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Next Lifetimes Of Those Lost In Darkness Will Be A Hell of Their Own Creation: A Punishment, If You Will, Far More Severe Than You Could Ever Conceive

Thank you SaLuSa, Matthew, Frances and Steve for this comprehensive explanation of life after death!!

And so it is.
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What the Dark Ones Face

We’ve entered the period of accountability and many of us have heard that arrest warrants are being issued for some of the Illuminati. Many of them are allegedly fleeing the sinking ship, others looking for safe haven, and still others being removed and kept in isolation.

This is a time when many of us could feel vengeful and think that we need to bring the dark ones to justice. What are the grounds for saying that we don’t need to seek vengeance on the dark ones?

One ground is the legal process that has been planned to bring the Illuminati before the International Court at the Hague. And I may look at that in another article.

But here I wish to examine a second process and that is the afterlife event known as the “Judgment.” Because everyone must go through the Judgment, the galactics are not concerned about their future and can remain equanimous over the question of the dark ones’ fate.

The Judgment has nothing to do with the Christian notion of “Judgment Day.” We don’t find ourselves at the Throne of God. SaLuSa tells us that “all souls are equal and loved by the Creator, who does not punish the errant ones as some believe.” (1) It is nonetheless a process that occurs after we transition.

Not all the dark ones will transition to the Astral Planes, Some will be removed to other dimensions. But here I wish to focus on what awaits the dark ones on the other side of life.

When the appropriate time arrives, which may be quite a while after we pass over, we sit down with our spiritual directors, our soul contract in one hand as it were and the records of our life in the other. (2) Together we review all the events of our life, a process that can often take quite a bit of time. SaLuSa refers to the Judgment here:

“Be assured that when you pass over and return to the astral planes, you will clearly understand all facets of your life. You will review your life, and this can be a sobering time when you find out how well you have done where your life plan was concerned.” (3)

Because the galactics know about the Judgment, the fate of the dark ones is of no concern to them.

“We may frequently refer to the Dark Ones but we do not judge them, and that will be left for their own self-Judgment when their time is also finished in this cycle.” (4)

“Making them responsible for their acts against Humanity is not directly our concern, because there is no escape from eventually having to answer to the higher spiritual hierarchy that oversees your evolution.” (5)

We’ll see later that what SaLuSa means by “having to answer to the higher spiritual hierarchy that oversees your evolution” does not mean in a spiritual court of law, but via our spiritual directors who work with us to assist us through the Judgment process.

No one escapes the Judgment, SaLuSa advises us.

“Each and every soul will at some stage face their past actions, and judge their own degree of responsibility for them. You will find that it cannot be excused because it was authorized or ordered by someone else.” (6)

On another occasion he tells us that “absolutely no one gets away with a single act that causes any harm to another.” (7) Like everyone else, the dark ones “will one day judge themselves” (8) and “you will be the sternest judge of your own misdemeanors.” (9)

We have two accounts of the Judgment that I’d like to look at – one from Frances Banks contained in New Maps of Heaven and the second from Matthew Ward. Frances Banks gives a description of what the records that the Judgment depend on are like:

“Somewhere in the deeps of my mind, two ‘blueprints’ are brought forward into my consciousness. These are so clear that I can (literally) take them out, materialize them and study them. One is the Perfect Idea with which my spirit went bravely into incarnation. The other is the resultant of only a partially-understood Plan … in fact my life as it was actually lived. …

“In a way the blueprints resemble maps, with coloured places, and light and dark patches, and a kind of glowing ‘sun’ for the high-lights.” (10)

She tells us how the Judgment proceeds. The first stage may be an overview of one’s life, as she describes here:

“First of all the mind looks at the whole comparison, and sets the blueprints side by side. This is the first shock: a true humbling of yourself to find that you did so little when you would have done so much; that you went wrong so often when you were sure that you were right.

“During this experience the whole cycle of your life-term unfolds before you in a kaleidoscopic series of pictures. During this crisis one seems to be entirely alone. Yours is the judgment. You stand at your own bar of judgment. You make your own decisions. You take your own blame…. You are the accused, the judge and the jury.” (11)

Many people are seared by this initial look and must rest before continuing to the second stage. Notice Frances’ mention of our own “High Spirit or a Great Helper,” the spiritual director(s) who will help us through the experience.

“The second stage of this recapitulation starts when the soul feels strong enough and calmed sufficiently to take the earth life, round by round (so to speak). Then the blueprints are brought into the mind again; only this time the start is made from the moment of departure from the body. The mind works slowly, oh! so slowly, backwards through one’s experiences. (I am not confessing where I have reached in this exercise!) But I will tell you that now you seem no longer alone.

“‘Someone’ is beside you. Whether it is your own High Spirit or a Great Helper I have yet to discover. Only now, as you ponder, work out, go over, tabulate and judge what you did and why and what were the results (good or bad) you are gloriously ‘aware’ of this great Being beside you, giving strength, peace, tranquility, and helping with constructive criticism. This is a wonderful experience, though harrowing at times. But very cleansing and bringing new hope.” (12)

The second account comes from Matthew Ward and is much more substantial than Frances’ account. Matthew by the way served as a transition guide (13) and probably would have helped many people through the intense experience of the Judgment.

Matthew describes the process in the case of dark ones.

“Individuals acting with dark intent don’t remember that when Earth life ends, every soul will have to review every minute of it—not only watching everything they did throughout the lifetime, but feeling every emotion exactly as it was felt by every person whose life they touched in any way.” 
(14 )

He sets out to explain the Judgment by first discussing the Akashic Records which provide us with the view of our life.

