is complete and everlasting.

The future you want to see so badly is just around the corner. It's okay to peek if you can, knowing what you see can change easily by the choices you make everyday. It is important to live in the present. Focus your energies on what needs to be done now, tomorrow will come soon enough dear children, never doubt that. Grow, and become the Christ-Self you seek by living unconditionally through your heart and actions which will shine nothing but pure love for all of mankind.

“I AM Sananda, I Am THE Christ Consciousness, I AM not less, yet I AM more. I AM that I AM.”

by Julie Miller


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