Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Be Light For Those Around You: A Standing Beacon Of Light On Mother Earth, and the Light Energy Is Attracted By You Like Particles To a Magnet

Thank you Settufeut and Laura!
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Settufeut to Me: Peace

Peace. This is what your world is in most need for now. When we say peace, we refer to World Peace of course, but also to peace in your countries, your cities, and your own personal inner peace.

The global movement expressing general dissatisfaction with the global elite is an indication you no longer accept to be treated as irrelevant where your life is concerned. This is an important change for you.

Indeed you are all sovereign beings, with divine powers. All that is lacking is for you to increase your awareness of what this means. You will have to elevate yourself to a much higher level of understanding very shortly, thanks to the energies being sent down to you by the Universe.

Most of you are still being caught up in your emotional frustrations, in anger, or in intellectual pursuits. The time for letting go of all these kinds of illusions is now. In order to allow for a state of peace to emerge, you would need to let go of all that gets your energy trapped in some kind of net at the front of your body.

What is required in order to find inner peace is that you let go of judgement for others, of evaluating others work and of your mechanical thinking process. Focus on yourself Earth friends. Focus on your own light.

Bring your light into your daily life, and be light for those around you. You are a standing beacon of light on Mother Earth, and the light energy is attracted by you like metallic particles stick to a magnet of attractive polarity.

Perhaps another way of visualizing the energetic manifestation upon you is to imagine yourself, emerging into the light surrounded by hundreds of pure light grains. These grains attach on to your body, and travel up and down your spinal cord.

These light clutter strengthens your inner light and feeds your light bodies. They are constantly around you, all you need is to feed on these particle beads of light. How to feed on them, you may ask?

You will attract them by showing them the way into your spinal energetic channels. For this, bring their attention to your spine, by sensing your back, your life force running through your spine.

They will find their way thanks to your conscious efforts of being and through your breath. They will find a clear way into your energies when you are in a state of love and peace.

I am Settufeut of the Galactic Federation of Light.
Laura Tyco


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