“Akashic Records contain complete, accurate, trustworthy accounts of all universe-wide happenings within eternity and All That Is. Lifeprints, which are as unique as your fingerprints and more impervious to alteration, form each soul’s records, and each lifeprint is a separate file in the Akashic Records.

“A lifeprint is like a lifelong movie, omitting not a single aspect or instant. The information it contains, which automatically and indelibly is registered in energy form, is every thought, every action, and the consequences of every action throughout the lifetime of the person.

“Every action is registered as the deed itself plus the intent and all feelings associated with it. Not only are the person’s feelings about every action and its results recorded, but the feelings of all the people whose lives were affected by those actions.” (15)

He then tells us how the Judgment comes about.

“After the soul has recovered stability from the previous lifetime and is nourished spiritually and psychically, it is completely aware of its cumulative soul. It is this cumulative soul, with its collective wisdom and knowledge and spiritual growth of all personage lifetimes, that reviews the lifeprint.

“The reviewing process is felt exactly as those feelings were experienced not only by the person, but all the people who were affected by his every action. So you can see that it is quite an experience! …

“In this intimate review the soul evaluates how well it learned the lessons presented during the previous lifetime. A lax assessment of which lessons were thoroughly learned and which were not may be addressed by the Council or other highly evolved beings whose recommendations are meant to assist that soul’s preparation for the next incarnation.” (16)

The Judgment – or lifeprint review – also identifies what remaining lessons we need to learn.

“The lifeprint review also identifies lessons remaining, thus enabling the soul to choose those it wishes to experience in its next lifetime. This entails examining karmic connections and selecting a family to be born into for the genetic and beginning environmental influences.” (17)

Our Akashic Records or lifeprints permit alteration if other people we interacted with impact our chosen path unduly.

“There is another aspect of the lifeprint records that is relevant when the soul discusses the next life and lessons with advisers. Lifeprints are not cast in marble by the physical death of the individual. Their elastic form permits alteration of the record if another soul interfered with the soul’s chosen experiencing.

“If that interference seriously diverted the soul from its chosen pathway, by divine grace the lifeprint may be altered to reflect that. The affected soul may incur ‘positive’ karma or may pass altogether if remaining lessons do not include that unplanned experiencing. The soul who caused the diversion incurs ‘negative’ karma, which is registered in his lifeprint.” (18)

We can see that nowhere in this process does God figure, except as the God within each of us, as Matthew tells us.

“The cumulative soul’s judgment of its previous lifetime is the ONLY judgment of it. You have heard that only God is your judge and you have heard that even God does not judge. Either way, this refers to the lifeprint review.

“Because we all are fragments of God and therefore inextricably connected, it is accurate to say that only God, in each personage, judges. And it is just as accurate to say that He doesn’t judge at all, because only the cumulative soul whose last personage lifetime is under review judges it.” (19)

Apparently the Judgment is a universal experience. SaLuSa, who will probably not have experienced the afterlife world connected to Earth, can still describe the Judgment that awaits the dark ones, which suggests that these matters are not unique to Earth.

“[The dark ones] will have to experience the effects of their deeds and fully understand the outcome. We can tell you that once you return to the higher dimensions, and know the truth about life and its purpose you are more than eager to atone for your mistakes.” (20)

The Judgment does not involve punishment or criticism, SaLuSa tells us.

“We must stress again that there is no punishment as you understand it, and no judgment [that is, no one looking down on a soul] and the final outcome is in the hands of the soul concerned.” (21)

Following the Judgment, we set for ourselves a program of retribution on the other side of life, which SaLuSa refers to here.

“Whilst you are not punished for your “sins” you do make reparations so that you fully understand the effect of them on other souls. This can be very deep and heart wrenching, but it is the only way to learn your lessons. You have all to some degree had such experiences, so now you can understand why it is essential you are non-judgmental where other souls are concerned.” (22)

The fact that our program of retribution is decided upon by us is what leads SaLuSa to say that “what you refer to as Karma is self imposed at such times as you review each lifetime.” (23)

As Matthew referred to earlier, the Judgment does no occur until the soul reaches at least the higher planes of the Astral. As long as an exceptionally evil spirit remains on the Dark Planes, they suffer a different fate. Matthew Ward describes their situation.

“The souls whose lifetime energy registration was of the basest density—what some would call ‘pure evil’—automatically will be drawn to the only part of Nirvana that is separate from the flexible layers, the tiny orb near your moon where the density is so great that it holds those souls captive.

“They are aware of where they are and what they did that led them to that densest part of Earth’s spirit world because it is there that they review their entire past lifetime moment by moment and feel their every emotion along with the emotions of everyone whose lives they touched in any way. This review process is the hell of some religious concepts.” (24)

Matthew gives more description of these nether worlds on another occasion.

“The next lifetime [i.e., the life after death] of those ones who are lost in darkness will be a hell of their own creation—a punishment, if you will, that is far more severe than any you could ever conceive—and until they accept the light constantly beamed into those dense placements where their lifetime energy output consigned them, there they will remain. 
(25 )

The dark ones will not get away with anything, even if they managed to cheat human justice, SaLuSa tells us.

“There is no such thing as getting away with misdeeds, although you may have escaped punishment under Man’s Laws. We talk of your life review when your physical life has ended, when each thought and action is examined with a view to determining how much interference or harm it may have caused another soul.” (26)

Thus the galactics know what the dark ones face on the other side of life. This knowledge allows them not to judge the dark ones themselves and not to seek vengeance. They know that each soul is loved by God and each soul is seeking its way on a never-ending journey back to God. They also know that the natural law can be relied on to teach the dark ones the lessons they need to learn and that everyone has all of eternity to learn those lessons. They leave to the Judgment the time when the dark ones will have to confront and judge themselves and set the conditions of their reparations.
by Steve Beckow

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